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  1. "Yes. 32.84% of the world (in 2003) according to the CIA, to be precise. And that includes me." ----- ^^Quoting IG-64 Not to sound like a humorless arse but while 33% of the world may identify as Christians, that doesn't mean that you can extrapolate it further to mean that 33% of the world believes in the Christian Satan, or believes that Revelations has any prophetic value. In other words, that number doesn't really say much about what they ACTUALLY believe in regard to the supernatural. In the USA only 34% of Christians (and only 1 in 4 Catholics) believe Satan is an actual entity. I know that the USA isn't the entire world, but in every single poll I've seen on the matter, the USA was actually at or towards the top in literal belief of Satan, which means that the rest of the Christian world combined is undoubtably going to have less than 34% of belief... Only a few countries with comparably high 'Conservative Christian' beliefs are nations such as Northern Ireland and Poland. And bear in mind that's just counting the *Christians* that don't believe in Satan, that doesn't even factor in the unbelievers at all, who very likely do not believe in Satan, or if they do, not in the way Christianity defines 'him'. So! Maybe 10% of the world believes in the the Christian Satan, and that's being generous. If that few in the world believe in a literal Christian Satan, I think it's pretty safe to conclude that far less people take 'Fundemental Protestant prophecy reading' seriously, when you realize how closely linked much of the prophecies regarding the "Mark of the Beast" and Satan are. So to answer LightNinja's {probably rhetorical, but whatever} question, yes, a sizeable amount of people still "believe in that stuff" (ie, 666 or 616 having prophetic value) but looking at various polls, I'd be very surprised if it's in the double digits. By the way, 14% of Americans also believe Joan of Arc is Noah's wife... so... whatever
  2. The conservative Catholics get their man (and they are really the only ones that practice anyway), and the rest of the world gets to see the RCC for what it is...as they withdraw further from the modern world. Looks like everybody wins. Look, I used to be a church going Catholic, so I didn't exactly grow up with hate for that religion, or ANY religion for that matter. But the way this church deals with so many issues, be it priest scandal, missionaries & AIDs, contraception/abortion, homosexuality, or just general stupidity.... is truly dangerous.
  3. I honestly like the rifle in the Jabaa ship level... I also like the colors and textures of the actual level, they are my favorite so far.
  4. And say how much I apprecate this mod. And all the people working on it. I can safely say that I am looking forward to the final release of this mod, more than any current game on the market. Just one bit of concern though; it seems like the progress of the final game has come to a standstill... Will the speed of development quicken at any time soon, or will it be continuing at this pace? Keep up the good work... can't wait for the demo, it better be out before the end of September .
  5. I am pro-Dark Trooper! As long as they keep it close to the original Dark Forces robotic troopers.
  6. Mispellings are one thing (vechiles), but do u really have 2 use abbreviations 4 every word?
  7. Ender is clearing going to be included, so that should be added to the list . Kamino will probably the most interesting for me.
  8. In my opinion they shouldn't even HAVE an AI (Except for unmained turrets) unless the developers are planning on making a single player game. There seems to be no point in playing an online cooperative game without all real players...
  9. How would that make other characters obsolete?? Heck, they could even have jedi part of the host's option. Some could have servers with no jedi support, others with very lax jedi rules, others with in between. The jedi would certainly revert back to regular status once killed. The idea that that would alienate anyone but uber games is absurd... Why don't they just add auto-aim, since some people might not have the same aiming skills as others? More skilled players will always have an advantage... over those less skilled, but that doesn't mean that the less skilled player will always have less kills than the others, or always be losing. A system that (very) temporarily rewards the player for either lasting so long without dying, capturing the flag, or any other feat would encourage the players to strive for that... But at the same time they STILL have to use the regular soldiers, so it does not make them obsolete at all. My suggestion won't happen most likely, but there are many ways jedi can be implemented to the player without the game losing the fun factor. (although the game may well be more fun the way it is... we shall see)
  10. I wonder if we'll be able to safely eject while speeding towards our target... effectively using our vehicle as a missle?
  11. "As for SWBF, it won't be as good as BF1942, but it'll be good " Clouded.... This game's future is...
  12. Well, having fun multiplayer a the basic necessity for a game like this. I just hope it tries to become it's own game... I don't want a Battlefield clone (maybe partly because I don't like the game much), I just want the devs to make a large scale multiplayer game set it the star wars universe... NOT Battlefield set in the star wars universe. Lately it seems like all the star wars games are nothing more than "clones" of game types that were made popular before it. Even Knights of the Old Republic which is an AWESOME game is just so similar to Neverwinter... Same with practically any recent star wars game you can name. They are all very similar to a popular game that came before it. Heck, they don't even make the games "in da house" anymore... But just send it off to the people who have made the most succesful games for each genre, and ask for a clone of it with star wars skin. Even though similar games to Star Wars Battlefront have already been created that doesn't mean it has to be a clone... Innovation will still (hopefully) come into play if they build it from scratch while observing the likes and dislikes of similar games. So, to answer the original question; the aspect that will make Star Wars Battlefield stand out in my memory is if they take the route of innovation... and create a unique, but fun and fast paced large scale multiplayer, team deathmatch/capture the flag game.
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