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  1. Agreed. A lot of great stuff is written in the book. Well, Lucas/Spielberg had approaced M. Night, who wrote The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable. He had only done, I believe four films. Three of them professtional. Even then, those three were international and not well known at all. Yet, they asked him to write a screenplay for the next Jones film. He ended up saying no. -Joe
  2. I don't even remember stating it was easy... Now, you or no one else can says this, you see. You have no idea what they are thinking. And I never said I was going to go in half-cocked, without building up a nice portfolio of projects. I've already done many short films, during my time at university and other minor entertainment projects. I'm not just some fan, who wants to bring The Dig into the theater. I haven't the slighest idea why you are questioning my abilities - have we met before? Really though, do you think Speilberg himself somehow knew these things? Heck no. He was a boy-scout, like every director. Triva: Spielberg almost never completed Jaws because of money and time problems. And they thought he would never make any money. Um, and you know this... how? Last I saw, this was Spielbergs baby. Not Lucas's or Howard's. Spielberg still owns rights to the actual concept. LucasArt's just owns the game, The Dig itself. Again, why do you insult me saying I have no skill. Have you seen any of my works? No. And what is this word, that I don't really understand. n00b? While video games to film conversion haven't had the best track record, how can one say that future projects would be so unlucky? You can't really. Like I said, obviously you would take out the "video game parts" of the game, and included better, immersive material. One persons, rather shallow opinion, I'd say. I must have been reading someone else's post then, cause I saw a lot of derrogatory. I've been working on the screenplay for a while now. And I don't plan to cut and paste or to work on it for a limited time. And I don't find the story boring at all. The Dig isn't about asteroid(s), if you didn't notice. -Joe
  3. I'm not planning to do a "fan-made film". I wouldn't even call myself a huge fan. I'm just someone who sees something special about this story. My intentions are to make a feature film, for The Dig. I will write the screenplay, naturally under the watchful eyes of LucasArts/LucasFilm and plan to direct. I find it hard to believe I would be able to go ahead, without LucasArts/LucasFilm approval. -Joe
  4. Greetings, I'm a student at university, taking a four year media arts (film directing/producing) and a one year arts/science course. Ever since I played The Dig when it first came out, I've been ingulfed by the story and the characters. This concept and story is very rich, not just about aliens, but about the human spirit and the lengths we will go to achieve what we want. Currently, for my first project, I've begun writing a full featured film script for The Dig. Now, this is indeed a daring attempt (especially for my first project!), but I think it can be done. When Steven Spielberg set out to bring this story to the theaters it couldn't be done "at the time". However, now we are in 2002. And I believe, a project like The Dig could very well be produced. For my concepts and ideas, I've referred to the novel, the guide written for the game with bios, more detailed info, and naturally the game itself. Now, some of you are probably thinking exactly what kind of film I have in mind. Well, I can't really say that yet and probably not for a long time, but my version of the story will not be an exact copy and paste of the game. Even though the game itself is wonderful, I think the fans deserve much more than something like that. Bits of the story will remain, for example: the opening scene with Attila apporaching Earth. And the crew going up to plant the nuclear weapons. One of the most important elements I've always thought about The Dig was, is the music. The music is so invoking and pure. Indeed, throughout the process of writing the script, I've been listening to the soundtrack of The Dig all the time - for inspiration. Hopefully, if the project goes forward and gets the okay from LucasArts and Mr. Speilberg himself, Michael Land will be the first apporached for doing the music. Now the issue with LucasArts. Well, they are creative people and hopefully they will respect my passion for creating this wonderful story. As soon as I am complete my schooling and a version of the script and making a early draft, they will be contacted right away. Anyways, I thought the many fans who love The Dig, as much as I do, would liked to have known about this. Good day. -Joe
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