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  1. Found this on http://www.commanderbond.net and thought it was pretty funny... Lets see what you think? http://www.commanderbond.net/?action=Story&SID=807
  2. The World Is Not Enough Title song is cool but my favourite would be from either Tomorrow Never Dies or the Spy Who Loved Me
  3. Creed-My Sacrifice Pink- Dont Let Me Get Me Enrique- Hero The Corrs-Best Of Metallica Shakira- Whenever, Wherever Robbie Williams- Better Man Natalie Imbruglia- Wrong Impression Jewel POD Josie & The Pussycats- Soundtrack
  4. Yeah i do... It would have to be a slightly different sound from their other songs though
  5. To AU_Heavyarms: It looks ok to me and it is not the graphics that make the game its the gameplay...and GTAIII has great gameplay...
  6. The official Bond site http://www.jamesbond.com has confirmed Madonna will sing the main title for Bond 20 Yippee I am really exited *rolls his eyes*
  7. Is there anyway Rogue Leader could come out on PC?
  8. I liked Lazenby...well he was better than Dalton (Sam Neil should have gotten the role instead of Dalton) Anyways...Lazenby was stuck in a movie which had a bad script and a shocking leading lady (she wasnt hot).... And the editing of the film was atrocious (just look at the first fight scene on the beach..ahhh)
  9. Havoc Stryphe...I cant believe you said Perfect Dark was a flop...I and a majority of people who played it thought it was great... Rogue15....you may not like Goldeneye and console shooters as you are a PC shooter...Most people who play shooters on the PC dont like playing console shooters as they find it hard to adjust...
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