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    I have nearly mastered levitation.
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    I just like so much stuff! I like games, making AND playing! I like playing the guitar, and music (Making AND playing, again). I like Double Fine Productions over in Sunny San Francisco, which is another place I love. I love animals! And Programming
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    Jaywalker, Nose Picker

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  1. Hey all! Just a quick comment - Spaff does not have bum fluff. Bum fluff is the crappy little sparse weed-like stuff that grows on the face of teenage boys. It is evident from that photo of Spaff that he does not have bum fluff. Though he is only sporting some stubble, it is clear to see that it is healthy, thick and manly stubble that has potential to blossom into a really fine beard. In conclusion: thick, luscious, manly black stubble. Not bum fluff.
  2. Oh so everybody forget about me, fine fine, I get it.
  3. Girl on the right actually ¬¬ Not my good friend, the guy on the left.
  4. How come I don't see any pictures, except elTee's? Is it because you guys are dumb and don't know how to upload pictures? Or what? What's going on?
  5. It's post your pic, innit? And here's my DS, on which I play Resident Evil, Animal Crossing, and pwn up on Metroid deathmatch which is actually a really good FPS. Next!
  6. I mean, by now you must have made so many more friends. Maybe you got a new job, or moved house, or changed school. Perhaps you learned some new skills or got a new hobby. Do you have a girlfriend yet? What about you, Ray G Jones? Do you have a boyfriend yet? Oh man I crack me up. Personally, since I last spoke, I have moved to Brighton in England, and worked as a Games Tester for a bit. I've got exams in about a week and two days. I stole someone's boyfriend and started writing a book (I'm on page two).
  7. What do you guys make of GameLife? I mean, not to sound cruel, but I don't know why anybody thought that a game review show hosted entirely by spastics would be a good idea.
  8. Yufster


    I need to wee REALLY badly, but my flatmate is in the bathroom... gnnnUgnnn...
  9. Yeah. I can't think of anything funny to say right now but... yeah, I'll stay. Man, same topics around since six months ago... ¬¬
  10. Oh man, this thread made me cry happy tears of wantedness. That's it. You've convinced me. I'll return. *sniff* You really love me, you really do...
  11. E3 2005's in-game real-time PS3 footage!!! LOL!!!!!!
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