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  1. First of all if you getting hit with a blue upper-cut lunge, your fighting like a NOOB. No offense but it is easy to see them bait you for an attack ( I know cause I use it) . . it's your A$$ if you wanna follow them into the air for what will definitely be your demise. Second of all, if you getting kicked and bactstabbed, Your not getting up quick enough!! . . I have seen some truly fast get ups by double tapping your Jump once you hit the ground and even tossing your saber too!! I have fought both really great backstabbers and Lungers . . watch them before dueling them . .
  2. I wish people would just get a clue and play the flippin game . . Only patch I would have is to kill the spin scripts . . any thing else is just plain fun . .
  3. OOOH . . we could we start a PACMAN server together . . then we could install new patches so that your pac man can't turn and eat the ghosts . . . We wouldn't want to piss off any one now . .
  4. I see . . This is a pretty low thing to do . . I think I can fight someone who does this . . I'm pretty sure I can give them a fight to remember . . what gets me is that the throw requires an amount of FORCE to perform (or concentration). I think one FORCE at a time should only be allowed to be used . . another words . . you have to have the saber actually come back to your hand before you can use another FORCE . .
  5. Can't help it . . I'm a pationate guy . . I got to have my drama!
  6. Like I have said before twins . . People who are unable to learn how to adapt to fighting techniques, will not be happy until they have reduced this game to ONE STANCE, ONE OVER HEAD STRIKE . . but a lot of COOOOL awesome maps to run around and do . . absolutely NOTHING!!! . . Boring!!! Or maybe those same guys can all get together and stand there admireing the latest Skins and have their own private CHAT going . . . "Hey look at me!! . . I can walk up a wall!!" "Gosh can I try that?" "Sure but don't double tap jump too close to me or you might kick me." "You silly goose, that was taken out in patch 10.5, just after they removed using FORCE to push some one off a ledge!! . . Ha Ha Ha" "He He He" "He He He" "Hey patch number 10.6 is alomst done!!" "What's it DO???" "Takes away all movement so I can hit you with out you getting out of the way!!! . . :)" "COOOOL!!!!" Keep it up people and you can even reduce the graphics to PONG!! . .
  7. PLEASE . . guys walking backwards towards you are the EASIEST to kill!! . . If they are going to reduce the backstab to a lesser damage move . . FINE then increase the speed at which they can be performed and take away the ability to spin while you are doing it or at least shorten the spin radius . . Lunge can do about 40 damage in about half the time. Nothing wrong with backstabing . . You people with the lack of ability to time your moves make me ill. Keep it up and you will get your wish of reducing this game to One saber style, with only over head strikes, and you can run around your maps smacking your usless FLASHLIGHT swords against the walls, because your probably not going to find too many people who will play such a boring game . . .
  8. Mediun finisher takes the longest (red too) to execute and actually . . FINISH. This makes it an easy target if they miss . . I think it should do 100% Damage . . BUT . . but if there is more people involved in that swing, then the damage should be divided by the people that is in line of saber swing . . to an extent. If you have some BUTT-head who walks in after two guys have been duking it out for a minute or two and does medium finish move . . the damage would be split in two, amongst the other two combatants, which may leave them enough life to finish that dork off . . So if you have 2 guys in path of that move the damage would be 50 each and then three guys, maybe 35 each and four guys maybe 30 or 25 each . . keeps peeps from gettin UNDESERVED multi-kills
  9. I have seen a lot of spammed combos, but what is the Pull/while throwing one? I have seen the Pull/kick/throw combo . . which is very cool. is this the one you were talking about? Wouldn't absorb take care of this?? Or maybe fighting on a NF server? What is a Jedi's limitations?? . . has any body read this in a book or in an interview with Lucas, about Jedi's and their LIMITED use of the FORCE? I am wondering, because I have been able to counter just about every spam except the one where guy can spin like a BLENDER and do an instant kill . . Wouldn't a Jedi's limitations be a direct result of his level of mastery?? Padawan-Jedi Master
  10. No but in Episode 2 Mace falls from about a 6 story drop into the arena and doesn't break a sweat . . . Force power . . I think so (rolls Eyes) . . . Also any jump/fall that ANY one in the movies did and walked away from didn't take away from their Health Points . . (life). So if you want it more like the movies (um, weren't you the one comparing this "LUNGE" to real life?? . . ) then you should have a fall take away from your life force and then be replenished over time like the force does . . Think about it.
