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  1. I know, but, see, I've moved to Buddypic/LJ/Barafranca. Then there's the school musical and track practice. Not much time leftover. As of now, I'm stuck with none of those, considering mom's work has it all blocked.
  2. ROFL. Forum's UBER dead. No posts in 2+ months.
  3. Ditto that. Oh, the joyous memories. Unfortunetly, my install CD for the original died, so now I can't really play it. Oh well...
  4. Holy Moly, this is an old-ass thread. Yeah, since, I've changed my mind. Government is inherently corrupt, and on that scale... quite a bit of corruption. Though: -Small regions are disgregarded in the current system -The current system doesn't solve the world's problems -You can have provincial governments that speak different languages (UN format, in a way), and the highest level would have an official governmental language. OR, everyone could know every language (hah, that'll be the day).
  5. the empire was created for the sole purpose of being evil... of course it was the power was misused! thats why the government was created...
  6. even if the wookies took a side, or if anyone did for that matter, why should the entire race and planet be punished for that action? what about those who didnt care or who were opposed? what about the children who didnt even know? should they receive cruel retributions? is it okay for RACIAL CLEANSING?
  7. yea, during my temporary return on the GB forums i stopped by here. ill just drop off my AIM sn and quietly walk away... Tall N Spiffy 17 ... ... ...
  8. damn.... (wait am i allowed to say that her? o well) i only got two happy birthday wishes. i would have expected more... meh. yeah, so i came back for ten minutes again because a wave of boredom has swept over me. peace out for who knows how long.
  9. Yeah, so, hey old buddies... yada yada. Okay. Its my birthday and im bored so im just coming back to remind you of that fact. link to the Ginormus thing i wrote about it is here. Yeah, so, if any of you give a damn read the huge thing i wrote (5/15 + 5/17). Yes, ive finished my ramble so... Peace out!
  10. huh no kidding... my birthday is the seventeenth. The Star Wars movies always come out around then... yippee! (those of you reading this after looking at my thread: the statement goes into "full" effect after my spring break ends, next tuesday.)
  11. Good-bye lucasforums.... Have fun everyone. I've seen the light, and its enticing, so I'm heading toward it and moving away from here. Yes, I know i haven't posted much anyways so it doesn't really matter, but I'm gonna post even less than i do now, cause, well, i have caleida. Its an online journal thingy and i prefer that cause, frankly, its better. I talk to my friends and can ramble endlessly about stuff people could care less about. Not mention the fact that there are no moderators, administrators, or lack of vulger (sp?). The other reason i'm leaving my old haven is the fact that, well, posting has become less commonplace and there is far less to feast me eyes upon. So I bid Adeiu to my friends at lucasforums... I'll remember to check back every clump of months... Yes! I have been relieved of the commitment of posting! I mean, uh, I'll miss all of you.
  12. god thats major... Theyre pretty much destroying the original more than the first special edition. Although i have to admit it connects OT and PT better, there needs to be an alternative as well.
  13. uh sorry bout the iraq discussion thingy... uh didnt notice the "03" in the date... thought it was 2/04... eh whoops:rolleyes: anyways was nice to talk about something
  14. Yeah i mean israel has nukes illegally but no one worries about them shooting one off... i mean they haven't done anything illegal recently... They only put up an illegal wall, not to mention the countless other minor infractions it committed to make palestinian's hate the occupation so much...
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