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  1. Worse demo and gameplay! Lucasarts just doesn't get it!
  2. I watched a you tube video on a star wars battlefront 3 fansite and it said a person recently talked to Sam Witwer and he said that a Star Wars The Force Unleashed 3 was not in production at this time. With the bad sales I am not surprised despite a ending that left hanging.
  3. Star Wars Battlefront III is the best guess! I hope it doesn't turn out to be something non-star wars. That was stink! Star Wars Battlefront I and II were the two best selling star wars games. Why stop at two? I don't count elite squadron and renegade squadron for handheld or the star wars battlefront for cell phones.
  4. Sam Witwer was asked last week if The Force Unleashed 3 is in production. He said it wasn't. I just read it off an article somewhere on the internet. We are pretty sure it won't be that. If Spark Unlimited is making a Lucasarts game and it is Star Wars. By the descriptions I have seen for jobs and news I have seen the last year it is either Star Wars Battlefront 3 or another Jedi Knight game. Republic Commando 2 doesn't seem to fit what has come out.
  5. I disliked the space battles and avoided them. I love Star Wars Battlefront I and only like the addition of Jedi/Sith and a few bounter hunters in II. It just seems all the maps in I and II were too small. What was with the blocks just sitting on the floor in the maps? I think the Death Star map in II had them! Stick to ground battles and I think it would do fine.
  6. Here are my ideas for this game if it ever is released: I was never a fan of space battles or flying in the land battles. I thought it was cool it beginning but the PS2 on Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2 made it difficult to fly and hit targets. Plus the map was too small for land battles. No flying! Keep it land based ground to ground combat! Maps to include: Mos Eisley, Mos Espa, Jabba's Palace, Dune Sea, Hoth, Endor, Cloud City, Theed, Naboo Plains, Dagobah, Death Star I, Tantive IV, Mustafar, Utapau, Salucemi, Cato Neimodia, Felucia, Alderran, Yavin 4, Geonosis, Kamino, Kaskyyyk, Dantoonie. Troopers,soliders, etc. that I want to see: Imperial Royal Guards, Imperial Officers, AT-AT Pilot, AT-ST Pilot Basically any vehicle seen in the movies should be playable.
  7. Don't forget Star Wars Galaxies, their first star wars MMO is permanently shutting down in December, 2011. At least that is what a guy at work told me who is a star wars fan. Lucasarts basically killed The Force Unleashed 3 in my opinion in order for the concentrate on Star Wars The Old Republic for PC and Star Wars Kinect for Microsft X-box 360 and Star Wars The Clone Wars Adventures game. All three video games just so happen to be played on Microsoft brand console or PC. I hink the powers in charge at Lucasarts are Pro-Microsoft and Anti-Sony PS3. I don't care about hand helds like Sony PSP or whatever Nintendo DS. The handhelds have recieved the last two Star Wars Battlefronts exclusively, Elite Squadron and the other one which I can't remember the name off the top of my head. Now I hear rumors the next Star Wars Battlefront will be X-box 360, PC and PS3 but an online only game. Please tell me this is untrue. I don't know alot of people who play online and I don't have an internet connection or equipment to play online.
  8. I just read on theforce.net that Lucasarts is developing a RPG Star Wars video game after Star Wars The Old Republic. Star Wars Battlefront isn't a RPG so that is definitely not Star Wars Battlefront III. I am wondering if it Knights of the Old Republic III. I don't know of any other Star Wars RPG other than Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and it's sequel. They could be doing a whole new star wars game not based off KOTR series. Isn't Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series and Republic Commando first person shooter type video game?
  9. Has a single player PS3 Star Wars video gamer I feel neglected by Lucasarts! I think alot of PS3 users feel the same way. We never got Republic Commando or KOTR 1 or 2 and they all came out for Microsoft brands. Makes me think Lucasarts favors them and doesn't care about the non-microsoft users. I dislike PC games myself just because you have to buy a brand new computer when a new game comes out because your PC doesn't meet the requirements. PS3 gives you the option to download software updates to it's harddrive when you put a PS3 video game in it assuming you have an old software. That is why I love PS3. I don't have to go online to download software updates or pay extra money for physical upgrades.
  10. Basically the people who have a PC and play online will be playing TOR. The people who have X-box 360 with a kinect will be playing Kinect game. What the heck happened to the PS3 customer? Lucasarts pretty much did not care about us. Not once have we gotten a star wars PS3 exclusive game. The only star wars games we got were ones that were released on multiplatforms like Star Wars The Force Unleashed I and it's sequel, Star Wars Lego the Complete Saga and Star Wars Lego III and Star Wars The Clone Wars Republic Heroes. We did get a boost this week. I read an internet article on theforce.net that says Sony is reducing the cost of 160GB PS3 to $249.99 and 320 GB PS3 to $299.99 because of Star Wars Complete Saga coming out on blu-ray on September 16, 2011 in U.S.
  11. I hope not! Star Wars Super Bombard Racing was terrible. I thought they came out with a video game for PS1 or PS2 called Episode I Racer. I remember buying it back when I still played those games. Star Wars Battlefront I and II are the two top selling games of all time. Star Wars Galaxies was a cool idea but never really made them alot of money. Internet only games don't make enough money because it leaves a huge chunk of the gaming industry without a star wars game. (For example the people who only play single player games) I only play single player games. Never will buy Galaxies and won't buy Star Wars TOR. I am not buying Star Wars Kinect either.
  12. I thought I saw an option in the main menu of both battlefronts. I tried first person shooter I disliked it. I want to see all of my body in the video screen. Reminds me of Quake and Quake II. Those were addictive games when playing in high school. My friends only got me into it because I loved the Medal of Honor video games on PS1. Plus we found common ground in those games. I could not standing playing racing games like Grand Tursimo and Need for Speed series at least on PS1 and PS2. I am action/adventure and fighting video gamer only. I take that back! I loved Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds and it's expansion pack. The only PC video game I ever played.
  13. Is republic commando a first person shooter game! I never was good at the whole concept of what is a 3rd person shooter verus first person. I assume Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2 were 3rd person shooter video games. It is probably the main reason why I never bought a x-box due to republic commando being first person. I watch the trailer for it and thought it looked different. I hope it isn't a republic commando video game! That means PC and X-box 360 would get another exclusive video game and PS3 star wars fans get what? Another Lego star wars game or another clone wars video game based off the tv series! No more clone wars video games based off the tv series!! I want Star Wars Battlefront III P.S. I heard last year that at one point the battlefront III was going to be online only game. God help us if that is the case! I only play single player.
  14. Just saw the press release on July 20, 2011 on Spark Unlimited website. Here is a link to one of thoe jobs available for a new high profile 3rd person action/adventure game. It says on the job desscription high profile sci-fiction/ fantasy series and they need people who are familiar with unreal engine which ties in nciely with this spring's lucasarts press release of using unreal engine on next star wars video games. It is either Star Wars Battlefront 3 or Star Wars The Force Unleashed 3 in my opinion. Let's hope Star Wars Battlefront 3 is it!!! Please Lucasarts release a Battlefront 3 for PS3! http://www.sparkunlimited.com/jobs_position_artFX.html
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