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  1. Wow. Perfect... Thanks for the heads up.
  2. Thats hot... I like that. Good model.
  3. Thats hot... I like that. Good model.
  4. I haven't been here in a loooong time. It sounds like you guys are talking about revising the model. Was the model already released? Or am I misunderstanding? If it was, where?
  5. Yes, that was unfortunate. That model was coming along very nicely too.
  6. An Anakin model was long overdue for JO. Glad your working on it for JA. Very good likeness also.
  7. The jaw is pretty good. The mouth is just too wide. The nose is too long and a tad too wide. Try moving the lips up with the nose.
  8. That Ani is looking good Jolts. Eyes could be slightly closer together.
  9. No links? Sometimes you can copy shortcut & paste. Edit: Never mind, it came up. How does it look with the head on it? Edit: Oh, hey, Jolts, the overall head could be a bit thinner as well. Don't scale it in uniform though. Specifically, the temples should be closer to the eyes, and the jaw should be less wide. I may have been wrong about the lips, it appears that they should be a tad wider(than your very last pic)....
  10. The pic is not showing. Just a red X....
  11. Hey Jolts, can you post some body shots? Im curious of the accuracy of those. Edit: Yes
  12. Thats looking proper Jolts. My only remaining crit is that the nose could be still less long. Excellent work.
  13. Hey Jolts, that is starting to look very accurate. These are my suggestions: -His eyes are too big and slightly too close together. Try making them both horizontally and vertically smaller. -His lips are slightly too wide -Also try moving the bottom of the chin up a little. -Finally, his ears are too big. See what this does for you.
  14. The chin needs to be more rounded, the nose is too long and thick(shorten that while moving up the chin and mouth), the hairline needs to come in on the corners, the eyes are too far apart, hairline needs to come down a bit, his ears come outward more....
  15. Hey Jolts, can you post a pic without the meshsmoothing?
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