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  1. Commander Mole knew that the loss of live would be extremely high, but this was the price to pay to lay the foundations of the New Republic. Commander Mole was looking at the Battlefield through a Rebel Probe device. It was a stalemate, but not a war of attrition. Both troops were lined parallel and not one of them had dared to start the assault, worried that they would be the first to be killed. Commander Mole had to break this stalemate, he ordered the Artillery to start it's fire.
  2. Game is a games shop (yeah i know, original name ) Over here in Britain, they took over EB.
  3. I definitely agree. The Russians (according to the BBC) went in with the attitude of "well their already dead but we can save them and 'bring them back to life' " So they perceived that they were all going to die, so an extra person alive is a bonus. That is not a good attitude to take. The attitude should be "Well their all alive, save as many as possible. Less then all saved is not good enough". Although its not possible most of the time, it motivates more.
  4. In the UK, every year (only one episode a year?!?) there is a program on BBC called Crisis Command. A group of MP's are required to decide what to do in a Crisis. Last year it was a string of terrorist attacks. They however have the power to avert some of the attacks, or minimalise the damage, but this is often at a cost (usually lives). Firstly there was an hostage takeover in a 747. The MP's had plenty of warning, and the plane was clearly off course. They didnt know if the plane had been taken over, but the plane flying to London on a different path, the pilot not responding tends to suggest a problem. They could have shot the plane down but instead they didnt. They didnt want to sacrifice a few lives. The plane dived and crashed into the Houses of Parliament. The cost of life was far greater. Im not saying i am a terrorist expert, but i made quite a lot of the right decisions on that show, and after watching that show i was very worried for my safety with prats like them making all the wrong decisions. The London Underground is fitted with floodgates. These take 3 minutes to close. The Mp's decided that to save a few lives, they would leave the floodgates open for a rescue attempt. The tunnel burst and so so so many more lives were lost. Lesson: You can NEVER save ALL the lives. You can, however try to save the majority by sacrificing people. I know the decision is difficult, but someone has to make it. Maybe i will go into politics so i can make the right decisions and save lives. If you want to know what else happened on the program, a bomb in Paddington Station blew up (to be fair, they made the right decision on this one, they made priority to the wounded and then tryed a rescue attempt. I think that was it, but i'll look on the internet to see if there was another one.
  5. They were unorganised because they had major flaws in their procedure. The terrorists managed to escape, and many are currently in nearby buildings, having taken fresh hostages. They are slowly heading towards the outskirts of the city. Civilians were not kept back and were even picking up weapons and running. The Russians couldnt tell who was a hostage and who was not in the chaos. They didnt keep a tight cordoned (sp?) area. But i do have praise for the Russians as well. Well done that you did the right thing and gave the children cover fire. Well done that so many people are out of there. Well done that so many were treated on the scene and very quickly. It seems Russian Troops have learned lessons, but there are many more to learn. The Chechnyans if they had any international support before certainly have no support now. If they had any remote chance of independence they have lost it. Serves them bloody right. Thats my feelings right now, and i genuinly thought, that rather then execution, they should face torture - but i guess that makes me as bad as them.
  6. Yeah, i like Yavin because it has superior ground strategy. The Rebel people have many decisions and possibilties and the Imperials must continue to find weaknesses in the rebel plans. Not only that but a war in the air!
  7. Join the club I dont want to get the ps2 version because i cant use that goddamn controller! I have a usb keyboard and mouse but the majority of games dont use them! They have all these addons but none of the games use them. I also dont want the ps2 version because i want to play online and download mods, and i dont want to splash out extra cash on a broadband kit.
  8. Don't allow your mum to wait outside. My mum tried to force me to get a job, and she kept waving at me. God it was embarassing, so know i am looking for a job on my own! Here are my mums top tips > always think of a reason why you want the job. According to my mum they mostly ask you why you want the job (and dont say because you've got nothing else to do ) > If your 16 like me, dont bother, no-one wants 16 years olds for workers. Too many damn laws (well in the UK anyway. Stupid Tony Blair.) > If they turn you down, keep pestering them. Say things like, 'is there any chance you will have a job in the future', and 'is there any vacancies in nearby stores'. Just keep pestering them... you never know, they might offer you a job to get rid of you
  9. If you havent already heard, the Siege has taken a sharp turn. It appears that Gunmen have attempted to blow the building, and there were two explosions. Part of the school roof has collapsed. Hostages are flooding out and a military hospital has been set up in the streets. edit: [i will post pictures of the British Broadcasting Corporations 24 hour News Channel shortly.] The Russians seem to be unorganised and have already been criticised heavily with the British Broadcasting Corporation and ITV. Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5 Latest Report: *The School is under control of the Russian Special Forces* Russians seem to be arresting news officials. 5 hostage takers have been killed. Russian reports suggest that most of the hostages are alive. Hmm, the debate has taking a turn, now the debate is on how the Russians handled this. They looked completely unorganised, and there are rumors that Vladimir Putin tried to lull the terrorists into a false sense of security, so russians could storm the building.
  10. Mmm, i have a 800 Mhz PC with 192 memory, but i can stretch to overclocking it if i attach a nitrogen cooling system to it Maybe i should concentrate fans on it while i play I still wanna try the demo to make sure i can play it tho.
  11. I am looking at those pictures and im getting seriously worried that my computer wont be able to handle it. *Goes off to beg dad for an upgrade*
  12. The only opponents that seem to have done anything are Germany, Russia, and France. All other countries do not hate America, sure they regret (and we in the UK regret) what happened with the UN, and i'm sure everyone in America regretted it as well, but after it, a lot of the world united to help Iraq. Soldiers from many places of the world, and contractor from even more countries all helped to rebuild Iraq.
  13. Yeah, you can be Imps. Command Mole looks at his Radar. Zant, i am sending troops to fight the first group of stormtroopers. They seem to be backed up with AT-STs. I am sending the Attack tanks and Hover Tanks to cover the troops. After the first force is down, you can infiltrate the Vehicle Storage. If we have any need for Air Support then we can try to take the hangar.
  14. Ooh I have plenty of Poster space on my wall... I have only one, of a dobermann puppy holding a rose in its mouth.
  15. This wait reminds me of the wait for Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, but with SWGB, they released a demo early. It's painful isnt it! Especially if you've completed all your other games.
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