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  1. hi, please do not take the following as boasting i dont play games that much anymore, ever since i was pretty much unbeatable at cs 1.3.. then recently i started playing jkii ffa on bespin.....and winning, i use rage, full push/pull and full lightsaber...yellow stance always i find it so easy to beat people, often i get accused of cheating...what can i do? maybe i go back to playing earth 2150, which bwas at least challenging
  2. sorry, but i disagree. blue stance is possibly usefull against red, but i prefer yellow. i have no problem beating players using red, red is all about timing, and as i exclusivly use rage or speed (depending on if i am light or dark) then red stands no chance, and if i am light with speed and protect, then by the time red makes one hit, kabam they are finished. not to mention red is useless against weapons. as for being a newbie, yes on this board, but not to the game.
  3. sorry if i come acros as rude, but it is true, anyone having sufficient speed with yellow stance can mop the flaw with a better player using red stance. red stance is ONLY usefull with speed.
  4. hey guys..., recently started playing, dont have the net at home so play at a game cafe with some friends, thing is, he constantly uses lightning, and when he ges to anaythingless than 50% health runs away for more. he is also exremly hard to kill, and he is no more skilled than i am, as we both only recently started playing. i was just wanting some advice of what to do in this situation? i prefer darkside, what is best to combat him? he uses blue stance.....thanks for the help.
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