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  1. Is there a place that describes the different combo moves and how to pull them off? I figured out the red stance forward attack, but I get kicked around a lot by this backflip kick deal. Some people use this move alone to get kills and it fustrates the heck out of me.
  2. Thanks you guys for all the advice, I play quite a bit and have gotten hooked on JKII so far. As far as CTF goes the only thing I'm good for right now is just getting in the way.lol Even using absorb I get pulled off the ledge, pushed by someone I cant see, choked to death, Kicked in the face, Sliced by some dude in red stance, etc. Every now and then I find a server with people who are as new as I am and I sometimes get a good run going and get into the lead spot as far as score, so I know I'm getting better. It's when I get into these clan servers i find out how bad i really am. lol The idea about the gamepad deal sounds like it would help me out and I have thought about getting one, but I'm not really into quake or unreal, I am more of a Operation Flashpoint/Ghost Recon type. I think what's slowing me down is the fact that I only use a few keys on the keyboard for movement and use my mouse for attack and switching between forces. I think the problem is I use the scroll wheel on the mouse to cycle through the different forces to use and then have a side button setup to actually use the force selected so when I select absorb I then have to scroll to find another force such as push or speed and while I'm looking for another force to use I get wacked. Being able to just hit a button to use a specific force instead of scrolling to find one would help a lot. Like I said I'm not big into shooters, I just like the saber and forces plus the whole Sta Wars theme draws me to it as well. Perhaps I will have to go out and pick up one of these speed pads if i want to get good at this. Thanks for all the input guys.
  3. Nice forum you guys have here, lots of good info. I did learn something usefull though and that's the things I see in multiplayer that look like cheats or hacks are actually just scripts. My problem is I know nothing about binding these scripts to keyboard commands nor do i use a gamepad which allows keyboard commands to be assigned. Basically I am just a guy that happened to pick up this game one day and thought it was pretty cool and a lot of fun. My problem is I enjoy multiplayer, but I am unable to compete online with just a keyboard and mouse. I try to stay in games and even though I get killed over and over I try to tuff it out and play in hopes that it will make me better some how. After reading about all the scripting that you have to do in order to win I have come to the conclusion that I am fighting an uphill battle online. I even went through the single player campaign a 2nd time to make myself feel better. LOL I know a lot of you will say "Well, you have to script to compete, so if you want to win, learn to script." My problem is I don't really want to learn how to script. lol I just want to startup the game get online and play. I see people doing all kinds of wierd stuff in games and I find myself just avoiding them and finding another new guy to fight against. LOL I guess one day I will have to learn this scripting thing, but i just wish it was easier. Yeah, I know for you scripting guys I'm sure it is easy for you, but some of us don't find it easy at all. Plus I could sit there all night binding scripts, or i could use that same time to play. Nothing more fustrating than being in a CTF and trying to guard the flag and watch a guy seem to just jump from point to point across the map and have no way to catch him. Something with how you jump while having force speed on that makes people just seem to float all the way across the map. Maybe i will figure this thing out one day. Sorry for my rant, but just a fustrated noob here.
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