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  1. Hey Ric Good to see you guys starting your own thing. So, did the KoA split or what? Just wanted to wish you guys the best of luck in your endeavor and if you ever need anything or have any questions, give me a yell. Take care and best of luck! Joker IRON Brigade http://www.iron-hq.com
  2. Saw the movie, loved every bit of it! The section with the anime part was great. I like all of Tarantino's movies, Pulp Fiction being his best I think, but this one rates right along with it. J
  3. Ok, just let me know whats up, you can post your question here or just email me: living-sacrifice@cox.net Peace J
  4. Aphex, I def want to tty this out! I just sent you an email so let me know when you can. I loved JR for JKII, used it all the time, very nice app! Peace Joker IRON Brigade
  5. Hey Akira, well met. That is totally up to you. You can go ahead and put in an app and if accepted, then you can just hang around and be a forum whore until you get your high speed going Either way, it's not a big deal. Do you play now on your dial up? If so, come find us on Sat or Sun. We usually have a group get together on the weekends when we go pub hopping and we also play whenever we can find time (when we aren't working, or doing the family thing ) Also, a few of us are going to be putting up some dedicated servers during the week, so, come join us. I think you will find IRON are a good group of people, and more than just a clan, more a community. Joker IRON Brigade
  6. "When you're fighting against the entire galaxy, sometimes you need to use a little FORCE." In every corner of the galaxy, the just and courageous rise. In every dark and murky crime haven, ancient lightsabers are once more raised. For every darkness, there is a light. For every crime, there is a retribution. For every Sith, there shall be... a Jedi. The IRON Brigade has put forth the call, from the sparse worlds of the Rim to the core of the galaxy, for fresh recruits in the ongoing struggle for justice and against tyrrany in Lucasarts' latest game release, Jedi Academy. Within the IRON praxeum, you will learn to spar both singly and with dedicated teammates as you explore your skill in weaponry, the Force, and the lightsaber. We encourage all skill levels - from Padawan to Master - to join us in the spirit of comaraderie and dedication to working and playing together with bonds of friendship and courage to defy any enemy. We ask little of our recruits beyond the spirit and drive to call themselves IRON. Our members are mature adults, but we all know how to dust up the desk with grimy boots and share some jawa brew before, during and after a heavy combat match! Our members are found worldwide, with all levels of skills and competence. We rely on Teamspeak2 for comlink communications - because you really don't know your partner until you hear them yelp in surprise as you skewer them unexpectedly. Our first and foremost motto: "Real Life First." We place our personal duties first, as we are mostly professionals by career, and encourage the IRON team to be a stress reliever, not a stress maker. We've been around for over four years as a gaming association. We are always here. Are you ready to stand up and be counted amongst those who stood like IRON? If so, post your recruitment intentions at http://www.iron-hq.com/forums/ ... and take up the IRON saber onto the fields of honor. Joker IRON Brigade
  7. Yes, be sure to check out the IRON Brigade! I have been in IRON for over a year now and it is the best gaming community Come check us out! Peace J
  8. Hey yo, it's Living Sacrifice here Been a long time my friends...Am now part of a cool little gaming community (or clan if you will, but its so much more) now. Been trying to find the old gang for a while and just happened to see the HP server and was like Yea!!!! So, expect to see me there! New name is Joker from the IRON Brigade. Peace J
  9. Wow, Hey Skinwalker, been a long time...Don't know what happened to everyone, one day they were here, now they are gone. I have only spoke with druid once about a two weeks ago. I have been playing alot, but never see anyone. I usually play on Thur. and Sat. nights. Look me up! Peace
  10. Jah, if you have the PS2 version, they are planning to put GT3 online here soon. I know it's not the PC, but hey, I for one would love to race some people online and if the PS2 is the only way, oh well guess I'm going for it! That would rule in my opinion!! Peace
  11. Ok, been a while since I posted here also... What's up everyone? I was at our favorite place Sat, but could only stay for a short time. Was able to play some of the regs, had a good time (as usual ) Peace
