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  1. yes this is an amazing model! thanks so much kevin for your work! it's nice to see that anakin finally has been made properly! ps> i can't wait for ep2 obi-wan!!!!!
  2. holy craps!!! kevin is back! anakin is back! w00t! hopefully obi-wan (ep2) is soon to follow! *faints*
  3. K I just tried them all out and I have to say that the Ord Mantell FFA map is amazing! It's completely massive (biggest official JA map I've seen - even more so than JK2's Nar Shadaa Streets!) and tons of room to explore and high places. Plus there are nifty little waterfalls. The other 3 FFA maps are decent but nothing spectacular if you ask me. The CTF map (basically a MP version of the "tomb" Demo) is insanely massive as well though sort of linear...And the Coruscant duel map is awesome looking and is ideal I guess for duelers! Good job Raven! Thanks again!
  4. http://www.3dgamers.com/news/more/1071080051/ Coolness... 6 new maps! no new siege maps but oh well....Thanks Raven!
  5. Projected shadows is hidden from what I can figure - 'cg_shadows 3'...it looks and runs better than Volumetric...so it's a major plus....
  6. Ok for the record...I purchased an ATI Radeon 9600 XT and I'm very impressed. I upgraded from a GeForce2 MX 32MB and see a HUGE difference - which is no surprise....If anyone else is interested in a new card while keeping it under $200 then this is the deal for you. Oh and I got a free coupon for Half-Life 2 as part of the deal - so that didn't hurt anything... Here's the run-down for those that are interested: I can run Jedi Academy at 1024x768 with max details, dynamic glow and projected shadows with hardly any slow-down whatsoever. BTW, Dynamic glow completely changed the game for me, it is incredible...in my opinion.... I also can run the Deus Ex 2 demo very well even though it's not optimized well and is buggy. I get 30 fps consistently and have all the details pumped at 800x600. Max Payne 2 has no slow-down whatsoever and is beautiful (more so than Deus Ex 2) at 1024x768 with max details. Also both Halo and Splinter Cell are crystal clear and run very smooth at max details @ 1024x768.... I haven't bought KOTOR yet but I can't imagine having any problems with that - every single game I've tried has run extremely well (apart from Command and Conquers: Generals which crashes for no apparent reason). So yeah....I hope this helped someone.... The exact link where I bought from is here - highly recommended
  7. And since I still see you around - I had a couple of Q's Chang.... 1) Anyway we can make it so the blades can't deflect projectiles? This is sort of a must for sword mods...unless it's just sword-vs-sword combat... 2) Is it possible to keep the marks (saber slashes/cuts) on the player character to stay forever....I hate how they disappear...It'd be kind of cool to see how your character looks after a massive battle...hehe Any thoughts?
  8. Whoa...never knew that was added! Very cool stuff! Thanks ChangKhan!
  9. LOL! YEAH!!! "Kill Bill" kicked ass! By the way, ChangKhan, why weren't some of these commands added to the default .sab file read-me thingy? Just curious, but I know others could definitely take advantage of little things like that....
  10. Wow! This is definitely the best mod so far for JKA so far (though that isn't saying much due to the lack of editing tools/SDK). The weapons are amazing...I'm going to have to investigate the pk3 file to see how they did this. And the blood...umm...whoa...it splatters on your face and such....nasty but effective.... ....Also you can completely whack people around with some heavy clubs and such....good stuff....also the 'Wolverine' claws are insanely cool - leaving scratch marks on the opponents!! Download this if you haven't already....the link on LucasFiles is up: http://www.lucasfiles.com/index.php?s=&action=file&id=327 Awesome!! Two thumbs up!! EDIT: Wow....hilt-makers be aware...check out this .sab file...tons of commands i never knew existed! So even a no blade option without messing with the saber effects and such...
  11. So even though NVIDIA is worse than ATI, the 5900 (non Ultra) is still better? And what's OEM anyway? (Haha this is a longer discussion than I intended but it's a huge investment for a poor guy like me )
  12. Gah! Thanks for the link but now I'm super-confused.....I found a GeForce FX 5900 for $200 and it's got me wondering.....It's supposed to be equal to a Radeon 9800 PRO......Any thoughts??? Here's the link: http://www.allstarshop.com/shop/product.asp?pid=7546&ad=pwatch I think I'm going to be choosing between that and a Radeon 9600 XT. The GeForceFX 5900 is supposed to be loads better but all I've heard is bad things about NVIDIA.
  13. So guys...the time has come. I think I have decided on getting the "PowerColor ATI Radeon 9600 Pro 256MB DVI+CRT+TV 8X AGP." I'd rather have a Radeon 9700 or 9800 but I don't think I want to spend over $200 on a video card - I'm just not that rich to be able to afford that ... So any last complaints/suggestions before I order? Scream at me if something is wrong with it! hehe... I'd consider a GeForce but the lack of DirectX9 support troubles me. ATI seems to oogle with more features anyway (w/better deals too). I think this should be able to handle Deus Ex 2, KOTOR, and Far Cry, right?
  14. DarkLord60, So even if the Radeon 9800 I'm getting is really crappy (compared to the Pro - it's super cheap)and basically just a spin-off of 9600 (like Tyrion said)....is it still better than a Radeon 9600 PRO with 256 MB??
  15. that's quite a bit compared to pricewatch.com....that's probably a pro that you're talking about....
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