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  1. I am not a fan of MMORPG's as a long-term prospect...people need an end game. That being said I find myself wondering how you guys are doing in RL and in-game.....something any other game could never really achieve. I do miss you guys but I am not sure SWG is what it wanted to be. I appluad the effort, however. P.S. My son was born nine weeks ago meaning I now have less time than ever to game. Has has already seen episodes 4-6 and I caught him smiling at Luke's green blade, and I thought I detected a tear when Han was frozen.
  2. dow_30


    Sure a space pirate can marry.....you can have a wife in every starport!!!
  3. hehe.....great job on the movie Corzip....I can't believe everything we all "went through". I think I was happiest when it first started...I was desperate for bone and we all hunted some down.......it held so muh possibility back then.
  4. What is your name on Stormrage.....I am a lvl 24 pally...Gallahad.
  5. I can make you some lower level ship parts if you need them, but from what I understand the space loot is better than crafted loot. Let me know.
  6. Man I hope my wife understands when I leave the hospital to go see Episode III!!!
  7. I am a little late, but happy New Year!!!
  8. My wife is going to have to answer some serious questions if it is a Mon Cal!! I tried to push the name Annakin but my wife quickly shot that one down.
  9. Since I consider you all friends I have exciting news. I just found out that I am going to have a baby boy due in May. The sonogram confirmed everything is A-ok. I hope I will still have time for gaming!!! (until my wife Strikes Back )
  10. I have CPA class and Grad school monday-thursday so I get on around 9:30 pm EST which is pretty late for you. This past week I have not been able to get on because it was my last week of grad school and I was studying. WoW is okay, I just wonder if any MMORPG can really hold me for that long. Galaxies was my first real forray into the genre and that was prompted by the love of Star Wars and the possibilities it held. I like galaxies, I just wonder if I was made to play MMORPG's in general? Just my 2 credits. Cor and Teb I will look for you guys online, we just have smoe incompatible schedules
  11. I would get the band back together. I am still in galaxies (but I never see the Europeans anymore ) but I am also playing WoW on the Stormrage server. You are welcome to come there.
  12. Well I am still here Corzip as well. If this is the end though I would like to thank everyone I played with. It has been a long winding journey waiting for SWG to launch up until now. I made some good friends in beta, and great friends here on the forums and in-game. Corzip you did a great job, exceptional even. Many bows to you. Jan, you deserve a ton of credit too. I always enjoyed being around you in-game. I also would like to thank Murashu and Zarker (SP) for their play from the beginning. I hope Murashu is safe and doing well. I will miss you all. It was fun hanging out with you Jo, X'ero. Iwok, Tebra, Xanadu, Baboo and too many others to remember. This was my first MMORPG ever and you guys made it worth playing. Again, thanks to everyone, and long live the -A- team.............
  13. I am still playing. Send me a wp to new houses please.
  14. X'ero, I never meant to imply you were stupid by suggesting the BIOS. Fact is aLOT of gamers know nothing about their own computer. I just wasn't sure what your comfort level was. I hope you get this worked out. I had a little trouble with my audigy because I had built-in audio, but disabling it under my comp and in the BIOS worked for me.
  15. When you say you disabled the onboard card I assume you meant through the BIOS....if not start there.
  16. There was also a trailer on Hollywood Access...used a lot of old footage. Haydn looks a lot different too.
  17. I really can't "grind" because I simply don't have the physical or economic resources to do so. I just plod along making ships and components when I can. P.S. If I had the 5.6 million resources needed it only takes about an hour and a half to master........I shudder to think how many hundreds of millions of resources just dissappeared into think air!!
  18. Congrats fellow shipwrights...see you in game!!
  19. No it was definately a Canyon Krayt dragon. I went out twice on Thirsday and got capped twice by it. Went out last night and it was gone, thank goodness. I was able to fire up my third extractor, but I accidentally destroyed 12K stee Oh well.
