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    I play Unreal, Command And Conquer and Now JEDI II
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    Martial Arts and Long walks on the Beach . . LOL
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  1. I installed version 1.04 and now I have seen the error of my ways . . . Can any one tell me how to remove that Patch? And for those of you who like the 1.04 version . . . Good for you. I just need to get back to the version that was fun for me . .
  2. I need to get some decent IP's off you guys and gals. I have been playing on a server with no map changes . . and recently I have gotten bored with it all. I live in the US at the most Eastern point . . so if your from that area and your getting a great ping . . let me know where you go. . . I like FFA and TFFA . . would love to have a decent saber swung my way . . .
  3. Cool, so My first assumption was not totally bogus . . . Why does that picture look like a bunch of "Wiggers" about to say "We Gon throw a CAP in YOUR A$$!!" . . . LOL
  4. Don't hold your breath . . I get accused of that A LOT!! . . "How could you do a backstab that Quick . . you script!" or "NO WAY! . . How did you hit me in mid air with BS . . F#$% Scripter!!" They just don't understand taht with a good PING you can time all sorts of incredible SH!T . . .
  5. Well, I will tell my views on 1.04 if you can tell me one thing . . What is the break down for special moves on this patch? Example . . Red backsweep does X amount of damage Yellow backsweep does X amonut of damage . . etc
  6. I always thought the term "133t" was a hacker or scripters term . . .
  7. Its commonly reffered to as a commentary. Maybe it would hit home with some people or be actual NEWS to others, but alas . . it would seem thaty are meaningless words to you . . I apologise for taking up your time, but others might find it amusing or at least . . good reading! And maybe just maybe . . . it would be worth it all if just one JK2 player with a bad attitude stops using the phrase "Ownage" . . Ya Right!
  8. When did this become a game of owning (A refference to the obtaining and possesing of some one elses ASS . . or buttocks) . . Do you really want to be known as the guy who has no job, but has apparently cornered the USED ASS MARKET!! . . I am not fully sure I want my smelly ass let alone some one elses stinky butt. It's funny, because the rebuttle to this post might be "It means that your my Bitch!" . . ok lets roll with that one. So now I am your bitch . . . I am either your female K-9 or I am your same sex sexual partner!!! . . the K-9 might be a good "DIS", but I really don't think you want every one knowing your sexual prefference be it man or woman. You must learn to be kind to people, because these statements could come back to bite you . . in one of your multitudes of Buttocks you have stored . . CASE IN POINT I had a great time on a server . . really fun. I was dueling and challenging in a free for all . . my goal was to not use the force at all (it was set to Jedi Master). So a lovely gentlemen (whom I have heard owns at least 50 acres of PURE ASS) comes rolling up to me and pulls me down and follows up with a backswing . . WOW! . . so I go back out to my spot with saber down but in Blue stance . . I see him coming again . . as he rolls and pulls . . I LUNGE (Lunge will keep you from falling and deliver that much neede 60 damage . . also staggers his saber) . . then I backflip and get another LUNGE off just glancing him . . and he PULLs?and backswings me . . He then runs for HP (LOL . . LUNGES do hurt) . . and trys to stay away from me, but when he does attack its a surprise one, and I die (I am not using the force remember) . . end of game he says "OWNAGE" . . I said "excuse me?" . . he says "I owned your ass!" . . . next map starts up . . . well . .I used force for this one . . I killed mostly JUST HIM and got the high score of 20 . . he disconnected . . end of story.
  9. I was wonder ing this because I have seen some suspicious things but it may be just me . . . So is it easy to spot?
  10. hmmmm, I can do a standing Lunge without pause (with saber out or not), but I have never actually witnessed the Lunge from a dead on run . . any one who dead on runs me is out for causing damamge any way so, my reaction to any one running is one of usually three things . . 1) I back-flip lunging halfway through rotation catching them in the face . . . 2) I take a step torward them and throw my saber while kicking them, and on the rotation backwards if I am lucky I can pull off a Lunge that sets me down really quick to almost where I began . . . But I ONLY play 1.03 so this may not work for you . . . 3) side step snapping slightly away from them and Executing a backswing with red . . if they are lungeing . . thier dead now
  11. LOOOVE the backspin!1 . . nothing wrong with Nailing a guy who is scripting it!! . . I have no trouble doing that now. I get the same thing over and over again from people . . "Your scripting!!" "how did you get that Backstab spin off so quick?" . . well here is my secret . . TIMING!! If I am jumping into a Melee of guys pullong and trying to backstab each other . I am already to hit Back and primary as soon as I snap my back to the whole group, and I am executing a Backspin as I land taking 2-3 guys out . . . Same with Duels . . . Just have to time them passing me or landing near me or for real fun . . pass them in the air and fire off a Backstab!! . . that pisses every one off!!
  12. LOL . . LUNGE O matic . . No . . I must have missed that fight. I have fought guys who do nothing but constantly LUNGE . . Not a problem really. I would like to meet Mr. LOM . . send him my way so my saber can say "HI" (and sizzle) accross his buttocks!! Um, I really am straight, but I'll be damned if that didn't sound sexual, and worse is that it's obviously really leaning torwards the HOMO side of society . . Not that there is anything wrong with it . . people's personal preference should be under no scrutiny . . oh well . . I think after that embarrasment I will leave . .
  13. why wouldn't you return the mid-air LUNGE?? .. Its incredibly easy to see it coming and alter your fighting to compensate, and it should be allowed for shear enjoyment of getting that kill in mid-air with a good lunge . . not to mention the benefits of FLOATING . . I am not understanding your concerns. Seems to me that he has done an excellent job setting up his server . . My hat is off to you sir!!
  14. I like just clicking to yellow after I Lunge and then I can do another attack . . Why can't you? Tell you what . . after you get all of your scripts working for you and then come seek out RONIN{VAL} . . I want to see if this gives you the edge you think it will . . .
  15. hmmm I have taught many, BUT . . I don't consider myself a Master. Many have called me such, but I preffer to think of myself as just a guy haveing fun . . Feel free to request a lesson by using MSN and add the contact rlewis80@hotmail.com . . you will see my name as RONIN . .this is my game name too!!
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