  12. Thats a good Idea TK. I have found that for me, just playing and practicing with all the different styles is the way I learn best (IMO) But thats not to say other people will, "to each his own" my motto. I find that if I can go to a server where people are cool*insert plug here* (Hermes Place:D) They will show you diff moves and styles of playing. I will usually go to a server and just observe for a while. I will follow the one person who is winning the most and see what style he/she uses. Try those out when playing. Most of the good saberist use all the styles and know when to use them. My .02 cents... Peace
  13. I beleive I have it figured out. I will try to be by later this evening to check and see if I am ok (a little self help analysis humor:D ) I played for a bit day before on DS and had no problems. Thanks for the input Jah. druid, me 'ole chum, back at ya brohz! Peace
  14. Hey everyone, whats up! druid, Jah, leXX, Jais, skin, and all the other people I missed. Haven't been around much due to my game acting up. I went to Hermes the other day and tried to play and I kept getting booted. It would just disconnent me and through me out of the game completely back to my desktop. I was trying to figure it out, and went back, Jah said it might be that I didn't have JediMod 3.5. I d/l that and went back again and it still kept booting me. I tried a few times then left in disgust. I tried other servers and it would never let me in to any of them. I then decided it had to be the mod as all was well before that. So, I deleted it and went and played and didn't have any problems. Now, I am in a predicament, will I be able to go to Hermes without the mod? Am I to be banished to pub server Hell!!!? Noooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't let them take me, please. I deserve better than this! So, I am going to try later tonight and see what happens. I miss you all *sob* *sob* Me brothers and sister, expect to see me soon. Peace
  15. News to me, I haven't had any problems finding servers. I use the ASE though. I always see a ton of servers when playing. Check it out. Here is the site: http://www.udpsoft.com/eye/ Peace
  16. rusty...? bah x 2 leXX, you could never be rusty, nor druid for that matter. I, on the other hand, am the never-ending rust:o I haven't even played for a week. Saw druid at hermes last weekend (oops, you were in secret hiding, forgot) That is the last time I played. I feel your pain (or should I say smell your pain?) leXX, up to me ears... Innit? Peace
  17. I think I beat everybody, 38 and still going strong Can u dig it? hehehe... Peace
  18. Good to see you there the other night mima, hopefully will catch you all soon. I am going to try for Sunday sometime. See you soon my friends... Peace
  19. Well put leXX. I enjoy talking to my friends when we are waiting. It's good to get caught up on what is happening. I was at Hermes last night, Jah and I were talking and this guy was waiting and we just forgot all about fighting. Finally this guy says "hey fight, fight, fight!" We laughed and Jah tells him to be quiet. So we finished and fought and then it was his turn. It was all good. It's different when you are in a pub server, than when you go to Hermes. It's just so relaxed and earthy. Makes for good battles Saw Mima Kate there last night, but they split right after I showed up. See ya soon... Peace
  20. What version are you using? I think protocol 15 is version 1.04 (I could be wrong) If you are using a different version than what the server is using, then you won't be able to get in. If you just got the game, I think you have version 1.02 (??) you will have to d/l the 1.03 patch or the 1.04 patch. These can be found at at any of the JediKnight sites. Try these sites: http://www.jk2files.com http://www.jediknightII.net You should be able to find what you need there. If not, then just post here again. Peace
  21. Do you have the password? It is pw protected, so ask Jah what it is first, if you have it already, disregard above message Peace
  22. You will both need to have the same version to hook up. I.E. you both need 1.04 or 1.03 or 1.02 Make sense? Peace
  23. Hehehe...well I love to cook, have cooked in restaurants all my life so I would have to say: Emeril Live Then closely followed by Spongebob and then the Discovery channel. Huh...pretty diverse when I look at it. *LOL* Peace
  24. Well, I don't suck, yet I am not the greates either. You should have put a middle one in there. I love to play this game, and I would like to play any of you people. I think it is a little more fun playing with people you know PM if you want to play a little or just post here or something. Peace
  25. ***bewbies***? hehehehehehe That always works when I try it, I mean, thats what I did the last time I asked this girl out and she said yes. We went to the park to talk and I grabbed her "bewbies" Next thing I know, we were married and had 2 kids *lol* go figure... To tell the truth, lots of good advice from strike, just be yourself. That is what a girl looks for. Not someone fronting, turns them off. I would like to hear what leXX has to say about this also. Peace
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