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  1. Im a very patient man, I can wait. Nice screens though.
  2. Well, I got it yesterday and got to squeeze in a few hours of playing time. From what I have seen, this game is astounding. I really love the graphics and the day night cycle is great. I havent really dont much with my character yet, his name is Kenji Osiko, and im on starsider if you wish to find me. I highly reccomend getting this game, because you will have a great time. Dont feel like you have to get in immediately, because we are experiencing a lot of server downtime now. Servers should be up by 11am est. Ill keep you all informed. -Zaius aka-Kenji
  3. Have a great day all, hope to see ya in game P.S.- Ill be on starsider, look for me at Coronet, Corellia -Zaius
  4. Ill see you all in 2 days on starsider. D_S get at me, im gonna be startin at coronet. If you wanna meet, send me a PM.
  5. people are blowing this out of proportion. There will be copys on the shelves!! I have graduation practice on the 26th from 9-11... and my mall opens at 10. So, Im hoping that I can snag a copy. If not, there is a eb games store in a plaza right next to the mall, as well as the EB in the mall, plus there are other stores that will have it.
  6. Ive heard rumors that most people who are gonna go to starsider are gonna chill out at chiastra until the starsider server goes live? Where does everyone plan on going?
  7. However, ingame downloads are most of the time, slower to download then what you would get off a website. We shall see, some games have good ingame dl and some have real poor ingame dl.
  8. Well, could you look for some screen shots for us? I am really interested to see what it is like.
  9. Im sure the devs will include starsider, it will be a large dissapointment to most of us here if they dont. We shall see what unfolds in the coming days.
  10. It is official, the release date is on the 26th of june. Lucas Arts announced it. So, thats in 9 days, better get ready boys and girls, SWG is almost here.
  11. Dr. Zaius


    well, if there is a chance I get in, my buddy key will now go to reaper or jan.
  12. Dr. Zaius


    Wraith got in? I want in.
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