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  1. I'm tempted.....I normally play on Jedi Covenant. What side Lynky-pooh? You know, for me there was nothing like LF. I don't really hang out anywhere on the web these day, but I was bitten by the mmo bug....even then, it's casual at best. Nothing like how it was during the "good ol' days" of LF. So I have to say, I'm lost....wandering.....
  2. It's hard for me to believe it's been 10 years since the release of Kotor. This game was what brought me to the Lucasforums. Of course, I haven't been around here in years, but I'm playing SW:TOR (despite my own wishes for Kotor 3 - what can I do?). But this anniversary reminded me of days gone by. And many fond memories of craziness in Aresen/the Swamp (looking at you Lynk, Wacky and many many others). Is Rogue Nine still around? lol I remember when the only staff members (of SWK.com) were myself, Hannibal, and Com Raven. We only had like two different forums at the time. Pretty awesome to see how the community has evolved over the years. Even though I haven't posted in a while, I do drop in and read. But for this occasion, I had to post. This is my favorite game of all time. I'll never forget the Revan reveal, for some reason, I never saw it coming. Happy Birthday SW:Kotor!! ~Leemu Taos
  3. Not much surprise to see Cameron doing this here with "the biggest movie of all time." Still, I'm interested in seeing it, but not something I'll make a point to go to.
  4. I have to agree Jo. In fact, I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see a server in ToR become the new home of the "old Starsider" crowd. At least, I'll be pushing for our group to join something like that. Nothing like old school drama to be stirred up again! And yes mods, I bumped this.....sue me!
  5. Google Chrome user myself. Never really liked Firefox....
  6. Teb, Jan, Cor [wraithy :-p]............ The old DS crew [now NOVA and TEB] will also be playing TOR. Would be fun to all play on the same server again.
  7. Dude I was as excited as that kid [on the inside] when I bought my N64. Mario Kart and Goldeneye were so much fun and good for endless hours of trash talking.....those were good times.
  8. I've honestly felt this way for a long time. And this is pathetic.
  9. Not really a huge surprise. They spent all that money developing TFU, makes sense they continue it. Hopefully, the story is halfway decent.
  10. Those Russians better not be launching at my homeland!
  11. This is the sort of thing that makes parents proud.
  12. Mass Effect 2 in January and hopefully TOR beta testing sometime next year as well!
  13. Taos


    Been a long time since I've set foot in the swamp.......I recall some of the glory days of the "matrix avatar revolution" among others lol. lol Grooveh. I am very curious to see how that works.....
  14. I'm hoping for JK4 and that it doesn't suck. I'm thinking it'll be BattleFront 3. Speculation is fun.
  15. Well I did bartend for about a year recently....now I'm just an alcoholic. We all gotta be something right? Strangely enough, while I was a bartender, I didn't drink. Now, I just drink for my job in the evenings lol.
  16. It can be difficult posting from the bar..... That said, I was thinking the other day that I "should be" dropping by more often. It's been a really long time since I was active. And no, i'm still not changing my name back lol. And how the hell can DSS forget the milk?
  17. I'm usually found at a local drinking establishment.
  18. Keep those damn tentacles away from me. Oh and I haven't played RS in like 8 years lol. N64 ftw!
  19. I guess I missed this demo, thanks for posting the link. I like how the game looks so far.
  20. It's not too late for this year is it?
  21. I can't help you at all on the DS games......but I hope things run smoothly and you're back on your feet in no time.
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