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  1. I think you have already heard about the SSBMTC mod for JA. If not, you may want to check out the official forum. I have made a replacement for the thermal detonator for this mod - the Bob-Omb. If you want to look at the results and beta test it, go to the Bob-Omb page. Thanks in advance, Ondra
  2. Jyde, if your first two posts are "Back on topic now: Harry Poter is fcking gay" and "Im a flamer!", you'll get owned in no time. I'd like to know how you got from "How dare they request to put down my file?!" to "Harry Potter is gay"??? I don't have the nerves to look at the last two or how many pages, but I certainly do have the nerve to call in someone with more power to settle this. Message to everybody changing arbitrary thread topics to "Harry Potter is gay": You are all nuts. ****ing nuts. EDIT: To the person who disabled the reporting of bad posts: You suck as well.
  3. Dammit. Now it's my work too! Let's start the work... *starts 3ds max 6* EDIT: done.
  4. I use Catalyst 3.7, where Jedi Academy runs on *stable 15 fps* because I have a Radeon 9000 and an 866MHz processor... Try the newest version, whatever it is.
  5. If you somehow manage to put up the DF map, I'd be happy to beta test it with JO or JA.
  6. No, I'm referring to J****0, going, to be more precise, by the name of J**.
  7. Anybody know the full syntax of the saber command in JA? I know it's saber hilt1 hilt2, but what's after?
  8. Well...have a nice life... I know what idiots people can be (and trust me, 69% over at the EchoNetwork are, and most of them seem to be the admins). I am not going to name names, because blah blah blah rules blah flaming blah blah blah. Oh well...
  9. Can I be a voice in your movie? What part can I play? (I'm the guy from EB) EDIT: Testing your cinematic beta in JA now...
  10. Not that I know of. I heard the mention of the word "September" in connection with JA, but that's all. BTW, it's JK: JA, not JO: JA.
  11. Phew. There are so many idiots against computer games... Shigeru Miyamoto (creator of Mario): Video games are bad for you? They said that about rock 'n' roll years ago too! As for the Mothers Against Circumcision - I'd say circumcision has no real use (and you can't do the thing many men do), but no one should protest against that
  12. No double-posts! 7. One for every year. But it's not sure yet.
  13. It's ".at", it's austrian and Chello is a known I*net provider in Austria. I'll try to contact Chello to block her account. Everyone knows the JK2 level names...
  14. Tried that, didn't work for me. Did it work for you???
  15. I have now made a new script for JK2. Use it to simulate Matrix Bullettime. For extra effect, start cheats, as only then can timescale be used. How to install: [*]Download the file [*]Unpack it into GameData\base [*]Fire up the game (MP) [*]Type "exec bullettime.cfg" into the console [*]Type "bind <key> vstr coderunner", replacing <key> with a key of your choice. [*]Start a map [*]Press the assigned key [/list=1] Anti-frust tip: Create or edit the autoexec.cfg file in GameData\base with those two lines: exec bullettime.cfg bind <key> vstr coderunner Then the mod will fire up and bind the key, and you can boot up a map straight away This is the file: http://www.freewebs.com/ondrahosek/bullet.zip Unzip to GameData\base. Post comments by pressing "new reply"!!!
  16. meat (was anyone talking about pancakes? gimme some!)
  17. Thanks Your spelling was near: The LaFeTrix - LaFe is LF with random wovels added I decided to drop that project becuase no one replied, but here goes the link: The LaFeTrix And uhhh...I am male... Sprouting a mustache...will send a hi-res pic l8er! OK, my rating: Funniest Person (people): Rhett, with his awkward sense of humor! (FotR Panties Ed., his joke picture post with the burning car "crate of fun", etc.) Most Serious Person: n/a...no one is really serious here and that's good Most Successful Performer: n/a...never seen anyone perform here... Male of the Year: n/a...too many males Female(s) of the Year: leXX (no comment ) Best sig: Clem Best avvy: Hekx's avatar - very "shweeet"!!! Post Count: Redwing - why not Biggest Ego: Darky Biggest Nerd: Sorry! StormHammer Smartest Person: See Biggest Nerd Best Name: STTCT, because I dunno what it means Best NewbieHelper: obi-wan13 Biggest Jerk: I can't vote myself, Tyrion Biggest Whiner: Shoot! I wanna vote myself! Flanders - he got against the DJC the other day
  18. Awwww...what really has happened to the Swamp...there is no real way how to get a higher post count, as the game threads are not working, and the Swamp is getting tinier and tinier because more and more users run. The days of the Echo Base, FKA (no not f*ka, "formerly known as") The Fellowship, before it went down, were great! There was conversation going on, the game threads were blossoming...but then this Gatty, our Server Admin, came, started purging the server and now Pad's forum is gone . Gatty told me it should have been online yesterday (today is the 20th Dec 2002), but it isn't - my browser is throwing DNS errors whenever I click that link in my favorites... Many prominent people from here (leXX, Sivy AKA Darth Vader, Hekx,...) said the Base was better. I also say that. No offense to the LF, but it's a bit slow, and people tend to "run away" from the place and then there is no converstion. The Base is small, only two main forums, and you can find all online users are somewhere. And, another good aspect in the Base: I am maybe going to be a mod
  19. Does this mean that I am *allowed* to spam the forum with at least five useless threads if only he is online and then get a modship (which means no one can ban me ) while obi is trying to log on? KEWL! And you have a 56k too, S? I had one once - and with the speed of the LF I see it even more - it sucked. Get yourself DSL, or the superset, Assymetric DSL (ADSL), or Cable I have ADSL. Which means: Cable to all you 56kers! (Note: try to decipher the thingy I have coded in "letter leet" down there in my sig - just spell the word )
  20. Real Name: Ondøej Hošek Known As: Ondra Hosek Forum ID: ondrahosek (pls use Central European Encoding for the names) Birth Country: Czech Republic Home Country: Austria Age: 12, wish me 13 on April 10 Description: Outsider... Interests: (copied from Profile) programming, chatting, pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL How did you find your way to the Swamp? Looked on jediknightii.net. I had a problem with GtkRadiant. I found a forum there, which was oddly enough the LF. I logged on into the Mapping section, posted there for some time, then posted non-SW stuff into the Valley. Bill Conn, the mod and AC/DC fan, moved my thread here. (Thanks dude!) So I now relocated to the Swamp. Dream: Peace, Peace, Peace, a better PC, no school
  21. Al Gore Al Gore vs. George Bush
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