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    You can't interview a dead man
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  1. Yah, but i could tell how they were supposed to be acting. It was pretty obvious to me. besides, in a screen write, thats the actors job.
  2. Still good. that bastard canderous..killing children.
  3. O, well i knew there was an mp-40 or burp gun in there somewhere. Gotta love the BAR, Browning was brilliant. I like the rough sketch of canderous, very barbaric.
  4. Yah, so far i am a fan. (e-mail me the pics if you can, i always liked your drawings, especially that ww2 one, i dotn remember where it was placed, but it had that mp-40 on the ground)
  5. Yah, he is pretty bad ass, and its clear now. I think that was written well, and i like how he talked to aura because a Merc will show a certian ammount of repsect for the one who hired him, and he obviously recognises her power, yet is not that intimidated by it. Since hes a boba/vader mix he will talk to her like boba talks to vader, and like vader he talks to her as vader talks to the emporer. so he has a respect, but also a stern way of making sure he gets what he needs. Plus that no hesitation and smiling while saying crystal makes the evilness show.
  6. Yah, a variety of settings is good, but the who time era its set in if perfect. In my mind theres only 3 good places for a GOOD acventure, which is like the early ad's, times like LOTR, or the times of barbarians (huns, goths, vikings, mongols and such) , knights, the dark ages....anything with kingdoms and such is wonderful. (Im kinda an acnient history buff, i dunno dates, and im not GREAT with names, but i know what heppened)> the second place is space, but its hard to make a good space adventure becuase they are common. And how can we forget the 20's-40's....indidna jones shows us the perfections of having an adventure in pre-ww2 times and such.
  7. I am very loyal to adventures, so for this one to actually impress me thus far is a good thing. Especially the setting, one of my favorite settings for stories.
  8. Thats really good katarn, im serious... I do not read alot but the way that is written it makes me want to read more. I noticed you used canderous lol...good game tho. I didnt know you were into writing, you should look into doing mroe with it. Is it simply a story, or is there going to be soem sort of idea conveyed?
  9. I think all guys from age 9-37 are horny perverts...make that most. so i think that ist natural to be vurios, however there is a line between curios and obsessed..
  10. Not neciscarily true, the univers can , and probably is infinite, how is that impossible, you compare it to a sphere, which is a reacuring infinty, but thats not the only kind, at least in theory, i mean we have found nothign to be infinite, but space most likely is, what would be beyond it, our minds just cant grasp the notion of ever going, or maybe im just stupid and confused.
  11. I like a very wide variety of music- -the doors -ac/dc -led zeplin -pink floyd -rollingn stones -aerosmith -disturbed -metallica -mudeveyene -static-x -older limp biuskit -linkin park -the who -lenard skynard -rob zombie -eminem -staind -stone sour -john williams classical indiana jones, star wars etc. -even some older country And many more have not put down And there really isnt much music i dislike, put i must say as for good chorlete (sp?), sum 41, simple plan, i just cant stand them. I also dont reallt like any type of "pop" music like spears, or the boy bands. but, if that is what people want to listen to, fine with me. I suppose you noticed that just about everything i put is classic rock, rock, or metal...thats simply because thats who i am ,i like the stuff. Simply because i dont like the music i dislike, does not mean i dont respect them, they are artists and i respect that, acept good chorlete, they suck al everything
  12. well as far as ive studied is that black holes are technically concentrate mass soo dense that not even light can escape, it simply consumes the light , and it cannot escape. as for flat or round, i vote infinite.
  13. I think there was a special on thei topic on sci-fi, or maybe history channel about 2 months ago, very interesting. im not gonna go way into the subject of extra terestreials stuff, but as for ufo, they are just unidentified. i think in this subject there were scientists coming up with a new way to make a new engine or power for a craft. i beleive it was nuclear powered and that is why people thoguh ti was aliens, because it left behind signs of radioactivity and such, when they claimed it landed. and such. last nite on sci-fi channel was a show "UFO invasion at Rendlesham", great show, and it resembled this topic, triangluar and such..... okay im getting off topic here. so basically i think its cool, probly our govt. making some new craft, i mean check out how secretive they were with the stealth bomber.
  14. As for kids my age owning cars... My friend bought an 89 chevy, re-did the whole thing, paint, lifted it, newer stuff, tires, nice hubs and everything. now, he cant legally frive it on the road. now i dont care when i drive, but he cant wait......so what if he has a car(truck)? i mean hes a good driver now, he paid for the whole thing because he works. and after all that, he will have to wait even longer for the truck to be legal for him to drive on the road.
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