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  1. I never could get that thing to work, submit your movie to OWN-AGE.COM they submitted my clips to Filefront for me.
  2. You R correct sir, The dark lords comments were especially ironic considering he was an architect of the plan to scale down the number of troops and weapons systems in favor of fewer but more heavily armed and better equipped troops.
  3. It not official yet, but I love to be a " I TOLD YOU SO." http://www.nytimes.com/2005/01/13/politics/13arms.html?oref=login
  4. You can set the chat font size to zero (o).
  5. New screen shots, and a faster more reliable d-load mirror.
  6. The server you play on must have cheats activated in order for you to use them. You use the correct cheat code but the server was letting you know it was not setup for cheats. do not click
  7. Here is an updated Jedi Outcast Movie for free download. D-LOAD PAGE
  8. My father always said, "it's better to be a smart ass than a dumb ass." Lame Master Video
  9. I am a parent of a female. When she is a teenager if she gets pregnant i am pretty sure she would tell me. I am raising her to have trust that I love her unconditionally and will always love her even if she gets pregnant. My real concern are for those poor girls whose parents don't love them unconditionally. And may face reprisals for being truthful. Or worse yet, If an underage girl were to be impregnated by a guardian, would you want her to get his permission before terminating the pregnancy?
  10. Although getting rid of george bush is #1 reason for voting this year, there are other important items on the ballot. this is 1: Amendment 1 - Parental Notification of a Minor's Termination of Pregnancy GRIFF IS VOTING A BIG FAT NO ON THIS ONE. Pro Argument Pro: Mandatory parental notification encourages communication within the family and makes the family stronger. Needed because the Supreme Court of Florida struck down a prior parental notification law on the grounds it violated a minor's right to privacy. Would require the legislature to provide exceptions and create a procedure for judicial waiver of the notification. Con Argument Con: Mandatory parental notification could endanger minors who avoid medical care because they are afraid to tell their parents they are pregnant -- especially girls who are the victims of incest or rape. Judicial bypass provisions often inadequately protect minors. Going to the courthouse to ask a judge for an exception to the law is intimidating for adults. How much more so would it be for a teenager? According to respected medical authorities, minors should ultimately be allowed to decide whether parental involvement is appropriate; a physician needs to respect the adolescent's personal decision and her legal right to continue or to terminate her pregnancy; and, the diagnosis should not be conveyed to others, including parents, until the patient's consent is obtained. The state constitution gives Floridians greater privacy rights than the federal Constitution. The proposed change would limit those state privacy rights for girls under the age of 18. The role of the Constitution is to protect rights, not to restrict them for certain citizens. Right to privacy should have no exceptions. GRIFF(AKA STEVE TRULL) IN THE NEWS: LINK
  11. I put my JA up on Ebay after I realized kicks had been nerfed. I still go back and play JKO just so I can be a kik whore. actually iam a kik pimp. JKO Kick movie
  12. HEY QUEEN OF NABOO. Respond to my email request to get registered at the chopshop forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. You need a recorder script. IF you had read the all the post in this thread you would see the problem has been addressed before. In one of my post above was a link to a recorder script but the website no longer has it. Search the remaining jko sites for a recorder script by TK_BIOHAZRD. This will correct the error.
  14. Well it's been over a year since I started this thread. Plenty enough time to find something. Can anybody site a single report of a WMD? I swear you can hear a pin drop.
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