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    Now I'm lost in some distant part of the universe on a ship, A living ship full of strange alien life forms
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    The Uncharted Territories
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    Computer Games(action/adventure, sports), Sports (soccer, karate, scuba diving), Programming

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  1. It get easy if you use a gamepad!
  2. yes indeed, He uses that clothes in that level, but will it be nice if you can used on any level that you want?
  3. I get the game for xmas and it was really good. I beat it without cheats. The Only thing that I wanted was to be able to play with Aragorn but with the King Elessar clothes, because I like that outfit more that the weather-stained ranger ones. It can be possible?
  4. I have like four different pairs glasses, but i only use them when I am reading or in front of a computer.
  5. Hi Guys, I'm glad that you are keeping track on me. Crowy I read your PM, and I'm not dead... j/k Now come the accounting of the last months... Since, I was injured last year my life have had been through some major changes. Finally I get my knee on fitting health so I was ready to decide what is next on my life. As you may know I was working on my Master's thesis when I get hurt. I decided to pursue a higher education degree and started my doctoral studies right away. Also, I get married to my beautiful girlfriend. At this time I was having a less and less time to do some modeling but I keep working on them. Then my wife give the most wonderful news that I ever have. I was going to be a father!. So, I put the models on hold for a while...but then something bad happen and we lost our unborn child...I was devastated and then modeling seems not that important to me at the moment. yeah, I know that modeling is my favorite hobbie but my mind was not up to resume the modeling work for a long moment. That was almost 4 months ago... Then I remember the wise words of my mother: "More was lost in the war, son". As for today the grief is still near to me. Sorry to bother you with these, but I feel that I owe you an explanation of what happen in the past months. Also, I re-formatted my laptop hard drive, because Windows Xp was giving me trouble. I have to re-install almost everything under Windows ME. But the good news are that I get a new computer...Dude, I get a Dell!. So, as soon as I have something new to share with you guys I'll post in my threads. - Rebel
  6. I'd been through a lot of changes on my life lately, good and bad ones. First, I get my master's degree on computer engineering. Then, sadly, I get injured; my knee was hurt and I need surgery and some time on rehab. Hopefully for me, my fiancee never left my side and I get healthier every day. Also, I am planning on starting doctoral studies in august and getting married in september. Finally, I format the harddrive of my laptop and reinstall all my software. About the release date on september, that could be possible. I'll try to do it as soon as I can. CraZy_B, I did read your PM, don't worry about quin and luminara. I think that I will finish vegito first, Quinlan Vos next, and so on. Wish me luck guys... - Rebel
  7. well, I just come back to the forums, I was having some real troubles with work, college and health. Just a couple of weeks ago I did re-injure something in my knee playing soccer. A lots of pain I tell you, you know, surgery, rehab, the works... Also, my thesis examination was postponed to july 10th, (darn it!). About this model, its only need to be weighted... then I'll release it as soon as I can.
  8. Are you still doing EU characters?? Are you human?
  9. sorry for not showing lately on the forums, but I've been extremely busy with work and college. About june 5th, I'll try but I don't make any promises...yet
  10. Its looking very good!, Can you post some screenshots of the head?
  11. in the 80's ummm, let me see...well no question there: The A Team Mc Guyver Kung Fu Battlestar Galactica Automan Manimal The Wise Guy Stinger
  12. it only need to put ingame, I have 3dsmax so no problem there. I just need to get some free time to do it.
  13. WOW, nice skin jp-30... what model is that?
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