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  1. Awesome picture, thank you Iwok... That's the wrong name though . And happy birthday Tebs . I said it earlier too her in an e-mail, that's why I didn't say it sooner in this post. I'll have to send you a gift or something...and you can't stop me. *looks around* *whisper* Email me your address .
  2. Haha, yeah I know, that's why I named it that . So uh...can anybody help me out ?
  3. Me and my friends are going to be playing the West End Games Star Wars RPG, and I'm going to be playing a Trandoshan. I was wondering if somebody could make a Trandoshan and take front and profile screenshots of him? He's going to have a long nose, "normal" chin, wide jaw, green skin like...the plants on Naboo, dark red eyes, and two horn ridges on the "corners" of his head (kind of like ...\-.-/ ). If this makes sense to anybody and you feel like helping, thanks ahead of time .
  4. I know it's not something with my computer because I access hotmail through the web...ya know? So it can't be a virus I have affecting that. I'm 99% sure I'm going to have to get a new email account. The mails aren't stopping, and now I have 125 new junk mails. Ugh, somebody is very mean to the Jackrabbit man.
  5. I downloaded the attachment so I could scan it and see what McAfee thought. When I went to McAfee's website, it was right on the front page... http://vil.nai.com/vil/content/v_133409.htm
  6. I'm not accepting any more email until further notice...
  7. I'm getting a new message every 5 minutes from random email addresses. I'm even getting confirmation emails from various websites...and somehow I'm also confirming it and getting passwords for the websites. I have 65 new messages and it just keeps going up... I just wanted to see if anybody else is having ...problems, and I also wanted to let you all know that I might need a new email address. Every mail has a 73kb attachment. I just got a mail from staff@swgalaxies.net... All the messages are sent To various addresses like "mail@hotmail.com", "qmail@hotmail.com", "X-User@hotmail.com". Very curious.
  8. Jackrabbit


    Yeah but...did something happen recently to make you post this?
  9. Jackrabbit


    Is this about me or another mystery guy?
  10. A Sith lord. Oh...this is SWG. *goes back to Kotor* It's Reaper, he's a big Jedi dude.
  11. I've been drunk all week, that's why I haven't been online very much.
  12. I don't think I'll be playing much longer. I feel sick just thinking about SWG. There's just so much damn bull**** and drama...I can't take it anymore. Jedi, Smugglers, Wookies, Combat revamp... I saw a picture today of the new Jedi Starfighter shooting lightening (yes, ingame). I've met a lot of people ingame and chatted and RPed with them. I've made real relationships with them...and this game is starting to mess them up. I say **** this game! I don't want it ruining my life anymore. I mean ****...we've been pushed out of our homes ingame, half of us have had wife troubles, this friggin GCW. This game is made to ruin friendships, and the Devs have actually admitted it (in one of the Dev chats, the Dev said something like "This is a war, pick sides. Relationships will change'). You guys know what I'm saying? Tebra, Corzip, Jordan, Xanadu, Naxu, Zeto, X'ero...Froobuk...come on guys. I mean, I'm not trying to convince you guys or anything, but you see what I'm saying? This game is ****ed up... I've said a few things to a few people over the last few days...I'm sorry (you know who you are). This game is just messing with me...so let's forget all the bad stuff and just concentrate on the good. Yeah that's it from me tonight.
  13. My name is Grask, and I'm going to get as far towards/into Smuggler/Pistoleer as I can.
  14. Damn, I'm really busy today so I can't look up all the things I want to. I can say this though... Corzip, the Pistoleer tree is Awesome. We can recover from Blind, Stun and...something else instantly if we have the ability points, we have intimidate shot, improved shots of the attacks we have in the current system, ...all kinds of stuff, I'll tell you about it later. Really gotta go now .
  15. The old running is back - speed up and slow down like a normal person. Weapon switch is really fast, so as soon as a mob gets close I'm already kicking it in the face with unarmed.
  16. All the newb gun ranges are 0-35. Not sure if this is because they're CDEFs, or because of my level or what. Also, they added a DPS stat to weapons, making things much easier to figure out. Oh, and holding a gun makes you move a little slower.
