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  1. I don't really want anything really, really basic. Something with a bit of CSS or flash or something like that. I think I'll end up sticking with the website editor, I wanted to shove a few game reviews onto it so... Meh I'll find something somehow
  2. *thinks for a second* If I remember rightly, that was a terrible piece of software, trying to make something good in that was like performing heart surgery with no prior experience. I'll research on what else I can get with this company... Soholaunch seems good, comes free with the website too. I'll have a quick look at it.
  3. The host I'm going with includes frontpage, not heard of it but will look it up. Would love to buy a mac, if you give me the money.
  4. Hello, long long time no see guys, no one remembers who I am but I am here on a mission! I've experimented with Google pages and made my own website with that, its basically my own personal website in which I host videos. I want to move onto something bigger so I can have my own domain instead of .googlepages.com. I'm ready to buy the domain and set it all up but first, I need to get some easy web editing software! Google pages was really easy to use and I need something like that, but offers more customization. I was looking for something like Coda but unfortunately the software is mac only. If anyone can help me I'd be very grateful. Oh, and I don't mind ones that I have to pay for but free ones would be very much preferred. Thanks.
  5. I've got a router, I just think I was a little unlucky. Think I might have turned its firewall off in the process of doing something though. I would put SP2 and all of that stuff onto a disk, but I don't have a dvd/cd burner.
  6. Haven't got images of them, but got a huge huge albeit old 36" odd TV from my Granddad. He bought a new plasma HDTV so he gave me his old one. I'm slightly confused as he doesn't even know what HDTV means and he hasn't got anything HDTV to use it with. But hey, I got a TV out of it. Oh, and I got some big Sony speakers, they're very old but they can pump out more volume and bass than most modern speakers.
  7. Just reinstalled Ubuntu today. Its been a long chain of operating systems. Went back to windows due to me messing up Ubuntu, reinstalled Windows, tried to put SUSE on but couldn't as DVD that I waited a month for was corrupt, went back to windows but got about 5 viruses before I even could put SP2 on there even though I only went on 2 websites. So, windows can stuff it's self, I'm back to Ubuntu. Pretty good for only having it again for 3 hours or so. Need to get Beryl on it again.
  8. I recommend that no one buy this. Seriously. I'm a huge Beatles fan and this made the Beatles sound absolutely terrible. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was turned into absolute crap, it seems George Martin just added really random sounds from their other songs into every single song. It seems like he just went crazy and decided to have a play around in some free music editor. The only reason I'm listening ahead is because I want to know how he ruined every single song on the disk, so then I can appreciate the classics more. Seriously disappointed.
  9. Should of had this a long, long time ago, but lack of funds unfortunately stops me from owning all the Beatles albums.
  10. Only had Ubuntu since... Two days ago. Am doing rather well so far. If anyone can PM me with a list of some essential programs and what-not, I'd appreciate it. Also I have that Terminal icon that big because it's so-friggin-important. But thats in a good way of course. [Oops, left the website where I got the wallpaper from. It was blank so I stuck one on quickly. ]
  11. I'm beginning to like Firefox again instead of Opera for some reason. Mainly because I can't seem to figure out how to disable Operas built in bittorrent client which drove me nuts. Oh well, I'm on Ubuntu now and I love my Fox. Well, I'll be on Ubuntu until I break it again.
  12. I have a 360 so far, but I'm undecided on the Wii at the moment. The Wii seems to be centered around the "Playing with a group of friends" idea, yet since all of my friends live in different cities and places, it would be a bit of a waste of time. I doubt I'll be getting a Playstation 3 unless I manage to get a job that pays great money, but I'm dying to play Metal Gear Solid 4, but I really need to play the 3rd one first.
  13. Well done on the 666 posts! Apparently there was one on Pcgamemods, but after it changed it disappeared.
  14. I loved the Mortal Kombat movie too, it was hilarious and entertaining! But I was about 8 when I first watched it so I would be entertained by anything. But whats wrong with Street Fighter? It's so bad that it's actually good!
  15. Hahaha, sorry I was half asleep when I wrote that. I just read the title bit in the title that says "CHESTPLATE". I was referring to his pants/trousers. Sorry, heh!
  16. That looks pretty nice! I used to like being a TiE pilot in Star Wars Galaxies... Shame I don't play it anymore, I really wanted to get to level 4 piloting. I really wanted the rewards for finishing the pilot profession, which were the lovely jackets and helmets. But maybe you could try making it more... Leathery!
  17. I was just wondering if there was any way at all to get the Jedi Outcast HUD onto Jedi Academy? The Jedi Academy one is driving me sick, it pales in comparison to the old JO HUD which I knew and loved. Thank you!
  18. Happy birthday TiE old buddy old pal old friend o' mine! Hope you had a good birthday! It seems everyone forgot about mine, but I don't blame anyone!
  19. I may not have ever heard of you before today, but rest in peace Deshaun.
  20. Don't bother with Counter Strike. Day of Defeat Source is coming out tomorrow, and from the looks of it, it's going to be the most beautiful game out, and it kicks CS:S's ass.
  21. From what I saw [if you found the secret area] you could pick the vending machine up and throw it, also kick + shoot the football around. And the vehicle crashed quite nicely, but I dealt that counts as proper physics. So, in my opinion, no.
  22. That demo is terrible. I loved the first Serious Sam, but this is ... A kick to the face. I have a good-ish computer, every specs I try to use it still runs like a slug. Also the HDR looked terrible. It made everything appear blindingly bright and annoying. Also my sister broke my Audigy sound card, so I'm using on-board, and either half of the sounds are missing [Gun sounds are messed up, enemies make no sounds] or it's just that. Multiplayer also doesn't work for me. I can't join any game. And the gameplay is below par for todays games. Run and gun gets boring after 5 minutes now. It was fun a while ago but now it just seems very, very dull. I admit some of the guns are pretty nice, But apart from that, I'm very disappointed.
  23. I love split screen. But I get used to games really really fast, so I end up beating them at every game I play, and to be honest it drives me mad. I want an even fight! My brother used to be quite good at games, when he was 13, but i was 7 and I still kicked his butt.. Natural geek eh?
  24. Mex

    Scary Games?

    Same here. The hotel on Vampire:The Masquarade: Bloodlines scared me to death. Everyone else I knew played it no problem. Doom 3 scared the heck out of me, I never even got quarter way through it. Cold Fear (Which isn't that scary) Still scares me to death. It's only happened after that "Whats wrong with this picture" link that I found on a thread here. When the face popped up I fell out of my chair and ran downstairs. Since then I've had a fear of things jumping out at me.
  25. I remember trying it a while back. I hated it. Long live IE7!
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