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  1. I don't know, but I can say probably halo for comp is the best fps, jk3 is arguably the best tps
  2. I live in Athens Georgia, (think UGA) but you have to tell me what games are in included for me to consider whether I can come or not. Thank you
  3. I need some help with some stuff with copming up with better build orders, and as you know, people on wc3 won't help you unless they know you well. Since I don't visit many channels and random ladder matches don't allow contacts, I was wondering if someone could 1v1 me and help me out.
  4. I hate to lose, but messing things up is annoying.
  5. The worst are wannabe elites who think they are great players.
  6. yolkboy AKA BSB WING ZERO Wampa Registered: Apr 2002 Location: In My ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam __________________ He Went That Way! Code Name: Ice aka BSBWingZero Watch Out for the Many Alias "Iceman. It's the way he flies, Ice cold, no mistakes ^^thats an exception. BSB had a bunch of people that they didn't consider as valuable who weren't familiy members. The sons rukh, zekk, and some other dude i can't remmeber managed them.
  7. 16. THere was a dude in jk1 called BSB_mercyman who had a freaking clan made of mafia i swear. 1. they were italian. They were pretty good in their own respects in both jk1 and jk2. Almost the entire clan was family members, no joke. Mercyman was 56 and still gaming as the GOD FATHER, his brother fragmentor was 54 and his right hand man. Then he had 3 sons (age 18 to 24) who all played jk2 and jk1 I can’t remember their names. Then he had like 3 cousins/neighbors who played for their clan. It was pretty damn insane. I thought it was pretty crazy back then that a father and a son would be a 2v2 guns team. Their 5v5 ctf team for jk2 was all family members. No joke.
  8. Neverwinter NIghts is a really fun game. But if you like those extremely (very extremely) detailed RPG's you should play baldur's gate and baldur's gate II (same company as NWN). The detail in those games surpass even that of neverwinter nights. And you get 6 member parties instead of a hero and a partner.
  9. I’m not pro honor but neither am I supporting the misunderstandment that the original people who designed the system did not mean for so much trouble to show up. A better method to have it would just to have simple respect for players, similar to in jk1 nf sabs. If two people are 1v1ing, the specs don’t interfere. They start their own 1v1. In ff guns sabs or ffa its usually either ffa, teams, or 1v1. Pretty much any type of ff gametype in jk1 was no rules. People didn’t type as much though.
  10. THIS is the truth which most people do not realize I've noticed when ever 2 expert players dominate versus 6 or even 8 standard runofthemill jk3 players in ctf. The score probably goes to be around 20 -0 by the end of the map in favor of the team of 2. All the other players probably join the team of 2 by the next map just to be on the winning side. People hate to lose. Everyone does. But its the refusal to except loss that started this controversy. This may sound like a rant but most of the normal players are considered to be the "honor " (honor as in kick/ban/sleep enforcers not in the actual original honor code) players by most ladder good players. However, these days it seems to be that 99% of the people that complain against honor people are the normal players who orignally were honor people who jumped the bandwagon after a few expert sabers players and semi experts such as Unnamed jedi, break, reborn, fallen, rumor, and the list goes on voiced their opinions. Most of these normal players do not have the legitimate right to blame honor players about anything. They simply jumped the bandwagon to blame another group of players. Earlier in jk2, these “normal run of the mill players” jumped the bandwagon to lay the blame of the experts. They are simply a fickle community of more nubs who just simply follow the opinions of the majority. They hate how “honor” folks unfairly win (or as they believe) through the honor code. But if they actually meet a ff saberist expert or a great gunner they could cry about unfairness too. The only reason why they don’t complain is because so few of the so-called old school jk2 elites exist anymore (almost none exist in public servers) that they don’t meet with the gods of jk2 anymore. Consequentially, disillusionment arose and they believed they could have the privaledge to be up in the same league as the original campaigners for the anti-honor code. This may sound pretty crazy but its most likely the truth. No I don't consider myself a top-notch gunner (aka top 10 of twl or a great euro player). But I can guarantee to be pretty up there compared to most people who havnt played much ctf jk2.
  11. Thats a good point. But there is nothing wrong with true RPG players. The rpg players people talk about here usually are people who use the honor code and rpg thing to hide behind as a shield and then attack other players and stuff as if the honor code does not apply to them also.
  12. Ah, so this is the promod (pro as in competitive gunning not as in the old jk2 pro-mod) you promise us. Well its looking nice.
  13. DUTY, I swear I know you. If you aren't break, uj, or anyone from SF, who are u?
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