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  1. Howdy. First time posting here since 2005. Just got done going through JO again and wanted to see if anything was happening in the JK/DF series scene.
  2. Well... wasn't the common lore before the KotOR games, that the "Darth" title didn't even come about until the time the Sith were considered extinct? It's understandable that they decided to use the "Darth" name for the "bad guys" in KotOR though, as with Phantom Menace and Clones reinforced the concept that "Darth Bob" would be a bad guy.
  3. The face doesn't look like him, he looks too old and wrinkley. He looks kind of squat - though it could be the SS angle. Other than that, looks cool!
  4. Yeah, the blaster in JA is HUGE... hehe I have this one NPC character (on the Jan model soon to be ported to the Leela model ) that uses the dual blaster pistols, and man, it looks downright absurd! Definitely getting that blaster!
  5. Personal weapons that aren't pure ****. Like in BF1942, where everyone whores the vehicles 'cuz that's the only fun. Flashpoint is probably the best game... most weapons kill in one shot... unless yer a bad shot or they are lucky. Less whoring.
  6. Excellent idea and execution! Since it's so early, nothing to give thought about... although, if it would be possible to remove the belt, I'd say do that... it doesn't look right. But since I don't know the model, I'm not sure if that surface can be toggled off or not. Again, though, very nice idea. Different.
  7. I haven't seen Academy models use .surf files... basically, all you have to do, is find the line for that surface in the .skin file, and after the surface name, type *off - example: hipsa,models/players/jan/darkredlegs.tga hipsa_belt,*off hipsa_chaps,*off r_lega,models/players/jan/darkredlegs.tga I've also noticed, when making Edward Peretti's Mara Jade model into a selectable class, that you can't have a surface toggled off in one skin, and on in another skin (like toggle off torso surfaces on a head skin, then turning them on for a torso skin) - you just have to delete the lines of any surface you don't want (or need) for that particular skin. Looks good, and looks nicely set-up for skinning! I've run into a problem, though: the model won't load up in Modview. The error isn't from the model, though... I've seen it with other Outcast models: the bone count doesn't match the humanoid.gla bone count. Does anyone know a way around this? Edit: Nevermind, I found you can tell ModView to use a different GLA file when you load a glm, so it works.
  8. I liked the end "boss"... different. Nice scripted events, like the ambushes and such. My main complaint, is that there was no direction in the map, I was walking in circles most of the time, trying to push and use any and all of the "false" controls and doors, to see if that was the way to go. Finally I just gave up and noclipped through a locked door. Which, probably messed up the scripting events, so I probably missed out on an ambush or two.
  9. A cloak would be icing on the cake. Be great to have so many adaptable surfaces... are the skin files going to be set up like Academy's - with head, torso, and lower "pieces"?
  10. Woa woa woa, now... this thread is about the nerd crack of gaming, not the nerd crack of skateboarding. Back 10-15 years or so when I was a youngin' I used to like skateboarding... but after making love to the asphalt and concrete too many times, I decided to forget about it, and go play Skate Or Die on my NES. (Not as bad off as my friend, he dug into the street using his chin now, he can't have a goatee, because no hair will grow on his chin! ) Anyway, nothing wrong with gaming. It's just something to do in your spare time.
  11. Yeah, that eye effect is really nice, as is the see through hair. Do these details have any adverse affects on the performance?
  12. You think you can put a little more than "spoiler" in the topic? This is a really big spoiler, game ruining spoiler even.
  13. Looks pretty good... but her legs are really really short... I guess she got her shins shot off in the war!
  14. You get Force Persuade options in different dialogue. Much more useful to get NPCs to do what they usually wouldn't do... Example... Maybe I can give you 100 credits for taking the gizka? (Persuade)I really wanted to sell them... how about we call it even? (Force Persuade)You want to take the gizka. You have to have atleast Affect Mind to get these options... I believe Dominate Mind is just a more affective version of it... I don't know if these options/powers are tied to your persuade skill or not, though.
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