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  1. Hi. If at all possible, I'd like for somebody to cook up for me Amidala's blaster pistol (the ELG-3a) from TPM. At the very least, I'd like the .mdx, .mdl, and .tga for the blaster itself: if you're also willing to make a .uti and an icon for the gun, that'd be great too. If you could make the blaster fire green bolts instead of red, that'd be even better. I don't know if it's possible to make the blaster SOUND different, but if so, I can dig up a relatively clean sample I recorded of it a few years back... let me know. But really, all that would be icing on the cake: I'd be pleased enough with the blaster model and texture. Sample images: http://www.starwars-holonet.com/holonet/dictionnaire/photos/arme_elg3a_1.jpg http://propaholics.wolfchasers.com/uploader/users/Z-man12_tut/roygun2.jpg I'd prefer the long barreled version, if it all possible. edit: No, an image tag doesn't fix the url. The website dislikes remote linking: whatever fashion you click the link in, it'll decline to show you the image unless you modify it (either by adding a ? at the end, or removing one that's already there). Of course, copy-pasting the link instead of clicking it will work.
  2. Edit2: Hmmm, that's interesting. Apparently even though I changed "Gender: GENDER_FEMALE" to male in KSE for my save file, the autosave that comes after the cutscenes on the ebon hawk shows the value has reverted back to female. That may be what's screwing this up. There's also a player gender boolean in the list of global variables. Have you done anything with that? That's probably your problem.
  3. So while searching, I came across this post from aaaaages ago. I've been looking into using Sun Lian as a player model, but I'm having this exact problem with impact hooks. Is there any way at this point to make it workable?
  4. Splendid. How do we use them in-game? Do we need to repack (and how?) or is there some sort of override directory functionality? And could we do something about Elaine's hair as well?
  5. Looks like the two of us have the same problem, but with different gendered characters.
  6. Is there an editor that changes story booleans like KSE does for KOTOR? I seem to have stuffed up my romance plot and I don't want to start over. I was playing a female character intending to romance SilkFox, but when I went to the Death's Head base thing, only Sky was there to talk to me. I told him to go away, and so there was no romance dialogue at all during the palace fight from either Sky or Silk Fox. I don't want to play a huge chunk of the game all over again (even though it seems I may be forced to), so is there any way to edit my save to fix that? EDIT: Also, since someone was talking about gender checks earlier in the page, is there a way to easily change the player's gender in order to view both variations of particular romance dialogues? I'm not particularly interested in replaying the entire game with a different gendered character just to see those scenes. In KOTOR it was a simple matter of hitting a gender button on KSE and changing a boolean flag, but JSE doesn't have those options--so I'll have to edit the .sacs directly, right? I have the SAC unpacker and the K-GFF editor to edit the savs, but I can't make any sense of what's in them.
  7. Yeah, I've heard that an rpk extractor was made--but all the interest in FoCom modding died out years ago so I can't seem to find one anywhere.
  8. I figure I am justified in bumping my thread after two years. I'd hoped to get some sort of answer, but dead silence for two years is just sad. So, instead of just creating a new thread to say the same thing I will just bump up my existing one and see if anyone has ideas or solutions.
  9. If you have Alcohol, Daemon Tools or any of those virtual drives installed, the game won't function if it thinks its on a virtual drive. Generally, though, so long as the game's on a real drive it should still be okay. I have a virtual drive to use Vista RC1 and I had no problems installing and running FoC from my actual DVD-ROM drive. If you're using a real drive and it complains about emulation software, I'd look for updated drivers for your disc drive.
  10. Darth Windu: Ad contrario, amici mei--the title of the thread explicitly refers to the US edition of the game, which is a CD edition, as contrasted with the UK edition which is apparently on a DVD. The US edition, as it happens, is intended for the US market. That would seem to be an exercise in tautology, but apparently it bears clarification. Consequently, the market for the US edition is those people in the US. With me so far? So, if the US edition of the game is intended for the US market which consists of people in the US, then it seems germane to suggest that in the United States, a DVD-ROM drive is not hard to come by. Ergo, you are entirely off-base with your comments and unnecessarily criticizing people for thinking 'the world revolves around the US' when the subject of the thread is the US edition.
  11. Well, we've already known that Eclipse wouldn't be useable outside that last mission. It's not like there's a pressing need for her, anyway, she's terribly overpowered. I. She's on the map, but she has no hardpoints and can't move. She just has a superlaser. II. I imagine so. I saw Yoda flip through a squad of stormtroopers and kill them with one spin. III. You have to 'purchase' Lord Vader from a Level 5 Space Station at Tech Level 5 for 15000 credits. IV. None, see above.
  12. I don't know, I've found the Empire to be gratifyingly powerful--much more than it was in the original game. Bombers are still far too powerful, especially Skiprays (I hate those things) but it seems to have better space balance than the original.
  13. Uh--I haven't yet tried this, but can't you play the original EaW just by using the original EaW executable? It seems sensible. What FoC has done isn't anything new--expansions have done this sort of thing for a while. My only real problem with the main features (as opposed to in-game things) is the limited number of GCs that were included. They surely could've made more than that.
  14. What would be ideal would be for Vader to BE the Advanced X-1 until Tech Level 5, where you could somehow buy the "upgrade" to Executor. That would be excellent.
  15. Maybe this should go in the mod forum, but since FoC is new, I might as well put it here--especially since I'm not offering anything to download. First, extract the XML directory from Config.meg as normal. Then go to starbases.xml and open it up with notepad. Use ctrl+F and search for 'Executor' (without the quotes). You'll find a line that says "Uncomment this line to use Executor in multiplayer." Well, do just that, and you'll be able to use the ship in skirmish mode.
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