  20. I think I just felt a disturbence in the force.....as if a million voices screamed out "whaa..." and were suddenly silenced
  21. Thanks Xanadu, I will check it out when I get on!! Jan, I was able to place 3 extractors at that site near Sarlaac city but I only got two running before the Canyon Krayt Dragon squashed me
  22. These changes look real promising...we'll see.... What's going on with Combat? [ Edited ] Options Thunderheart Dev Posts: 6104 Registered: 07-02-2003 Server: Test Center Viewed 14884 times I know there are many of you that are eager to know what's going on with our plans to upgrade the combat system and here is the first glimpse at what we are planning, how we plan do it and how we will make you a part of this big change to the Star Wars Galaxies combat system. Our High Level Goals Star Wars Galaxies is making bold changes to its extensive in-game combat system. The goal of this all-encompassing set of changes is to make game play more strategic, more interactive and ultimately more engaging and fun for players of all levels. And with the completion of these changes, every player will have the freedom to re-allocate their character’s skill points as they wish to take advantage of the new, enhanced combat system. What's Been Happening? Since the end of Publish 9 we have been focusing on the in-game combat system, though the design groundwork was done months earlier. Not too long before the initial beta for Jump to Lightspeed began, we had a team meeting and talked about the ongoing development of the Star Wars Galaxies combat system, the community's expectations and the needs of the game to be more strategic, more fun and more interactive for our customers. As a result of this team meeting, we realized that to meet both our goals and the expectations of the community, just "balancing" the existing combat system wasn't enough. We have expanded the scope of development, with combat balance becoming just one part of the overall project that we're now calling the Combat Upgrade. The Combat Upgrade is our overall effort to improve our player combat experience, including: Combat Balance - tuning all our numbers and the combat professions. Core Combat Changes - HAM improvements, Incapacitation & Death changes, Armor and more. Combat Additions - more special moves, new counter moves, new armors, new weapons and new crafting options. Now that Jump to Lightspeed has launched, the Combat Upgrade is our next major milestone in the advancement of the Star Wars Galaxies experience. We have been working to complete the alpha version of Combat Upgrade since Publish 9. Initial alpha testing will start in a few weeks. We are inviting correspondents, former correspondents and five people each current correspondent has chosen to do this initial testing. We expect alpha testing to take several weeks. When we reach the point where the implementation is complete but some tuning and debugging is needed, we will begin beta testing. At this time, we will begin inviting community members in who have signed up for beta testing. The closed beta testing will probably not start until after the Holidays, dependent on how quickly the alpha testing period has progressed. You can register for the Combat Upgrade closed beta test here. The final phase of testing will be the open beta testing period we typically do before any major publish. We will put the Combat Upgrade publish on our Test Center so all customers have access to it prior to it being published to the Live service. We are committed to ensuring that the Combat Upgrade is extremely high quality. This means the Combat Upgrade's publish pacing is not dictated by the calendar, but by how it evolves in the testing and tuning process. Combat Upgrade is something no other major Live game has ever attempted, but we want to push Star Wars Galaxies to a new level. While testing and deploying the Combat Upgrade we will also be instituting numerous small publishes of fixes and enhancements to the Live game. Once Combat Upgrade is done, we will immediately work on upgrading all the non-combat professions in another series of publishes. Once all the professions have been through the upgrade process we will focus on expanding and enhancing the Galactic Civil War. Our promise to our players is that Star Wars Galaxies will become an even more amazing experience each month, truly a place to "live the saga" that is Star Wars Galaxies. Thank you for your continued patronage, and the feedback you give us on how we can improve your gaming experience. Message Edited by Tiggs on 10-28-2004 10:04 PM Kurt "Thunderheart" Stangl Community Relations Manager :rolleyes:
  23. Awesome Xanadu!! BTW...I made you admin on my dweilling. Also, what is to stop someone from using the yacht as a houseboat and just living life as a drifter...aka Lonestar!
  24. You can fly in JTLS? I just bought it to make some ships!!
  25. I actually saw your package when it "toured" through Baltimore earlier this week. They are letting people come and view the future package of one Jan Gaarni, destined to be the cornerstone of Nubitech Enterprises. It definately is creating more of a buzz than Kia-Fest!! People were lined up for miles, singing, hugging, looking for something magical from viewing this that would bring them all together. Only 43 major US cities to go..........heading your way in '05
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