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  1. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) What would happen if Obama and George Bush got in a yo mama fight?
  2. ^Crazy blue flame guy from Samurai Jack.
  3. ^Don't you have the safety on that thing?! Damn near blew my leg off!
  4. topshot


    (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  5. Nothing like a little country now and then. Makes the world a bit more interesting.
  6. I think the bill is itself a red herring and is useless at this point as it seems that it might not do much to enforce responsible parenting. Seems basically like they're trying to enforce some rules that were there before, which pretty puts government in control of how parents should foster their kids. It also seems there's more states backing this petition, along with the questionable CSM and Eagles Forum .
  7. Have tape recorder and internet. Will use if necessary. What would happen if Dr. Wily successfully conquered the world in the year 20xx?
  8. Ladies and gentlemen, the successful offspring of man and machine.
  9. No, but I got a non-name brand cough drop! Do you want it?
  10. Similar name. Definitely in the category of hunting.
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