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  1. Oh, I thought it was the same. My misstake then.
  2. You can fly ships, with the /npc spawn vehicle <name of vehicle> cheat. =)
  3. That's because you're holding in jump at take off, just tap it a couple of times.
  4. Tech. I like healing and resupplying my teammates, hack doors, and on Defense on Hoth, they're really useful for taking the AT-ST down (mainly since the Demp disable the weapons). Korriban Defense Tech Offense Tech, Demolitions Desert Rescue Defense Tech Offense Tech Hoth Assault Defense Tech Offense Tech
  5. Stand still, hold down the use key (Enter by default) and then press either left or right (a or d). Your character will do the dodge animation, while standing still. While doing it, you can actually dodge blasts. Pretty cool.
  6. My head flow off once. I also cut off some hands and arms.
  7. I got really low FPS (about 8 - 15), then I just changed the Color Depth to 16-bit and it ran fine and smoothly (about 20 - 30 FPS when battling).
  8. You could use your lightsaber in water in JO MP..
  9. That I cannot agree with. If you are skilled with the sniper, you can kill almost any opponent, even while both of you are jumping around. I very often win a Gun FFA mainly using the sniper.
  10. I love sniping, and not just camping (although I enjoy that as well) so Sniper it is . I'm also a fair dueler, with no "honor" crap. If the guy bows, sure, if he trys to get me to bow I tell him to play, if he still trys to get me to bow: Dead.
  11. I hate it when I'm on a duel server and someone trys to enforce their "Bow and show some honor" "WOO! When I say no groundkill, then it's no groundkill!" "you lamer, you did not bow and groundkilled me when I said no groundkill" rules. Pretty good idea.
  12. Yeah, I guess. But to import it into SP, wouldn't you have to like, make all the body parts seperal models? At least the head and hands.
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