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  1. ??? I started this thread about why there are so many people leaving this forum and now it's about "bloody stuff" and "weed"??? ah..forget it, like some said: poeple will return
  2. I don't know, maybe i'm getting crazy, but i think this forum is getting a little bit bored. just weeks ago it was a lot more fun, can't we do something about this? (if you guys want to close this thread, go ahead, but i'm just curious if i'm the only one with this opinion)
  3. i've heard more people talking on this forum about that same problem, it's just a bug!!! buy the orginal cd, that should help....
  4. i'm fine with that idea, but it will be the same as how we use to play the alphabet game. it's just too hard to come up with different categories..
  5. Gold tooth Tofu (sorry, hard one for the next person)
  6. there aren't many categories we can use, as far as i can figure out. i was thinking of animals in the game, but there are not enough animals to use...... anybody have an idea??? EXCEPT FOR HELLBEARD!!!!!
  7. i know what you mean, it's a weird language to you. but not for me = maar niet voor mij
  8. C: Chucky Hellbeard, how nice for you, but will you stop with you're stupid replys? if you don't like this game, stay away! and marius, i don't really know a word for that, maybe just "girl", since i'm almost the only female on this forum. (i guess)
  9. oh yeah, you're right, he messed it up :-( so does that mean we're not going to play this one anymore??? please answer, otherwise i'm playing to myself (if nobody replies)
  10. ok..ok..ok... i'm sorry!!! but in dutch it's easier for me to talk then in english.. but because you guys ask i will stick to english. :-)) i was just saying to xa4 that melee island was a good name and that i thought "amis" was a little vaque.
  11. Hellbeard, please take your medicin and calm down. :-) This alphabet game IS the original one, the other one was a new version from marius. and bucket you're right, it makes the game more fun and it's harder to come up with an answer. S: uhm.... i dunno.... i'll pass (for now)
  12. Melee island is toch op zich ook een leuke naam? maar amis kan ook, ik vind dat een beetje een vage naam, maar die kan ook... You can also call it "about monkey island" or something. Weet ik veel, dat is wel moeilijk hoor, een naam verzinnen voor een site
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