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  1. deadie: What dyou mean by slightly hasty? Finishes too quickly? In which case, I had no choice - was written for an (incredibly important) exam where the word limit was approx 500 words, and it's already around 700. If not, explain for the rest of you, keep 'em coming
  2. tsk. Incidentally, for those who've been before, the Patterns section is new and improved, and there are a couple of new drawings, as well as a new story.
  3. I've decided to finally do the website thing properly, get at least a forwarding .cjb.net address first, promote it a bit, and so on. First, though, I need a name, and I'm stuck. So this is where you come in. I need something original, striking and relevant-ish to the site itself (which is here - best viewed in 1024 x 728 ). The winner will receive my everlasting respect, a free tour round Malta* and a selection of hilariously compromising pictures of our illustrious leader. Let the fun begin! *plane ticket not included
  4. 1) I *am* a native English speaker. English is my first language, my Maltese is crap in comparison. And I speak/write better English than most English and Americans I've met, frankly.
  5. Oh and Remi: re your avatar, I thought it was you, and have been meaning to ask you - do you have a bigger version of that? And if so, could you lend it to me to make some artwork out of? I like the expression.
  6. as far as spelt (not spellt, sorry) and spelled go, they're both correct (in different contexts). Spelled is the past tense, spelt is the past participle. Spilt is similarly correct.
  7. No it's not. Does nobody check details? It's the third time someone told me that. If you read carefully, it says it's only necessary to fill in the name and email boxes. Then, if you want to double check, you read the Terms and Conditions, where there is no mention of what country you come from.
  8. Happy Birthday, your Treppiness! Sorry I'm late, but a wire broke or something in my house and I have no electricity Typing at a friend's house hmmm reading through that reminds me ... ys, you never *did* send me my bday card ... *sniff*
  9. But didn't you do any music studies before? I just find it weird 'cause as far as I remember I had started counterpoint about Grade 5, when I was around 10 or 11. Oh, and it's nothing to look forward to. Although the later stuff is even worse ..
  10. You're only just starting counterpoint? Heh..
  11. I pointed it out before jaf .. *sulk* *feeling ignored today*
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