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  1. I like them all. I did happen to like Tavion a lot too. Desann? He sucked! The reason I dislike JO so much is the lack of a good character comparing it to the greatness of DF2. I'd go with Yun. I liked his look, his saber color/ hilt, and his redemption. It's done better in the book. His last words were something like, "Can you see the light, Sariss? How bright is it?" His master/ apprentice relationship with her was done well and hardly evident in the game. As said, I liked them all. Jerec was so evil. He's like Maul and Dooku put together. That sinister monster and a gentleman vill
  2. First off, I'm not sure if this goes here. I'd love it if there were a Gladius network, but alas there is not. Is this the general LEC game network to talk about the ones they've made that aren't featured here or is it for classics only? Move it if it doesn't belong here. Not sure about any of you, but I for one love this game. It's got great, addictive gameplay with a variety of character classes to use each with their own unique abilities. It has two different storylines (they're basically the same, only the POV is different) that is not so thrilling, but all the history of the lands is
  3. That's awesome. I think you're putting way too much thought into the bottom screen; I don't look at it much in Metroid demo because I use it for control. I'd do the same with any FPS, including JK or DF.
  4. I'm all for that! As I said, a DF port would be gold as well. Multiplayer could really be fun and worth playing on either DF or JK. The touch screen took me a while to master with Metroid and I know some people who can't stand it. The touch buttons are small enough to kind of sort of act as analog so it still works out beautifully
  5. Fuel, eh? The only fuel reference in Dark Forces is Fuel Station Ergo. You have the wrong forum, for you are thinking of Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight I would answer the question, but I forgot how to do it. That's level 9 of JK and had some difficulty with that part along with the force fields that follow it.
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