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    ... Um... Im me... :D what else is there???
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  1. Camus


    lol Im not really back persay... I wanted to check a couple things... My life has been pretty crazy the past few years... Tyrion you have two gold stars because thats how many I gave you durring my reign of spam... If you dont remember why do a search for my Gold Stars Thread...
  2. Camus


    Some people may believe I was sacked by Rancors... This is a total lie... Yeah im still alive... How many of the old Swammpies even remotly remember me crossing these forums and causing Chaos???
  3. lol I know this place never changes... anti-(everyones suggestion) lol I doubled the list...
  4. Really??? lol I would like to see that... lol
  5. Ahhh!!! Why did I bother looking in here... XD thats wrong eggplant very wrong!!! lol Me personly I would rather see obs, groovy, and darklighter in a free for all fist fight... lol
  6. lol Yeah looks like it is... I know I like the game... lol As for going to the ja forum im probly not going there... lol im still fairly loyal to the swamp... lol
  7. Yeah I know... :S those cloths where fine in jkii... but thats because he was a merc... now hes a jedi master and still wearing them... I think its time he looked a little more jedi like you know...
  8. Me personaly I dont know or care if kyle is playable... lol I dont mind him helping me out in missions... just as long as he doesnt have such cheesy taunts... the taunts he says in ja makes me want to stab him to death... O_o "You got to be kidding right?" He says that line almost every time he sees a storm trooper... :S I like the one he probly says least. "hahaha run..." lol
  9. lol Accually... I got JKii in june last year installed it... got this wonderfull openGL error... started searching all over the place trying to get help to fix it... signed up here submited my problem to the trouble shooting section... emailed lucasarts many times... finally got some replies from lucasarts worked with them fixed my problem... beat jkii got bored came to the swamp and started a reign of spam that every one of the old swampies remembers... XD and I never got introuble either... lol Ive changed a lot since then... Oh well...
  10. Camus There is an air of affluence about you, no matter your station in life. People assume you are in control. You give the impression that you are the best at what you do, so naturally others look to you for leadership. You have an eye for quality and no matter what it takes you dress for success. Designer clothing of the highest quality is certainly your preference. People cluster around you hoping that some of that luck is contagious. lol Yes Im a leader... lol XD Real name Some may detect a glow around you and feel drawn to you by fate. The glow is a reflection of the refined and inspirational energy that courses through you, seemingly from other worlds. You may be an artistic genius or any other kind for that matter, but one thing is for sure, you have a powerful effect on anyone who enters your life. You are not afraid to recreate yourself as is necessary at your accelerated pace and other people follow your example becoming more of who they really are. lol I did some checking on some of my other names and they describe me also... lol
  11. lol Thats cool.. have fun playing it SamFisher... I know its a fun game... lol
  12. lol all right... Ill be there some time this week... lol As for when I dont know... all depends...
  13. lol let me check... ~checks his pulse~ Yeah im alive... lol I felt I would spare you all and not post my standared im still alive thread... lol
  14. OMG ive got a s*** load of M games... :S I even got a few of them when I was 16... as for JKJA point out its amlost the same game just an upgrade in graphics and rendering... oh and you start with a saber at the start instead of running around with guns only for some time...
  15. NOOO!!! :S man another cool person leaves... :S and me being half active doesnt help I guess... :S
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