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  1. Just keep playing with it... it works, guys.
  2. Ok, for those of you who can't register with the Station, try doing this, it worked for me: 1) Download the latest beta version of Mozilla from http://www.mozilla.org. 2) Go to http://www.station.com and click "join free" at the top of the screen. 3) Sign up as usual and you should be able to get past this Terms of Service page... Worked for me and I have been trying all day with IE which got me nowhere. Just a suggestion, I had to experiment a little but Mozilla worked.
  3. Since I really don't have anyone to group with I guess I'll be going solo, and maybe I'll eventually make some in-game friends.
  4. I'm gonna get screwed but not because I won't have the game... I'm waiting on my new video card. Last time I buy something from a guy on eBay who only takes money orders and checks. I probly won't get to play until next Tuesday even though my game is arriving tomorrow.
  5. The media also helped contribute to the Florida mess. Bear in mind that the media is 80% liberal. They announced the state was won by Gore very early, when in fact voting was still allowed in some places. Surveys were done post-election to ask if the announcement that Gore won the state deterred Florida citizens from going to the polls. The answer? Yes. Who wants to vote for a loser? Bush won. Like it or not. And no, he's not the smartest guy on the planet. But at least he's smart enough to surround himself with people that do know what they're doing.
  6. I am simply annoyed by scripters because in a team-based game where other members of your team aren't so great, they really can't do too much.
  7. Well, I really don't need anyone's advice on how to play CTF. I don't mean that in a prideful or "I'm the best" sort of way, I'm just saying I can hold my own quite well. I play with sabers and guns, and the majority of time I prefer my saber. Most of my kills are done with the saber. The reason I like 1.03 is because it's the only possible way to get a kill in CTF using the saber. Yeah, you have to do the silly push/pull routine, but there just isn't any other way for the saber to be effective. And it's certainly not gonna do anything in other patches. That's the sole reason I hate scripting, is because it at least takes some timing and aim to take out people quickly with the saber otherwise.
  8. Scripting is cheating as far as I'm concerned. I play on 1.03 CTF servers and 95% of the time I'm the top scorer, due to both offense and defense. It's not that I can't hold my own against scripters, but it's frustrating when I actually work to play and they do it all at the click of a button. But just because I can beat the scripters doesn't mean the rest of my team can.
  9. Just bringing this to the top... Anybody??!
  10. Ok here's the deal: my hard drive failed so I had to reformat. This means I lost all my saves. All I want to do is find a way to skip back to the level I was on, whether through cheats or by borrowing somebody's save game file. I really don't feel like playing through the whole thing again! Thanks! BTW, I've made it to the first part of Bespin (bespin_undercity?).
  11. I care... and right now the "lightbat" sucks. It looks ridiculously stupid. If lightsabers knock things back, then so should lasers! I mean, wouldn't it look 'cool' if you shot somebody with the stormtrooper rifle and they got knocked back 50 feet? It looks like Kyle's hitting somebody with a solid object. It should cut through them, or at least they should just fall over.
  12. I for one would particularly like to see the DF levels recreated. I can't play through the whole game because I can't even get sound working in DOS. I suppose I could play through without it, but I just don't want to.
  13. I have DSL, my AIM name is "LilDrumLad". Thanks!
  14. I can't find it either. Doesn't anybody have a fast server they can host the file with?
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