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  1. Yay! Cookies! *Munch* Oh, and I'm back too. Sorry for my unexplained absence. I don't really know why I stopped coming for a couple weeks... er... days. Its hard to tell when you barely sleep. Anyway... I'm back! *Crickets chirp* Bah! That's getting so friggin' old!
  2. HL2 is going to absolutely pwn everything else, plain and simple. I've seen the 500MB video, and all I can say about it is that it should come complete with an extra set of underpants for afterwards. Sure, its got a hell of a lot going for it graphically, but its biggest selling point is the physics. If it can be knocked over, picked up, pushed, pulled, thrown, or manipulated in any way whatsoever, you can guarantee you'll be able to do it. Great stuff.
  3. Just wait until the last few episodes. Then you find out about the ultimate ass-kicker, Millions Knives. He's the dude in my sig. Think of him as a genocidal, gun-toting version of Vicious. And he's considerably more insane. Yeah.
  4. I've read Plato's cave allegory, but I didn't really find out where he was going with that, since around the point he brought it up, my abysmal attention-span kicked in and I kinda wandered off. So anyway, he makes a brilliant case. I just hope I didn't spoil the whole ending for myself... ooh, is that a butterfly? *Wanders off*
  5. My schedule would look more like this: 7:00 Trigun 7:30 Trigun 8:00 Trigun 8:30 Trigun 9:00 Trigun 9:30 Cowboy Bebop 10:00 Cowboy Bebop 10:30 Cowboy Bebop 11:00 Cowboy Bebop 11:30 Dual! Parellel Trouble Adventure 12:00 Dual! Parellel Trouble Adventure 12:30 Dual! Parellel Trouble Adventure 1:00 Dual! Parellel Trouble Adventure 1:30 Trigun As you can see, I have a very diverse taste in anime.
  6. Boy: But mommy, the dog gets to do it. Why can't I?
  7. I wholeheartedly agree with Lion. That's why I prefer to spend my "valuable" time here, and on various other forums, and sitting in the dark laughing uncontrollably and constructing evil things... and practicing telekinesis. But most of all, I just LOVE sitting and thinking for hours on end plotting my ruthless conquest of Earth! GAH HA HA HA HA! Uh... ignore everything I said just now... you heard nothing... NOTHING! Bottom line: Lion's right. *Hurries off, swearing profusely*
  8. Retarded... Zabrak? Oh my... not good... not good. *Puts on a crash helmet and sits in the corner, waiting for Groovy to arrive* This is going to get messy...
  9. Yes, I know this pic was concluded a long time ago, but I really wanted to add this caption... Microsoft world headquarters, where everything is pulled out of some programmer's ass. As for the current pic: Clown: WHOO! THIS MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!
  10. Well, the first step is actually believing, because if you just keep telling yourself "this is so stupid, it won't work," then it won't. Besides, I'VE DONE IT, I'VE SEEN IT WITH MY OWN EYES. That definitely made a believer out of me.
  11. Who's my favorite jedi? I'll give you one guess... TOO LATE! LUNATIC JEDI, that's who! Yeah! *Does a crazy little dance*
  12. It seems the human gene pool as a whole has shallowed out considerably.
  13. Wow. Now I'm really anxious, Mandalorian! *Jumps up and down with anticipation*
  14. Uh oh. Just what kind of... JOKE is this DJG joke? Now I'm scared... *Shifts his eyes*
  15. Okay $am, you can calm down. I've come with an explanation as to why it keeps moving when you stop concentrating on it. That's your subconscious still focusing, saying "Well, he said to move it, but he never said to stop." Yeah. Anyway... its my fourth day and I still suck. >_< And to answer your question... um... guy with lots of brackets in your name... YES, they do enforce those rules rather strictly, especially Myriad. I remember I got muted in that channel for something I didn't even know I did... and to this day I still don't know...
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