  17. My first thought upon logging onto TC5 are "What the hell is this..." On the new UI everything is big and colorful, and I feel like I'm playing Warcraft/a cartoon. But, I like to test things fully and give everything a chance before I jump to conclussions... The UI is big and kind of silly looking, but it's nice once you get used to it. All your buffs show up under your name, and all the special abilities have awesome icons. The only thing I don't like is that the group window is like 5 pages long for 4 people, because of the buff UI thing. Also if a name is more than 2 lines long (like you have your profession under your name), it doesn't show up right and cuts some words in half. Names of things are in a new big, bold font, which is kind of weird, and they've got color coded icons next to them representing an enemies strength. Weird, but I can get used to it. One of my first problems was with attacking. At first glance, it appears you have to hit either "Ranged Shot" or "Melee Hit" everytime you want to attack. These are the two basic attacks for Ranged and Melee. After I read a little bit of the FAQ, though (which is listed on the official forums), I found that if you ctrl + click an attack, it will keep repeating it, so you can set up an auto attack. Some creatures don't fight back, which is...I don't know, realistic? Also the XP seems crappy, but at the same time it looks like I'm gaining it at a normal rate. I like how damage works, because it's more simple. If you go into the combat window it looks something like this... a lesser desert womp rat attacks Grask with Attack using a an unknown weapon and hits for 61 points (61 points kinetic damage). 61 possible points damage. Grask attacks a lesser womp rat with Melee Hit using a an unknown weapon and hits for 24 points (24 kinetic damage). 24 possible points damage. As you can see there's some trouble with names of attacks and weapons and stuff, but...whatever. You heal at a fast speed, which makes downtime very short if you don't have Medic/Meditate or whatever. Macros are a problem I think, because of this - in the skills page, they don't give you the /command for an ability, so I don't know what to type if I want to make a new macro. Not sure how this will work in the future, but just giving a heads up. All the skill trees are different. Skills are in the same place, but when you get abilities is different. For instance, you get Pistol Whip at Pistols 1 . So, my general impression after 10 min is this - goofy at first, I feel a little dirty, but after playing some I'm getting used to it, and I think after I get past the "I like my old SWG", I'll enjoy it. People complain about not being able to kill things on the forums, but they're crazy. I'm killing red cons solo no problem. Uh...I'll post more as time goes on.
  18. We have to pay for Rage of the Wookies, but not the Combat Revamp.
  19. Yeah, too bad the server is capped. I was looking forward to playing all night, but I was hanging out with my friends. Now I have to wait till it goes live.
  20. Can I put a link of my forums in here X'ero? Don't want to hijack or anything... My forums aren't really SWG forums. They started out as being forums for White Wolf games; Vampire, Werewolf, Hunter, Demon. It's only been me and my three friends on there for two years though, so we're trying to expand. I just put in a D&D section, a SWG section, and a WoW section (all my friends play WoW).
  21. *cry* I'm gonna miss you so much. But have fun .
  22. I am depressed all the time, but I don't think that has anything to do with this. I'm just sick of waiting around for months, and then finding out the devs aren't working on what I need them to work on.
  23. I just can't...stay quiet. First of all, Publish 14 came out today. They made movement "snappier". What this means is they got rid of the speed up and slow down animation, so you're going full speed on the first step, and a dead stop as soon as you let go of the arrow key. Now, I have this problem...I have zero tolerance for the rediculous. This looks so rediculous, I want to puke. I mean, just watching these ...ugh, can't even talk. Also, as soon as I take the first step, I start getting a headache. After ten minutes I have to stop playing, take some pills, and go lie down in the dark. I'm not even joking. If they don't fix this in a hotfix tomorrow, I'm quitting. Now, about this new expansion... Where to begin... Alright, I hate Wookies, and I've hated them since I saw the fifth one. Just something about this 8 foot tall, furry idiot, mooing at me, just makes me want to skin them alive and make a big smelly coat. But I wouldn't wear the coat, cause I'd feel like trailer trash. I'd launch it into space, so it would be a total waste of "good" fur. Second, Kyyyshak, or however you spell it. It just sounds terrible to me. Imps, Wookies, aggro high level mobs everywhere, trees...ugh. I have no problem with trees, and Imps I can handle, but not Wookies. And high level mobs are fun if you're not playing SWG, but we all know how the Devs in SWG handle high level stuff. And I ask...what about the Smuggler? The Smuggler community has been waiting for a revamp since AUGUST 2003!! We've been waiting for an Underworld faction since Beta III. I just...I can't go on because I'm so angry. Just imagine I keep ranting for 30 min.
  24. Publish 14.0 came out today, you can check out the patch notes here . Personally...I think the new Pilot quest could be cool, and I like some of the UI fixes, but other than that it just seems like a bit hotfix. What do you guys think?
  25. /sarcasm Wow, the Underworld faction sounds really cool. And all that other stuff...yeah. I hope I don't have to pay for this expansion, cause it seems really lame to me.
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