  11. Gliding is one of the NON-offensive (nuetral) things you can do in JEDI II. The only thing it provides you with is a slowed landing . . That's it. Find a patch that takes it away, but allows you to slow your decent with the force and I'll back you 100% . . other then that . you have nothing to be happy about . .
  12. yes but what if you are on a computer that has a LinkSYS router that is connected to the outside world? How should I configure the router so that my friend can play a duel with me from across the street? . . also what port number do I use . . I am new to this so I do have the word "idiot" stamped on my head . .
  13. LOL . . lucky for Angel she has found you Druid . . I have taught about 6 people the special moves . . and a few of my special combos . . They are always grateful, and we remain very good friends after . . Although . . I never seem to see them in other games later on . . . . I would like to know how they are doing. I am still learning myself . . I just learned the spinning saber of DEATH . . LOL . . really just an amusing little trick really. Not very good for practicle fighting . . If you guys need any Guidance . . look for RONIN{VAL} and I will try and show you what I know . .
  14. How do you make a Demo?? . . I would like this . . I have fought multiple opponents at the same time and won . . I really wish I could record this.
  15. I SABER throw to cause damage to SPINNERS, DFA Spammers, GUN whores, Pull/Backstabers, and the guys who run to collect health in the middle of a fight . . My main use for it is to get off a Distraction . . there are times I want to hit the saber right in front of the guy . . the spark lets me get set up for the little extra move that may or may not turn the battle in my favor . . .
  16. GO CHEATERS? . . what possible fun do you get from cheating? It's not you who beat that guy . . it's your script!! . . . sounds to me like you need something . . hmmmm . . TALENT maybe?
  17. YES!! Make sure you have latest Drivers for your video card!!! XP has trouble with OPENGL . . I went on to NVIDIA and got a driver pack that fixed everything . .
  18. Okay . . this CLAN of Jedi's . . (Jedi's . . like they deserve the title) are doing this super fast spin . . I mean if they even get remotely close to you . . it's a one hit kill and they are almost invulnerable!! They wait until you do an animation (or if there is no challenge a quick PULL to the ground) and then they get behind you and SPIN!!! . . instant death . . I asked how they did it (I want that knowledge for the next time we meet) . . I tried to challenge them, and when they excepted . . I was always around one swipe away with killing them, when they got the move off . . and even though I had 100 HP and 90 shields . . I was DEAD . . . I kept tagging them when they would start the spin I would jump back and throw my saber at their spinning HEAD . . tagging it here and there . . they even had the nerve to say . . "You throw too MUCH" . . LOL . . WTF!! . . not like I can run up to this blazing TOP of death and hack at it with red saber!!!! Any one know How to do this .. If I come across them again . . I would really like to pay them back IN-KIND!!
  19. Guy called me an Assfighter today . . . I pulled and Backstabbed him . . know why? . . cause I was sick of getting SNIPED and shot while I was fighting other guys . . . So I jumped up there PULLED and stuck my saber through his heart!! . . . I try to go on SABER only "free for all's" , but sometimes there is just more people on the guns/saber ones . . . My biggest gripe is . . if you use your gun I will pull/stab spam you . . simple . . I gotta end it quick, cause I hate to use guns . . I called him on calling me a Assfighter, and said then lets duel . . This way I couldn't pull/backstab him . . so he just keeps on DFA spamming while we fought in the challenge . . LOL . . what a loser . .
  20. Ya I think your right . . did you see Obi one do that major backstab at beginning of Episode 1?? . . right through the battle droid's Mid-section . . sweeeeet
  21. AMEN angel . . Let it go people . . I love it when they start saying BS . . "No way!" . . Sheesh . . it's just a game!!
  22. I think you should do what you think is RIGHT . . I let the guy up . . but that is me . . if you feel like you want an easy win, you should take em out.
  23. Hey beautiful . . I did a search for LEXX and found nothing so far . . when the heck do you play??? . . I am behind you 100% on the trinity skin . . Hubba Hubba . .!!
  24. Oddly enough . . I have that same time of THE MONTH . . it's when bills are due!!! . . LOL WEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  25. Let me know when we can father/son duel?? . . That would be really fun!!
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