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  1. dow_30

    NEw City

    /cheers for Froobuk If you haen't been to Rorana lately make sure you check out and use the stables. Froobuk did a great job setting it up.
  2. dow_30

    Guild Officer

    That is a good idea. Maybe not an officer, but a liason or something to relay issues and work out small details.
  3. dow_30

    RIS Armor Quest

    I don't have the materials yet...they may be a long waaaaaaayyyy away. Maybe (if the cantina isn't having its opening) we can organize a big hunt for the ingredients.....
  4. I fear being right at the limit we may miss the upgrade this week, we'll see. We can still place terminals though if Secaih got enough experience.
  5. dow_30

    RIS Armor Quest

    Jan not sure if you are going to be on tonight or later this weekend, buy send me a /tell so we can work out a time to go to Dantoine. I want to at least start the quest.
  6. I don't pretend to understand why you guys don't get along. Jo I would love to have you stay, but if you feel you must go, good luck and God Speed. I do have one request though. Please wait until tomorrow to move your house. I don't want us to fall below 20 people and regress. My friend is joining tonight which will bring us up, but please consider this. Again, it is your call. Thank you.
  7. Well it was so heavy for a couple reasons: 1) it was the first three pieces of composite I ever made. 2) I added 3 extra layers to it (got great 50% resists bu way too heavy) 3) the materials for composite are scarce so right now I have some ingredients with questionable OQ. Thsi will improve as I build up my supply. and 4) composite is just plain heavy anyway. I plan to experiment more today and check the results.
  8. Oh, I was unaware of that. I guess our militia will be unofficial for now, but it is a pain that only Secaih can grant zoning access. Does he have to be at the city to do so?
  9. I am excited about our pub opening, but should we do it this weekend? I just want to make sure our city is in good order and fully decked out before we invite people. Remember we are looking for new citizens. Regardless of when we have it I will be there thoguh.......go -A-
  10. We need to get Arina officially signed up because I heard the militia leader can grant zoning rights, that way we can add people whenSecaih is not on...like last night.
  11. Well Baboo can definately hook you up with a house for your alt. character. PS. I hope Grask comes back soon...someone has to slice all the crazy heavy composite....
  12. From the forums: When Player Cities get to Level 3, they will appear on the Planetary Maps Kurt "Thunderheart" Stangl Assistant Community Relations Manager So we have a bit to go. We should add mission terminals and some other buildings and work on recruiting people. Like Flaknugget brought up, maybe DS could help populate the area...they might want to be close to a battlefield.
  13. Well the city is scheduled to be updated very early Friday morning and we should have mission terminals, which means people will hopefully start hanging around. That brings up the security issue. Do we have someone who is going to head up town security? I was attacked while putting items in my factory. While not a big deal for me, if we hope to lure others to the city they really need to feel safe. Maybe this has already been discussed, but I thought I would bring it up....
  14. Good luck Toonces. I hope you do decide to stay with us in Rorana, we welcome everyone. I know I'll see you in my travels.
  15. dow_30

    Decision Making

    i have lots available Master Jo.
  16. dow_30

    NEw City

    /agree ...registering the city is more important, I forgot about that.
  17. dow_30

    RIS Armor Quest

    Well I have to get the 50K together for the mission first before we hunt the rare ingredients. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow I can go to Dant. and pay the old bastad'.
  18. dow_30

    NEw City

    IMHO, Secaih should strive to get the two boxes that allow him to place mission terminals first . All the other structures are fine, but without missions people won't stay out there. Just my opinion.
  19. dow_30

    RIS Armor Quest

    Here are the locations of some ingedients: Giant Dune Kimo - Lok - get a ranger to search them out. Theres also a city being besieged by them, but i'm not quite sure where it is. Gurk King - Lok (I think) - Search for 'natural' (i.e. not mission spawns) lairs and the last creature out will be a king. Woolamander - Yavin 4, near the woolamander temple (not quite sure where this is from the top of my head, but look at alakazam for more info) Peko Peko - South of Theed from what some people are saying, on naboo. I heard the Gurk Kings are more prominent in the far southern part of Lok...but someone could be leading us away from the stuff.
  20. I REALLY like the stable idea. People should not be parking their mount everywhere. I do not want to clean up bantha pudu off my front lawn.
  21. Advanced composite segments require: 1. Requires 16 units of Colat Iron 2. Requires 8 units of Kiirium Steel 3. Requires 5 units of Polysteel Copper 4. Requires 1 Armor Layer (Optional) 5. Requires 1 Armor Layer (Optional) 6. Requires 1 Armor Layer (Optional) I can add layers to Ubese and better armor, but it adds a lot to the HAM requirements.
  22. 80K steel, 50K iron, and 30K fiberplast later I am finally a Master Armorsmith. Now before everyone inundates me I will make everyone whatever armor they want, and psg's for the Wooks too. Please be patient because I am moving my stuff so it will take me a bit to get going. As far as composite goes, I really need everyone to look and see if they have Beyrllius Copper. I have other copper to swap, but I need that copper in particular. If you are on some random panet and can survey, take a quick scan and just let me know if its there. If you are looking on the Bazaar somewhere, just see if any is available. I also need intrusive orte which I also cannot find. Someone may have those. Well here is the list for Composite chest to give you an idea: 1. Requires 100 units of Intrusive Ore 2. Requires 100 units of Known Solid Petrochemical Fuel 3. Requires 50 units of Nabooian Fiberplast 4. Requires 60 units of Aluminum 5. Requires 50 units of Beyrllius Copper 6. Requires 40 units of Wooly Hide 7. Requires 4 identical Composite Armor Segment 8. Requires 1 Synthetic Cloth 9. Requires 1 Reinforced Fibre Panel Also, if anyone has an segment drops from mob's let me know. I can either use them on a suit I make for you, or you can donate them to my inventory. I also would like to start the RIS quest soon. Completing the quest will take a long time because of the crazy ingredients needed (specifically the combat drops), but I at least want to officially be on the quest before they "move" the guy I need to talk too. Lastly, and most importantly, I would like to thank everyone who helped me make Master Armorsmith. The help started early as I made bone armor for all you would be combat types and you scouts helped get bone and hide. So many people helped me , Murashu, Jan, Corzip, and especially Baboo recently. Thank you and I hope to return the favors........... P.S. Time to help Jan and the other crafters reach their goal:).
  23. dow_30

    NEw City

    As far as making profit I think going to Rori is a pin, but we cannot compete with Tio and other big guilds on price or quantity. What we as crafters CAN do is scour the galaxy looking for the BEST ingredients to make the highest quality stuff possible. Quality and Customer Service are our only assets against the much bigger guilds.
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