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  1. Just played Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People Episode 2:Strong Badia the Free. Not bad.
  2. OK, I have Brutal Legend for PS3 and I'm trying to load a saved game and it's taking it's sweet old time. And I don't know if this is a factor or not but one of my games I quit and saved in the middle of a stage battle in story mode. Little help, anyone?
  3. Yeah, I do. That's because I am from North America as a matter of fact. More specifically, the northeastern part of the U.S. Been living there all my life, and no I don't have a Bosonian accent where you "pahk the cah" nor do I have a New Yawk accent.Just a regular, dull hum drum unexciting North American accent.
  4. Man, there's a reunion going on? Man, I haven't been on the forums or the chat for god knows how long. Anyone remember me from the MI chat room? I go by the same name there as I do here.
  5. Gundawg, you got a lego deathstar? Dude, that's cool!
  6. Ed, I think the first link is your first post. It says 1:08 A.M. and the second link shows a post from that same date but at around 2:00 P.M.
  7. I've been doing ok. I've gotten me a few games recently. I got the limited edition of Myst IV which includes Myst III Exile. I've also got the complete chronicles of Uru, but I've only started Myst III and haven't made much progress because Myst can be so mind numbingly hard and frustrating. I also got Paradise by Benoit Sokal, the guy who did Syberia. Not a bad game. That and I got the game Diner Dash. It's actually pretty cool and fun. You're this girl who leaves her corporate job to make it in the diner business. You basically have to seat the customers, feed them, and do as best a job you can at keeping them happy. They only have so much patience and if they walk out on you, you lose some cash. I've also got some new albums by Jethro Tull and the band Rush.Recently one thing I did was go to the little caribbean island of Curacao. It's just east of Aruba. It's a nice little island. I stayed at a resort that was nextdoor to this marine park called The Seaquarium. That was cool. I saw some various critters there like dolphins, sea lions, flamingos. It was cool. But I'm telling ya, flamingos can be loud. They make a honking noise, like geese. Also, I got to feed some nurse sharks. They're small, about 6-8 feet long and relatively harmless. Trust me, I know. I've seen them while scuba diving and they don't do much except for basically hanging out under rock ledges and waiting for some little fish to swim by. How you feed them is like this. They have this thing like one of those U shaped bicycle locks and put a fish on it and close it. You hold on to one end and extend the fish part to the sharks and they just scarf it up. Also, I did a thing called a sea lion encounter. Basically you learn about sea lions, how they are, what they're capable of, and what makes them different from seals. I got to shake hands (or fins) with one and it gave me a kiss on the cheek. I also explored the main city of Willemstadt. They have a pontoon bridge that swings to make way for ships. It's the only pontoon bridge in the world that swings. While I was there it was being renovated and the day before I left it was reopened after eight months of renovation. I went to the reopening ceremony and festival and the whole town turned out. It was huge. Anyway, here's a picture of it at day and here's a picture of it at night. The little building at the end of the bridge in the second picture helps move the bridge when a boat comes. It's motorized and there's another little building at the other end. It's an amazing thing. Aside from my vacation, nothing else is happening except for a vacation down to West Palm Beach down in Florida and my birthday's coming up on July 12. So, anything been hapening in here?
  8. God, it's been so long since I posted in this place. So, how've things been?
  9. Sorry to bump this thread up from way back when but I do remember the war. As a matter of fact I have it chronicled on my livejournal.
  10. I played both of them. Both are fine games. I tend to regard the second one as a continuation of the first. If you consider the two as one game then it really is a great game.
  11. "Funny, I thought you couldn't die in Lucasarts games."
  12. Philocleon


    Correction. Animé is a French adjective that when translated means animeted cartoon.
  13. Same thing happened to a thread over at a forum I go to. Someone decided to bump up a thread that was 3 years dead, like this one. Good lord, I have never in the history of that forum see a thread bump as huge as that.
  14. I've got just the thing for you. link This book is all about art deco in New York. Myself, I would like to go and check out the Chrysaler Building. That building is just so damn cool looking, I love it. Heck, when I came to New York once I came into Grand Central Station, and seeing the station was impressive enough, but as soon as i stepped outside the first thing I saw when I looked up was the Chrysaler Building. Damn, welcome to New York indeed.
  15. Don't you just love the art deco style used in GF? I mean, it's just so cool. I mean, what the Chrysler building, in all its art deco glory, represents is basically the Jazz Age, and in GF we get a look at that age. Take a look at this Ronson cigarette lighter. Nifty design, eh?
  16. Oh yeah. Classic rock fan hear. Ah, back then they actually produced GOOD bands. Me, I like stuff like Jethro Tull, Santana, Led Zepellin, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart. Good stuff, i'm telling ya, good stuff.
  17. Wow, sounds like you had your own United Nations there.
  18. I beg to differ, my friend. I believe that it is possible that the Sox will win again. For example, when the Patriots won the super bowl in 2002, people thought it was a fluke, but they went on to win this year. As for a drink, give me a Sam Adams.
  19. Vegas. Now there's a cool place. Of course i wouldn't go just for the gambling. I'd go just to see all the cool neon lights.
  20. Dick Cheney would do well as to take his own advice and that is for him to go **** himself.
  21. Well, I'll admit, Aresen is dead and no one's really bothered to clean this place, but hey, it's a good place to kick back and relax and it may be dead, but hey, it's home. *sits down on what appears to be a couch, only to fall to the floor because the couch is actually a pile of dust that resembles a couch* Ow.
  22. Gunner, it's interesting that you say you work at Boeing. My grandfather worked at Pratt and Whitney for the longest time making engines. Heck, when he was going through bootcamp in the Navy during WWII, they said that if you hd previously worked at Pratt and Whitney then you'd automatically get promoted to Crew Chief, which is basically a kind of airplane mechanic, seeing how a lot of the planes used in WWII had Pratt and Whitney engines.
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