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  1. I am hoping for at least every planet from the movies as a map. I know I will be disappointed. Since I have heard Alderran is not in it. I hope Rhen Var is not in it. It should not of been in Star Wars Battlefront in the first place. Stick to the movie planets. I mean there is plenty of battles shown on film to make maps to play on.
  2. I thought I saw a nice screenshot on Lucasarts Star Wars Battlefront II website showing Darth Maul walking around Mos Espa or Mos Eisley. I hope they have the original Battlefront's maps in it also.
  3. I am getting the PS2 version! I am not paying extra money for a new X-box, PC, or PSP. My PC is out of date and I have no plans to buy a new one until student loans have been paid down. I am a loyal Sony supporter and Playstation and Playstation 2 fanatic. I also plan on buying me the new Playstation 3 next year. I assume this the last Star Wars and Lucasarts game for X-box and PS2 since X-box 360 is coming out in November 2005 and Playstation 3 in 1st quarter 2006.
  4. Most of my information comes from Gamespot.com, IGN.com, Lucasarts.com, Star Wars Insider Magazine, and the Starwars.com website. I don't have specific links just quotes from certain lucasarts representatives, etc.
  5. I would like to know whether or not the reinforcement number at the top of the screen is changeable in the offline single player battles? I would like to be able to determine myself if I want a really short battle or long battle by the number of reinforcements. Maybe have that option in the single player options menu and I can decrease or increase the number in 50 or 100 increments.
  6. I have seen some internet gaming sites with some information that said all maps from Star Wars Battlefront are in it. I think I read a quote from a Lucasarts representative saying that too. That means: Tatoonie (Dune Sea) Tatoonie (Mos Eisley) Hoth Endor Kashyyyk (Village) Kashyyyk (Docks) Rhen Var (Harbor) Rhen Var (Mountaintop) Naboo (Theed) Naboo (Plains of Naboo) Geonosis Kamino Bespin (Platform) Bespin (Cloud City) New: Tatoonie (Jabba's Palace) Death Star 1 Death Star 2 Dagobah Tantive I Mygeeto Felucia Polis Massa Courscant (Space Battle during Episode III) Courscant (Jedi Temple) Mustafar Utapau I heard Kashyyyk, Geonosis are a little different than first game. They did say about 20 locations. If you count just the planet names, Tantive IV, Death Star 1, and Death Star 2 then you get 19 locations which is close to the 20 they were saying on the website. I have been told Cato Nemoida is the only episode III planet not being put into the game. I was hoping for Alderran has a location. Maybe a space battle above Alderran!
  7. Anyone hear any new information on Star Wars Battlefront II? I can't believe no information. The official lucasarts website is so bad. You would think they would at least change the official site of the game to include information like what from Star Wars Battlefront I is coming back into Battlefront II like troopers, starships, vehicles, locations, etc.
  8. So Dagobah is finally in Star Wars Battlefront 2. I was hoping they would put that in there. Especially the swamp around Yoda's hut! Have a Swamp snake lurking around to attack anyone. That would be cool!
  9. I wish I could play has Count Dooku, Darth Maul, Luke Skywalker, Obi-wan(Episode I, II, and III) depending on what map your on, Palpatine. Darth Vader, Mace Windu, Yoda, General Grevious, Qui-gon. I wish they added bounty hunters that are playable also like Boba Fett, Jango Fett, Aurra Sing, Greedo, Bossk, IG-88, $-LOM, Zuckuss, and Zam Wessel. I also want to fly B-wing, A-wings, V-wing Fighters, Imperial Lamdba Class Shuttle, Tie Advanced, Slave I, and Millenium Falcon. I would like to fight it out in a cool detailed Jabba's Palace map with Jabba's goons fighting both sides and a Rancor causing havoc. hehe!
  10. I am looking forward to it. I just hope they add more star wars items from the films in it. It is great to add episode III material but if they keep most of the troopers and the corresponding weapons in the game and not add on it then it is worthless. I love the idea of lot more space maps but I hope not at the expense of losing ground maps. I still want to see Alderran, Courscant, Mustafar, Utapau, and Dagobah from the films as well as the other planets from the first game. The Imperial Officer needs to be in it! Pandemic really messed up on that one in the original game.
  11. Sounds promising so far! I just hope they make the maps with more detail and are much larger. I hope the reinforcemant count is controllable by the human player. Tired of playing short games that lasted 5-7 minutes. I heard they raised team count from 16 to 24. That is cool! I just hope they add Imperial Officers, Probots. Tie Interceptors, A-wings, B-wings, and Imperial Lamdba Class Shuttles. They need to add more maps that include planets and locations from other parts of the films. I know it sounds corny but a Courscant, Alderran, Mustafar, Utapau, and Dagobah map should be included. I heard the game will cover the time frame from episode II all the all to battle of hoth in episode V. Which sounds funny not including battles from the rest of episode V, VI, or even I. Could be speculation!
