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  1. By being here for a year I don't really post that often ether, only when I feel compelled to.
  2. What he said ^ But while I'm here... how about Born Dead
  3. Lol. Yes I can. I'm quite efficent at it too.
  4. Whoa, what a mind job... I'm still trying to comprehend that site.... Thanks for that link.
  5. Another has fallen to the dark side....
  6. I like Chiss, the bartender After he says "Please noble Jedis" I always kill him with my saber lol... Erm... but If I had to pick out of these: Tavion.
  7. I have a freind who did that... no ever bided on it though....
  8. Hm... I like that jedi who got shot by Jango in the Arena. That's the one.
  9. I've seen myself do crazier things than that...... ......... *runs*
  10. Lol, like use bad grammer? Erm, anyway... Congratulations.
  11. Here, I found some great Star Wars music! I'm very fond of the Cantina theme Mos Eisley Theme Cantina Han Solo Enjoy! ___ EDIT!!! I found some Matrix music!!!!! End credits song (rage agaist the machines) SpyBreak (The Lobby scene) Now I only need like 500 more credits....
  12. *starts jotting down names on my 'to shoot' list* Erm... Anyway, The trailer you saw was the one that was included at the end of Enter the Matrix (which is about Niobe and Ghost).
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Rhett!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here, have a cookie, to feed the elves.
  14. Have you tried an ATI card? Why are you so intent on getting an NVIDA card?
  15. Lol, those commerials are so strange, there good wOOt! I too, will know Kungfu!
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