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  1. Anyone remember me? TMU? Raptorsaur? Map-Review? Apparently I haven't touched this board in 3 years. Mad ****s have gone down, I gots to tell you...kicking it with MC Frontalot and YTcracker...moderating forums with thousands of idiots...temporary layoffs...good times! I spend my days sipping OJ and listening to Canibus and Jedi Mind Tricks. How times a-change. This is an alien guy from a book by that Timothy Zahn cat. Hey look there's a star destroyer emoticon! NYERRRM KAPEW KAPEW BOOOM Hi guys
  2. Yo LN! Been a while man, you've gotten tons better at modelling Dragon looks nice, did you know the raptor got ported to the HL2 engine and got really popular for a while in that "Garry's Mod?" I had to bust skulls until they gave all the proper credits
  3. Get well or else! Grr. --Thrawnnumbarz
  4. Spunky. I think he needs bigger eyes, though. Also some specmaps.
  5. Fluke's new album, Puppy, is one of the most delightfully evil sounding albums to come out in recent years, yet the lyrics take a suprisingly uplifting turn. They have a song from there in Need for Speed: underground and Underground II, I believe.
  6. Utahraptor is ridable. And yesh, that's ingame.
  7. I made different kinds of raptors! From left: Megaraptor, Utahraptor, Deinonychus, Velociraptor. Accurately scaled, too. And here's me illustrating a classic book scene: Eheheh.
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