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  1. It has been a long time since I've created any character models for Jedi Academy. Since I've recently gotten back into playing the game, I decided I would rework some of the models I made a few years ago. Here is a screen of the reworked Ben Kenobi, his head anyway, I haven't gotten to the body yet. The textures are still a work in progress, especially the hair/beard.
  2. I downloaded OJP basic beta7 and i'm still experiencing the same problems. I didn't really notice the Jerkiness this time, but the bots still use katas all the time, and it's always their first move when they attack. I also still get two gametypes without a name. One is the coop gametype, the other I'm not sure what it is. Its between Holocron FFA and duel. Thats not really a complaint since it's not that big a deal, but if it's not suppose to happen in might show that somethings not working right which my be related to some of the other issues. Are the missing gametype names and bots always using katas normal for OJP basic?
  3. yeah, I realize that. Perhaps "behave more like SP NPC's" wasn't the best choice of phrasing. If I wanted to fight NPC's, I'd spawn them in SP or MP like you said. I meant more along the lines of making them more challenging and act a little more like the single player NPCs like using taunts and the full range of moves. I tried OJP a while back, I'm not sure what version it was but a had some problems with it. The biggest thing about the bots I didn't like with it was that they open up with a kata 100% of the time when the would attack another player or bot. Any time 2 bots came in contact with each other, they'd both kata and whoever got the head start on their kata would usually be the survivor. Also, the game was jerky while running OJP, I think it was related to the bots because when all were kicked the jerkiness went away. The final problems I had with it were when creating a server, there were several new gametypes that had no name so it wasn't clear what it was, and it unlocks all the duel maps in the FFA gametype so I can't use "Auto cycle maps" cause I'll end up in a duel map with 8 characters which is way to crowded. I could always call a vote to switch maps so its not a huge problem, but It is a bit inconvienent. I'm not sure why that was done. Have these issues been addressed in more recent versions? I tried the link you provided but it didn't work. PCgamemods is also down which is the only other place I know that has more recent versions of OJP
  4. I have a few questions about the bots use of force powers in Jedi Academy. Darkside bots seem to overuse lightning, in a FFA game with several bots, lightning flies everywhere. I checked some of the .jkb files, and many bots that have lightning set to 0 still use lightning like crazy, while I've never seen a bot use grip or speed. Did they prevent bots from using certains powers in academy? is there any way to fix this? I also noticed that if you disable a single forcepower, the bots will nolonger use any force powers which kind of limits that option. Also was just curious if there are any mods in the works that improve the bots in multiplayer to make them behave more like SP NPCs? The npcs are much more challenging then bots set to Jedi Master.
  5. I really wish I could work on these models, but i've been extremely busy lately. I finally have a break coming in September, if I can find the time, I'll see if I can make some progress on the models
  6. I've been a bit busy the past couple of weeks, but I'll try to have some more pictures of the models up soon
  7. Here's an update. I merged the head halves together and made some adjustments to the face, I also whitened the hair a bit. I still haven't fixed the hair since merging the head halves, so it still looks mirrored and strange, but I'll get to that soon. http://www.babylonius.com/invasion/newbenhead2.jpg To RJW_ca I'm not on MSN, but I do have AIM and icq, you use any of those?
  8. Hi everyone, how's it going? it looks like things are pretty quiet around here these days. I guess most of the main star wars characters are finished already. Anyway I have some free time coming up and I've decided to finish what I feel are my best star wars models for Jedi Academy, Old ben Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. The new versions of both these models will be properly completed, with full facial and finger weighting and greatly improved skins. The Old ben model will feature the same options as before, Regular, Robed and Robed with hood up. The Anakin Model will feature EP2 Anakin, EP2 anakin with a robe, and a robed and unrobed version of EP3 anakin with longer hair and the glove covering his mechanical arm. I've reworked the old ben head quite a bit and have redone the skin. There is still much work left to be done on both the model and the skin, but here is a comparison shot of what I have so far next to the old head. keep in mind the head is mirrored to keep it symetrical which is why his hair looks funny up top, that will be fixed soon when I weld the two halves of the head together. New Ben Kenobi Head I won't be finishing my Ep1 and 2 obi-wan models however. I'm really not happy with those models and I don't have the time to improve them while still fixing up old ben and anakin, plus Aarons Ep2 obi-wan is very well done and the existing ep1 obi-wan is good too, there really isn't a need for a new ones. I'd rather make old ben and Anakin better. I appologize to those who still may have been waiting for those
  9. RJW_ca, what kind of sounds could you make?
  10. I have thought about this before, the only thing thats stopped me from asking to join before is my limited time. My main priority right now is the game project I'm working on, but I do have a month off before I start my new school (I'm going to a digital art school for a degree in High level modeling and animation), which will give me some extra time to contribute to your TC. Perhaps in addition to Anakin we can collaborate on the obi-wan model as well. I've already communicated with NeoMarz a little about this.
  11. I was really surprised at all the high praise and positive feedback that I got for the Anakin model. It really means alot and I really appreciate it. It makes me feel a little bad about the slap-dash job I did in releasing the model (the little oversights like the missing team shaders and team skins especially, and the absence of facial and finger animation). Since my time is limited, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in putting a little team together to help finish up the model to it's maximun potential. My job will be to model the robe and the Episode III Anakin head and clean up the current model a bit. I'll need some skinners who could help polish up the existing skin and create good team skins for the model. I'd need a few testers to play the current model and find what flaws they can and later on to test the final version. Lastly, anyone who can help find some extra or replacement sound effects is welcome to help out as well. Let me know here if your interested and what part you'd be interested in helping out with.
  12. I just got anakin in-game tonight. He's weighted only to the Jk2 skeleton at the moment. Tomorrow I worked on fixing any clipping issues that I might find and make the adjustments to the skeleton for JA. Here are some screens. Anakin1 Anakin2 Anakin3 Anakin4
  13. Hey everyone, I'm going to have some extra free time the next few weeks before christmas so I can finish Anakin up. I will be releasing him first for JK2, so those of you wanting him for that game should be happy, as soon as I figure out what to do with the JKA skeleton I'll release him for that as well. However, since my time is still tight, it will only be Anakin from Episode 2 as he appeared in my latest screen. Sometime in the future I'll try and finish up the rest of the versions and release the customizable pack like I was originally going to, but for now I can at least release the episode 2 version.
  14. Here's the latest screen. My time for working on Jedi Models is very limited again, as work on my Game Dev project is picking up. what I may have to do is release Anakin as he is and release the alternate versions later when I have more time. Anakin
  15. Sorry about the lack of updates, I've been a bit busy lately. I should be able to do a fair amount of work over the weekend on the anakin. If I don't finish him, I'll at least post some screens
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