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  1. LOL... you found that!! Ray Park and I...ya he likes it too!! I look so aweful there RJW_ca
  2. WIP Version 1 seems closer to movie theme wider cannon WIP Version 2 seems to have a cannon supressor Which is best? please note this is a temp skin for now but concept is there to show you alittle bit of remodelling had to be done to make it work correctly RJW_ca
  3. 1. ok as far as permision goes!! Marz knows about my work on his models I've emailed him many times about getting the original model file to make facial animation--but he seems to not have it any longer 2. the other models ( Cyber Maul and Sith Probe droid)were made by Hoodz a friend of mine who I've asked to make specifically for myself to skin having intention to be used with OJP because I liked the fighting system In the begining Hoodz and I were going to make a movie version of the story in the Star Wars VISIONS comic book portraying Darth Maul as the Cyber Maul after little Luke Skywalker protected my Ben Kenobi but we needed map help the map was finished...but well doing things for OJP promo's was always an intention as well 3. so permision from Marz for me is pretty much granted and the other models and basically mine and Hoodz so I would say granted as well
  4. These are skins I have worked on that would be neet to be implement into the OJP way--posting this here so you can all give your oppinion on the skins and the suitableness of their existence in OJP. -Give a thumbs up or thumbs down -Tell me why and what you didn't like about the skin -how I could impove it -how or why it would or would not be a good fit in the OJP way DARTH MAUL SEGA PACK -movie Darth Maul, shirtless Darth Maul, cyber Darth Maul with his sith pobe droid and sabers and sithspeeder <more pick's coming to be uploaded> Things to give you heads up of WIP to still finish: <more pick's coming to be uploaded> -making better shaders for metal and leather parts now -weapon is made for Cyber maul(the saber from the Star Wars Visions comic book)broken and full saber complete!! TELL ME HOW it would fit in OJP!!! RJW_ca
  5. THE THRILLHOUSE geon weapon gun ALREADY GOT TEXTURED!! and a few things remodeled RJW_ca
  6. "Sorry, I seem to be against all your ideas lately. :|" We had conversed about this matter already but I just wanted to know others points on this ---no harm in that! You are looking for realism so I wanted to raise this issue RJW_ca
  7. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF? An active playermodel gets their arm/leg chopped off and his health points be lowered but still let him fight till his full death in OJP RJW_ca "OUT"
  8. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF? Having that body pic in the latest OJP bottom left corner Active playermodel screen to highlight player damage sections on the current player model being used in a battle incorporating this idea with the point system minus point value from...whatever damage taken Health Point colors inside the little blank white figure on the bottom left of the player Active screen the color Red when points get to a certain lower level but green color rising or falling depending on health points held by Action player being used leaving the lower right side of the player screen for strictly saber technique function RJW_ca "OUT"
  9. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF? The Possibility to have models blocking with their saber/sabers after being knocked to the ground while still laying on their backs blocking like a saber bash. 1)Would make great saber battles opening new move position for laying on ground section 2)Maybe apply a manual block button for a move or moves to happen while playermodel is on his or her back otherwise default action of: body roll or dodge back to two feet standing is made 3)This would need changes to the saber block position code RJW_ca "OUT"
  10. LuminaraVM_RJW Mars and people out there what do you think so far??? I know the skirt still needs more work in the texture detail need better refference pic's for that and I wish the belt wasn't mirrored cos the belt on the movie character is not supposed to be equally the same with 2 gold coin like things on the front of her belt she should only have one to the left I also did more work on the MaulVM model to make his body more movie like RJW_ca
  11. DON'T USE THE OTHER SOUNDS I GAVE YOU!!! cos these are cleaned up quite abit sorry I didn't add all the different names so that would have to be changed to your liking for now -usually I like doing that but it's been totally crazy on my end wish i had the model to test them on first p is for pain ->there are different pain sounds that can be used j is for jump ->j1 is the jump and j2 is the land chock->there are 2 different choke sounds for you chock1 and chok2I like the secound one better but you can decide these have different names cos I have so many different star wars sounds on my PC right now RJW_ca
  12. The sounds I emailed you are Demo sounds cos I am in the process of making them even clearer but YES they are Grievious sounds --email me back your thoughts cos I know i can clear them even more but they should work excelent ingame sofar I still could add alot more sounds for you that I have like pain sounds ....and so on I've have many people asking me to do sounds for them so I'm trying to get everything done for everyone RJW_ca
  13. Just ask Psyk0 about samples I've shown him already to know if I'm pretty good at sound making I've been making sound for his General Grievious model and others as well I can take or make clear sounds from xbox games, PS2 games, Computer games, ...anything RJW_ca RJW_ca@hotmail.com
  14. Can you fix the hands they look WAY TOO SMALL ? -Other then that it's great I have clear sounds of grievious with no background noise at all but anyhow PS: Please can you fix the hands if you need hand refferences for grievious I can give some to you RJW_ca "OUT"
  15. GREAT!!!! WORK!!! I hope Luminara has facial animation then she would go good with the barris model I hope you won't mind if I reskin the face to look like the movie character and I'm looking for good sounds to add for this one!!! RJW_ca
  16. just copy the dcape .jpeg file that is in your model folder of the VaderVM model and past it in renaming the new .jpeg to dcapeEp3 I did that and all was well PS: I also darkend the inside of the left leg of the default skin just enough to make it match the insde of the right leg you'll see what I mean in modview--It's just under the crutch area RJW_ca
  17. I can make the sounds for your modelpack if you like? Hope you know that Ventress is a white coloured african woman so her nose would have to be widened abit more I hope you can give her a cape or dark robe option to add to the scaryness of the sith figure asfar as the faces intotal I hope they all will have facial animation for realism REALLY NICE WORK MAN!!!!! RJW_ca
  18. anything you can tell me that will make the skin look more like Anakin please let me know RJW_ca
  19. I'm trying to have the lights on the VaderVM model light up like on previous Darth Vader models can anyone help!??? just reach me on MSN messenger RJW_ca
  20. I'd love to help you out with your Vader model sounds or anything you need please contact me on MSN RJW_ca@hotmail.com I can show you what I also have for JA RJW_ca
  21. I can hep you skin and add Mark Hamill sounds to him I have worked on a ROTJ Luke Skin Myself contact me on MSN for pic's and maybe we can work together on this I always wanted a good look RJW_ca
  22. The skin still needs some colour matching for it's head and some colour has to be spreadout more to his legs and arms +a metal like feature is also in the process to be added -I'm thinking it would be great to see the nose light up like a flashlight for night racing maps -what you see on these pics have the outside shell of the nose like a flashlight I have the inside of the nose that looks more movie like that will appear when the nose in not on: -What do you all think about the flachlight thing about the nose? -What do you all think so far? FrontSide BackSide thanks to Zappa_0 for posting up these pic's for me for you to see yes I will be doing movie like rusted reddish version and other movie like ones for this model colour and yes I will boost up the shadowing so you can see the shadowing a lot better ingame RJW_ca
  23. Thank you I should be able to work on it this weekend while I wait for the new Old Trilogy Star Wars DVD's to come out RJW_ca
  24. you can send it to: RJW_ca@rogers.com or to my regular RJW_ca@hotmail.com but I think the rogers email has more space or email me and I can give you my MSN name so you can send it to me that way this way I can keep in better contact with you on progress RJW_ca
  25. I know I can make it shine like metal and make it look the way he should just ask Zappa_0 what he thinks about my skinning and sounds I can also scale the droid and add some great sounds for it if you would like I too have the old Racer game but I can add other REAL movie like sounds to the Pit droid for you aswell your choice RJW_ca
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