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  1. I'm still super-excited for the Grim Mural. This thread is pure pure awesomeness. Loving the Grim poster on my wall
  2. Laserschwert, I just wanted to say again, thank you so much for all your great work! The Grim poster just looks beautiful on my wall. How's the Grim mural coming a long? PosterDog have 50% off canvas prints this week...
  3. I'm cleaning my bookmarks. The bookmark to this thread is allowed to stay! Amazing work, Laserschwert -- let me chime in with all the people anxiously awaiting GF materials!
  4. Whoa!! If you ever make a Grim Fandango (series of) poster(s), I'll be eternally grateful and order them printed pronto! In the meantime, there's one or two pretty swell here (they're all great though, don't get me wrong!). Keep up the AMAZING work.
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