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  1. Heh..i dont care how much health or armor i have. I always lose my armor early on anyways..and my health i dont care about. I play suicidal so i dont care if i die. i do admit though that i save often..but who cares.
  2. Sorry..messed up..attack them when they are down on the ground
  3. They are tough..i recomend the blue stance when fighting these guys. Just try to pull/push them and them when they are down. Or,if he lost his saber..throw yours
  4. Yea..looks for a barrel and blow it up. Then go into the new room and look for pipes on the wall and blow those up. That should turn off the electricity and u should be able to find out what to do from there
  5. I'm pretty sure theres nothing really useful in there..been in that room myself..pretty sure its just batteries
  6. Bind x sabercolor color where x is the key u want this code binded to and the color is the saber color
  7. Darth_Mauled


    well..u could always do Bind x sabercolor orange where x is the key u want the color binded to and orange can be any color u want. i have orange and green binded this way
  8. O..thatnks for the advice..never knew that..and sorry for giving u wrong advice darth_love
  9. Hey..good luck..desann is a bitch anywyas..dont want to know what he's like in Jedi Knight difficulty
  10. I push away the thermal dentonaters until im close enough to throw my saber
  11. The snipers..never know they are there until your hit or barely missed. Sucks how u can deflect there shots. Damn things
  12. arrow up,arrow down,arrow left, and arrow right-up,down,left,right [,]-item next,item previous enter-item use shift-jump ctrl-crouch numpad 0-use num pad 1,2,3,4,5,6,7-push,pull,speed,heal,grip,mind trick,lighting 1-9,weapom choices left mouse-primary attack right mouse-alt attack clicking mouse wheel-chooses saber styles very easy for me to use..all the major thing are very close to each other
  13. It might be a bug, it might not be. My theory is this. If you look at the dead body of the shadow trooper, he still has a green spot on his chest. That could be another force crystal. So when u vaporise the body,that crystal cant vaporize so it pops out.
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