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  1. Yeah, one of these days I'll pester Corto into finishing the rigging... then it's a matter of pestering the genius minds of Azymn & Wudan to build a custom scaling mod specifically for him.
  2. Okay, so the solution is to add yet another move that virtually has no counter and can be spammed to death? Sorry, not trying to take anything away from you s/o ff ctf flipkick fans, but I prefer to keep my Star Wars & Kung Fu separate. Too many bad memories of people using nothing but flipkicks in JK2... the saber became irrelevant. Not my cup of tea.
  3. What exactly were you trying to say? Two wrongs make a right? What was the purpose of posting this thread to begin with? Were you expecting a round of "atta boy!" ego-stroking pats on the back? Golly, you must be disappointed. Too bad this massive "majority of Duel mode players" remains mostly silent in your defense. (Maybe it's just past their bedtimes?) Tell me about it... I'm 34 and most of my contemporaries think it's pretty lame. Heck most think Star Wars and even science fiction in general is pretty laughable. But you'd know that already if you didn't spend x amount of hours "almost everyday for a year or so" playing with 14 year olds. Well since I don't know Michael Jackson personally, I suppose you ARE the next best thing to an expert. But once in a blue moon? From your own description, it sounded a heck of a lot more frequent than that. As for what is and isn't a big deal... which category do you think someone daring to attack your poor little "virtual Jedi" whilst he was in mid-bow falls under? In some communities, nigger, spick, chink & kyke are "common place terminology." Why don't you take that ball and run with it? Impress us all with what a super kewl d00d you really are. A condescending remark is a whole lot more effective with proper spelling. (BTW, an analogy is a comparison. Sorry if I don't see the relevance of someone physically assaulting my wife in public to playing a stupid video game.) Prolly good a time as any to start calling each other "cheap homo f00kn gh3y b!tches" right? Honestly, would your "vengeance" have been any less sweet had you beat your opponent purely through repeated victory? Perhaps your "trash talk" is nothing more than a crutch for lack of talent? More than likely, it's just an immature self-indulgence to gain you "props" amongst the 14 year olds. I'm not impressed.
  4. What awfully convenient and self-serving definitions of "sportsmanship" and "courteous" you must have. No? Really, you think so? Where does subjecting everyone else on the server to your "trash talk" with expressions like "b!tch" and "gh3y" fall into the "respectful" equation? Frankly I don't care if this guy gouged out your eyes and shot your dog; retaliating via the chat command is juvenile, nothing to be proud of, and the worst example of "sportsmanship" I've heard. You know what most people would say is lame? An adult playing video games. You want even lamer? Same adult spewing profanity, prejudice and abusive language because he lost his temper while playing. Worse still? Doing all the above fully knowing you're most likely in the presence of children. BTW, just because other people share your homophobia, that doesn't justify it. By setting such a "stellar" example for them? I beg to differ. Sure it is, f*ckface. (Did that come across as mature?) Was there supposed to be an analogy there? Maybe instead they should say, "Right or wrong, that's just the way it is." Pot, say "hi" to kettle! Done fishin... thanks!
  5. I'm still trying to figure out wtf was up with the guy in the coolie hat? P.S.: KotOR rocks!
  6. If you're referring to this: it's Stevie Case - otherwise known as "Killcreek" - and if you had bothered to go to either of the sites Amidala referenced for you Master William, you'd know that already. BTW, goading people to respond and then following up with your own opinion on the subject is not an effective method to ending a discussion.
  7. I could be mistaken... but I wouldn't assume the functionality of pulling down the console and typing in cheats will be available for the xbox version of JA.
  8. NO! We are the fun police. Resistance is futile. Oh yeah, red if I'm naughty... green if I'm goodie-goodie (haven't been green in a loooong time).
  9. On Hoth you can also "ride" the ATST... for whatever that's worth. As for how many characters in multiplayer? Hmm... hard to say for the xbox version. Basically all the same models/skins from JK2, plus a smattering of new ones from JA (such as the Tusken Raider) - roughly 50-60 different characters (at least double that if you count team skins).
  10. I'm sure if your girlfriend played video games, she'd be the one exception, right? Oh what's that? Don't have a girlfriend? Color me surprised. Some of us don't make presumptions (or frankly give a hoot) about the gender of our online opponents. If you or the crowd you hang out with has this sort of childish pre-occupation, that's YOUR cross to bear. FYI, tossing around expressions like "pussywhipped" or "stupid ass mother****ing fanbois" not only is inappropriate to these forums, but also solidifies the notion that you're nothing more than an immature cretin, trying desperately to sound "tough." Rather than insulting anyone here, you're just giving us an opportunity to laugh at your expense. Thanks for the chuckle.
  11. oh yeah... but... gaming chicks are ugly... Oh wait... What's that?! She's done a pictorial for Playboy?!!! She's attractive, smart AND into gaming???! Crap, there goes that theory! Welcome to the 21st century, pinheads.
  12. Ahh... that makes sense (though I'd still argue that huge floating team icon over people's heads should be clue enough ). I was just concerned people were still buying into that "Jawas are magically indestructible" myth. Again, the mute/squelch/profanity filter really appeals to me, I'm just curious though... can this be run server-side only, or does it require clients to have the patch as well? Lastly, as far as the previous discussion goes regarding this thread's title; soon as we have instagib and LMS (last man standing) gameplay options, I'll call it hardcore. Right now it just sounds like JA with flipkicks... whooptie doo.
  13. My god is a woman... how do you look in a skirt? I must admit I'm intrigued with the profanity filter of xMod, but what's this nonsense about banning the Jawa model? Also, is the amsleep, etc. crap really necessary?
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