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  1. Most of them have already been converted. Look here.
  2. Q: How do you kill a game that's already lost a large percentage of its players (to a demo game, no less)? A: Arange it so that the in-game screen no longer shows internet servers and players have to use a third party tool to find a game. Great Job Raven!! You Guys Rock!! Your Friend, The Lopper
  3. Basically, the game is dying for two reasons: 1) the 1.04 patch is plainly awful. It destroyed the competative balance of the saber in FFAs with guns, and made all-saber FFAs into red lunge/lightning/grip spam fests. Borrrrrinnnng. At least backstab spamfests were fun. 2) About the same time the new patch came out, Raven had Server One problems that STILL HAVE NOT BEEN RESOLVED!!!! For about two weeks you couldn't get a decent list of available servers on the in-game list, and TO THIS DAY there are still servers out there that don't show up on the in-game list. For instance McP's Gamegrid, which was an outstanding CTF server with big games and lots of good players is still online and can be seen and joined with The All-Seeing Eye, but doesn't show up on the in-game list so nobody plays it anymore. There are many other servers in the same boat. Why doesn't somebody at Raven e-mail the admins of these servers and tell them what they have to do to get their servers to show up in the in-game list? The result is a serious shortage of good servers. There aren't any FFA servers that can compare with the late, great Bantha Poodu and Always Online is the only large CTF server out there - and it uses funky settings (including 1.03 backstabs, heh, heh) and some lame maps (spaceport and degobah). Jkii is dying because 1.04 and the server shortage have made it less fun to play than it was a few months ago. Your Friend, The Lopper
  4. Well, it was only yesterday that I was playing in a game with a ledge-sitter/puller named RpTheHotRod who was bragging about how "that was the 177th self kill I've caused. Ha. Ha.". Was that you? If so, you're most definitely a lamer. Your Friend, The Lopper
  5. First, you are lamer. Second, you do taunt people, I've seen you do it, as well as brag incessantly about how you're having so much fun stopping the "speeders" (this kind of bragging is the hallmark of the sociopathic personality -- seek professional help before it's too late is my advice). Third, to expect co-ordinated team tactics on a public server where teamates don't know each other is unrealistic. Your Friend, The Lopper
  6. Uh, let me get this straight. Some lamer (a.k.a. RpTheHotRod) stands on the ledge above the flag pulling anyone who tries to get the flag (whether they're using speed/rage or not) and then taunting them when they kill themselves after he pulls them to their doom; and they're supposed to easily "counter" this gayness by jumping down to a ledge below the lamer and shooting him off his perch, after which they can jump back up and grab the flag, kill the four fletchette-wielding defenders and race back to their own base (fending off three speed/raging defenders chasing after them) to capture the flag. Yeah, I don't see why I didn't think of it before. Your Friend, The Lopper
  7. I had the same problem - downloaded the map from jedioutcastmaps.com and put it in my base directory as usual, but couldn't get it to work. The problem went away when I auto-downloaded the map from a server, so you might try that. Pretty map, but not the greatest playability, IMO. your friend, The Lopper
  8. Well, these are a couple of pretty lame questions, but I just wondered... 1. I've been playing the fat green avatar lately (reminds me of the blue meanies from Yellow Submarine) and wondered if it's easier to hit this avatar than the smaller ones (more pixels to shoot at) or if the targeting system compensates for this in some way. 2. In some team games (at least CTF), you'll sometimes see something like "The Lopper has joined the blue team" and then "The Lopper has become the team leader." What exactly does it mean to become the "team leader"? Do you get to flog the enlisted men and steal their women? your friend, The Lopper
  9. Well, I started this thread in a moment of anger after playing in a Free for All game for the first time with 1.04 installed. My point was that Free for All games (and to a lesser extent CTF) with force and weapons have become A LOT less fun because the saber has been taken out of play as an offensive weapon. However lame you may think the backstab is, it was the only thing that gave the saber parity with guns (i.e the ability to make an instant kill.) In 1.03 you had the option of using either guns or the saber as the situation or your inclination demanded, AND WERE AT NO DISADVANTAGE EITHER WAY. My own play was probably 50/50 saber/guns; now it's more like 20/80 - or would be if I hadn't given up on Free For Alls because they've become so boring. Now I play strictly CTF, which was always a gunner's paradise anyway. I don't doubt that for a certain type of player 1.04 has made dueling more fun, but in so doing the Free For All has been ruined. And that's a damn shame. Your Friend, The Lopper
  10. Thanks to all those who whined so loud about backstabbing and ass-fighting and got the brilliant minds at Raven to ruin the game with the 1.04 patch. Sure ass-fighting sucks, but the backstab wass the only thing that made the saber a competative weapon in free-for-alls. Now that the saber is so underpowered as to be useless as an offensive weapon, gun-whoring rules the day and free-for-alls are lots less fun. Just another example of the old adage Be careful what you wish for - you might get it. your friend, The Lopper
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