  12. The only thing I am upset about in this game is that it is PC only. Well, Mac will eventually get it a year after it is release just like the Jedi Knight Games, Knights of the Old Republic, and Battlefront. I have a PC but this game definitely won't run on a Pentium III 667MHz, 128MB memory, and 8MB video card. All of my money is going toward paying pay college student loans for the next 20 years.
  13. I don't get why people complain about the little stuff. At least X-box and PC got a new map with potential for more in the future. The only people that have right to complain is the PS2 people who bought the game, have broadband internet connection and an internet adaptor, but no Jabba's Palace map.
  14. I hope the RTS game will include both trilogies and offer ground, air, sea, and space battles. Then again, I might not get this game if I can't save enough money for a new computer since I have an out of date computer.
  15. Shame that I have a out of date computer! If they really are releasing the RTS game in 2005 I am in big trouble because I am broke and have no way of purchasing a new computer due to me paying back student loans and auto insurance with my pay checks!
  16. I hope the new PS2 that is coming out in December, 2004 will include a harddrive built in. I am tired of not getting the downloaded content just because we are PS2. Let's hope Sony plans to release Playstation 3 in 2005!
  17. Come to think about it Mac did get Knights of the Old Republic, Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy, etc. Still they make contracts with Microsoft first and then decide whether or not to bother with making the ports or another system like PS2. I really wanted to get to play in a Jabba's palace map! oh well! I am not spending 150 bucks for a X-box and another 50 bucks for the X-box version of the game! Not worth it! I am just going to buy the Star Wars Lego Game on PS2 and Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith game for PS2 and wait for the PS3 to come out.
  18. No more Rhen Var! Can't stand EU location! I want to see a Courscant, Alderran, and Dagobah map since we saw those in the Star wars films.
  19. In my opinion, If they can't make a download such as the Jabba's Palace map for all three version of Star Wars Battlefront then they should not even bother making any in the first place. They are alienating playstation 2 players again. Just like they did when they chose not to make KOTOR, KOTOR II, Jedi Outcast, and Jedi Academy for PS2. It makes me so mad! I haven't bought a microsoft product since 2000 because of that reason!
  20. Yeah, Lucasarts does not care about accuracy of it's site. They never finished putting up the vehicles. The Hailfire Droid and Trade Federation Ship that are in the game are not in the official website. The never put up a PC DEMO!
  21. I play on medium mostly and sometimes easy! I can't win on hard instant action with or without jedi heroes. I don't know if the computer sets the enemy ai to intelligent and ally ai to just plain stupid. I notice allies shooting walls, the ground, or driving their vehicle into a tree, wall, or rock while the enemy fires rockets or gun turrent fire at them. I win everytime in easy and medium. I also win if I set Jedi Hero to on in instant action in either case. Hard is too hard! I have to do everything in hard level! Pretty stupid ally players throwing thermal detonators at a gun standing next to me and I don't see it.
  22. I hope they offer something to allow us to change ticket counts because I want to play a long battle. Most of my games last only 5-6 minutes, 7 tops!
  23. Real Intelligent there! Seeing how the PS2 Battlefront sales were great! They are leaving alot of people out who bought the game. If they can offer patches to fix things like the earlier patch for PS2 then they can offer downloaded material like new maps.
  24. I want some patches that include larger maps, the ability to change the ticket count from 50 tickets- 500 tickets, and more of just about everything. List: Maps- Alderran Courscant Mustafar Utapau Dagobah Dantoonie Ord Mantel Kessel Sullust Corellia Rodia Mon Calamari Starships- A-wings B-wings Imperial Lamdba Class Shuttles Tie Interceptors Tie Advanced Slave I Millenium Falcon Modified Republic Gunships Naboo N-1 Starfighters Vehicles- Dwarf Spider Droids Flash Speeders AT-XT Walker AT-PT Walker Troopers- Imperial Officer Bothan Spy Imperial Navy Trooper Droids- Imperial Probe Droid Creatures- Wampas Kyrat Dragons Rancors Mynock Rontos Banthas Nerfs Scurriers Dewbacks (rideable) Eopie People- Ugnaughts on Bespin maps Mos Eisley citizens on Tatoonie maps Naboo Security and citizens on theed city map Courscant citizens on Courscant map Alderran citizens on Alderran map Bounty Hunters working for certain factions Bossk Boba Fett Jango Fett Aurra Sing Dengar Greedo 4-LOM Zuckuss IG-88
  25. As usual, The PS2 players are left out on the new stuff! We can play online just like the PC and X-box. Why the heck are we getting a Jabba's Palace map? It is unfair!
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