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  1. Nice to see Samuel Dravis is still kickin it. And the new Tomb Raider looks tasty.
  2. Wow, I haven't been here in forever *scratches long grey beard* Man, I'm old now! What have you guys been up to? What have I missed?
  3. I just read the Hunger Games series. Friggin' phenomenal.
  4. Call of Duty is always a great ride. Yeah the story can be far fetched, or in the case of Black Ops, as convoluted as any Tom Clancy game, but the gameplay is solid, the action is intense, and it's what a game should be first and foremost: fun to play
  5. Hello all. I don't own any albums by Queen (I know, I know) but would like to get a good sampling of the band's music without dropping a ton of cash on EVERYTHING they've ever done. I also don't want to buy a "Greatest Hits" album, because as we all know, greatest hits doesn't always equal greatest songs. So, I want a list of 10-15 of Queen's must haves. They don't have to be the popular ones: We Will Rock You and We are the Champions can be excluded from the count, but will likely make the list as bonuses. I'm looking for the absolute best songs. Here's what I got so far as the popular ones that I like: Killer Queen Fat Bottom Girls Bohemian Rhapsody Point me to the others that I might not have heard on the radio.
  6. I especially like how he is the picture of a classic Douchebag. Sideways hat, douchy chin beard, AND he can't catch a friggin baseball...worthless. [edit] he actually said "I lost it in the lights!" That's just classic lame sauce.
  7. Twilight with Rifftrax is the absolute only way to watch Twilight at all. One of the funniest rifftrax ever.
  8. Best Troll thread ever I approve
  9. Pure, unadulterated, awesomeness. I can't get enough of epic orchestra music and these guys are friggin phenomenal. Great find man
  10. For me, vigilante movies are always a good idea, and when done right, send a resonance through people. V for Vendetta is one of those. It's portrayal of corrupt government and the power of the people was great, but even more than that, it's depiction of the people's accountability and the price of freedom was amazing For the Boondock Saints, it's a similar thing. Circumnavigating the law to do what is right and necessary. What I like about the movie is that it's not only well done, but hilarious as well. The characters and idea is sold to us even though it's pretty unrealistic. And in spite of the lack of realism, we BUY it. Then there's the religious backing of their actions. Most vigilante movies (vendetta, Batman, etc) the hero(s) become crime fighters because of some personal loss. With the Saints, it's a divine calling that, unknown to them, reaches back through their blood lines. Even if you're an athiest, you gotta appreciate the level of accidental competence they posess. Then there's the prayer they recite before they ice somebody (as seen in my sig) The prayer isn't just badass like when Jules in Pulp Fiction does one. It has a purpose. It's acknowledging last rights of the victim and dedicating their actions to God and man. It's putting a purpose to the kill. They see themselves as the avenging hammer of God and who can refute the evidence. All in all though, it's just a fun movie. It's so off kilter and different from the norm that you can't help but like it in some way or another. For me, I was late to the movie as well. Saw it for the first time two years ago, and after one viewing, I liked it, but wasn't blown away. The more I thought about it, the more it grew on me to where it's one of my favorites now.
  11. I remember you. No mean feat either since I'm more of an experienced lurker than an active poster any more. Welcome back and may all your wildest dreams come true because of your return
  12. Congrats man. Nobody deserves happiness more than you...Okay everyone deserves happiness more than you, but YOU wouldn't take that lying down. Way to club your cave woman and drag her to your hut. Most people wait for happiness to find them. Dath Maximus makes happiness his Bitch. *salute*
  13. Tossup between Scar and Jafar for me, but I had to go with Jafar. Classic evil wizard: brilliant, selfish, powerful, and scary as hell. Even when they beat him, he just came back more powerful than before, like some psycho Jedi who became one with the force and was pissed about it. Jafar owns all
  14. Exactly, Ledger had to create a new identity for the role, which is what Tobey McGuire had to do, and Christian Bale, and Hugh Jackman. I'm not saying Evans won't suck without a doubt. I'm just sayin there's precedence for amazing surprises with unlikely actors in superhero movies.
  15. But there was still much bemoaning that Ledger just couldn't pull it off. Even though they were different interpretations of the same character, Ledger's is already going down in history as one of cinema's most brilliant performances. My point isn't that he and Nicholson should be compared, but rather just reminding people that unlikely choices in superhero movies as of late has payed off pretty well. I even remember people griping that Hugh Jackman was all wrong for Wolverine. "He's too tall, he doesn't look right, he can't possibly pull it off" Can't really imagine anyone else as Wolverine now. But that's just me.
  16. Remember the uproar when Toby McGuire was cast as Spidey? Everybody totally could not picture the slightly narcoleptic dude of such fame as The Cider House Rules being a high octane web swinger, but he was exactly what the part needed. Heath Ledger as the Joker? What?! Nobody will ever top Jack Nicholson's performance! Nobody! Don't be so quick to pooh pooh this choice. Evan's has decent potential and in the right hands with the right script, he could totally own this. Or it could totally suck monkey balls. But with the track record of the latest Superhero movies (lets agree on a "decent" average with more than a few standouts), This could be something good and unexpected.
  17. Nah I have faith in the guy. EVERYBODY sucked in Fantastic 4. It was the director/script more than the actors. Watch Danny Boyle's Sunshine. Evans is pretty badass in that movie
  18. New moment would have to be the opening boss battle in God of War 3 with Poseidon. Nothing more epic than fighting off the god of the sea while climbing up Mt. Olympus on the back of a Titan. The pacing was so perfect then when you're in the final takedown, it's through the eyes of Poseidon.
  19. The war is between the companies and the pirates. The rest of us are the one's caught in the middle and the only ones that either side is truly harming. Back in the day, I remember being passionate enough about gaming to just take whatever the publisher shells out and work around the inconvenience. These days, I'm content to truly boycott. Not say I'll boycott then break down. Not pirate the game to "show the developers what's what" but truly not partake in their product at all. That's really the only way to get through to them. Not to steal from them which just exacerbates the problem, but to deprive them of their money; my money in any form. That's just me though, but I live under the rule that changing the world is impossible. I can only change myself. If more people did that rather than resorting to piracy, we'd see a decline in draconian DRM policies.
  20. So yeah...looks like we have a clear and present winner. Thanks Salzella for an even more epic book cover than I could have imagined. *applause* Thanks to all for the input and help. This got done waaaayyyyy quicker than I thought possible.
  21. Looks farkin great man. No biggie on the scepters. the whole cover is kind of metaphorical for the story anyway, so it's not a must or anything. It's above and beyond what i could have thought possible. And not to make you off yourself or anything, but I need the apostrophe between the e and the s. Other than that, it's good to go. I'll PM you my email. You can send me the files, and let me know if you want paypal or a check. $50 okay, or am I undervaluing your work?
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