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  1. Anyone got any good tactics? Post 'em here!
  2. So, Ive been trying out full scale invasion tactics. Does anyone have any good ideas that they think could be good in multiplayer mode over a LAN connection. Thanks,
  3. Hey guys, remember me. I reckon that grenadiers should actually have grenades or grenade lauchers... NOT MORTARS for god's sake. If they wanted mortars they should have called them mortar men or mortar troopers or something but they sure as hell don't use grenades.
  4. I've not been on the net for ages and i've just seen my tactics thread and there are a few things i want to make clear. 1.Oom 9(2),Yoda Jedi and i are not in a 3some.We are all male u sick weirdos! 2.Yoda Jedi and i do not hate each other. We just send each other death threats a lot. 3.Oom 9 (2), as stupid as he may seem, really os more stupid than that. 4.All those of u that don't like my posts can just go and get !*"$% %8&%$^%£" £(!"^ or do u want me to spell it out. Thank you ladies and gentlemen... Goodnight!
  5. They're not just for begginers but they tend to use them because they don't need prefabs.
  6. Colin Logan (yoda jedi). I might have guesed. See you in english... W A T C H Y O U R B A CK !!!
  7. OKAY Vader. I can tell you don't like me!
  8. simply use my heavy assault theory from both sides at once but with more troops and catch the enemy in a pincer movement.
  9. Obviously someone cares because se_vader_536 or whatever his name is asked about it a few days ago on one of my posts if you had even bothered to read it before i removed it.
  10. Some folk have asked this a few times. i called myself darth kane for the same reason you call yourself what you do... It sounds good!
  11. except that fed aircraft have shields so will last slightly longer. thanks Cowie, you might have just told me in enlgish! see you after the holls. if anyone thinks i'm taking the mick out of cowie that is actually his real last name.
  12. OOM9(2) i told you about jedi costs for normal army costs at lunch time you idea pinching droid!
  13. For a really good defense all you have to do is build shield walls around your entire base and then instead of using turrets just build fortresses filled with repeater troopers. Because they can target aircraft as well as ground units they make a formiddable defensive structre. You might want to back them up with additional anti-air turrets as they only fire one missile at a time against aircraft. :trooper:
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