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  1. Sons of Gondor, of Rohan, my brothers, I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day. An hour of wolves and shattered shields, when the age of men comes crashing down, but it is not this day. This day we fight! For all that you hold dear on this good Earth, I bid you stand, Men of the West!! -Aragorn, son of Arathorn That, or Sam's speech at the end of the Two Towers. I can't recall it word for word at the moment, but the way it ends: Frodo: "What are we holding on to, Sam?" Sam: "That there's some good in this world, Mr. Frodo. And that it's worth fighting for!"
  2. I love fall and spring the best (though winter rocks for skiing purposes), just because they're very moderate and comfortable. Summer and winter are both good, just not as nice.
  3. I've seen that plenty of times, but only rarely to that extent. Bad people with long names!!! It's also done it sometimes when I've done a refresh, then vanished upon a re-refresh. Odd, eh?
  4. Ummm... that's kind of odd. As in, who can believe they actually have that stuff? Somebody's positively crazy...
  5. http://www.trenzhost.com/ Nice format and system. Good bandwith allowance, too. http://www.walagata.com/ Also a good site with decent format, well-organized and massive storage capabilities.
  6. Best. One-liner. Ever. Not sure why, but something about that, in the context of this rather amusing little thread, just made my day. Thank you, Kain. Both cool; totally different types of characters, so it's a touch pointless to be arguing over who'd win, wouldn't it? It's like arguing, "Spiderman v. Darth Vader" or something. Not a whole lot of point, and no way to prove either side, either. Give it up!
  7. I'll pop into the TF.N forums every once in a while, but mostly to confirm data I'm hearing elsewhere. And I go in and comment on fanfics sometimes on their fanfic forums, but other than that, I'm here. Forum-wise, this is my home; most other places just don't have the same community (including of bigots, madmen, pant-stealers, nerds, geeks, flamers, and occasionally cool people) that we do over here. So it's home.
  8. Probably somewhere around the twelve to thirteen mark. My parents weren't too fond of it, but it's not an issue anymore. But between writing papers and playing video games and writing my novel and scoring music, it adds up pretty darn quick. I probably spend a good six to seven hours on the computer on an average Saturday, maybe 10 if I've got a heavy homework load. And then I might play some JA or work on one of those other awesome pursuits...
  9. Busy. Good, really good, but really busy. Too busy to post here in the last couple months, much to my dismay... But I am officially back, for at least 2 weeks! NOW, BoT: Honestly, what I would love to see is exactly what Spielberg did with ET: release both on the same disc. B/c that lets us see the originals and appreciate what they did in all the glory of a digital format, and also enjoy the new updates if they work for you. But it's GL's prerogative, and like it or not, he can do whatever he wants with his own art. I'd love to see the OOT as much as anybody else, but on the other hand, the Revised OT (ROT) has its bonuses as well. Mostly, I think both sides need to quit whining. There's nothing wrong with enjoying the SE's, even if you dislike them someone else may like them. And if you prefer the SE over the OOT, don't diss the people who don't. It's a matter of artistic taste.
  10. Hamburgers with a side of baked beans and macaroni salad. Or lasagna/spaghetti. Or my mother's most excellent bean and rice burritos...
  11. Hahaha. I enjoyed that one immensely, Astro... I'll provide my own indepth review here: Episode IV: A New Hope The original masterpiece that launched the greatest movie saga of all time and fundamentally reshaped Hollywood culture... has changed. In some ways for the better, in some ways for the worse. Specifically: Good: the image quality is drastically improved over the VHS version, and for that matter over the theater version we saw of the SE. Visually, this is a masterpiece; never in its life has Star Wars looked so good. A few minor complaints here include that C-3PO is just a tad bit too shiny in a couple of places, some of the colors seem too bright and vibrant for our "lived in" Star Wars universe, but these complaints are minor. The sound has some good: it now has at least a form of Dolby 5.1, and for most of the movie it's pretty good. It's certainly cleare and more distinct than ever before. The lightsaber re-rotoscoping for the Obi/Vader battle is really nice to see, though it still has a couple of flaws. Bad: The sound got me the most, I think. When the X-wings start their run on the Death Star and all of a sudden you CAN'T HEAR THE FANFARE that John Williams wrote, that's really frustrating. That fanfare MADE that moment. I also dislike most of the SE stuff in this one. The updates they did on making the fight scenes in space look better are a 50/50 split, but the stuff with Jabba makes me want to puke, even with the new model they put it. It just doesn't work. Last, Luke's (green? blue? pure white?) lightsaber is not good. Overall: 7/10 Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back Undoubtedly the best of the original trilogy in terms of maturity, directing, etc, this film remains the best in the DVD version. Here, the good far outweighs the bad... mostly. Good: the image quality improvement seemed even more drastic here than in ANH. Everything is so sharp and clear. The biggest difference, I think, was in the base on Hoth, when you see Han working on the Falcon or Vader striding through the battle-damaged corridors. Positively incredible. The redone effects for laser blasts are a good change, too, I think. Sound-wise, this one is incredible. John Williams' score is perfectly balanced with the effects throughout the movie, and the effects themselves are cleaner and crisper than ever before. Brilliance. The lightsaber scene looks much better, and matches up very well with the prequel trilogy, though this fight is much more cinematic because of our involvement with the characters. 50/50's: Temuera Morrison's voice as Boba Fett. Neither here nor there, this didn't bother me. The SE addition of Vader's shuttle flying up to Executor. Again, neither here nor there. Bad: I don't like the new version of the Vader/Palpatine scene. The emperor doesn't look quite right; his head isn't as large and dominating as it was before and somehow Ian McDarmid just doesn't sound as evil as he does in ROTJ or as Clive Revill did as Palpatine before. Nor does the new dialogue work for me, though it may fit better with Ep. 3. And for this one, that's it! It's that good. Overall: 9.5/10 Episode VI: Return of the Jedi Often viewed as the most "kiddie-iffied" of the original trilogy, this movie critcally standing lacked the impact of the first two, yet remains a strong contender in movies in general. The Good: again, image and sound quality are better here. It's not as noticeable, because as has been noted before, the Jedi master was in the best condition before; it had been filmed a lot more recently. However, the improvements visually in the lightsaber scenes are dramatic: Luke and Vader's lightsabers both look much more like the prequel sabers. Both (especially Luke's) are much more clearly defined, from the beginning of the movie at Jabba's Palace to the end scene between Luke and Vader. Audio wise, this one doesn't show much improvement, but then the audio was fantastic to begin with. 50/50's: for me, the Hayden Christensen thing is a wash. I don't think it was a need, but it doesn't ruin the movie, either. Same with the city scenes at the end; they don't hold up to the PT, but they're not terrible, either. They go neither way for me. Bad: I still dislike the "Jedi Rocks" musical number, but the skip button works wonders with that... and that's really all I can complain about. This one was good, too, though it didn't match Empire. And looking at this movie again, the Ewoks really aren't that bad. Sure, they're a little childish, but the concept is kind of cool. And I think we'll see echoes of this scene in Sith (though I shan't spoil anything for poor blokes like Astro...) Overall: 8/10. The Trilogy Scores a 9/10. The added features are very interesting; Empire of Dreams is a must watch and the other stuff, including on the evolution of the lightsaber, is very interesting as well. The updated effects, visual and audio, are very nice, and the trilogy performs well. Despite the down points cause by some of the SE stuff, this is still a masterpiece.
  12. Fable looks like an early contender for RPG of the year, if not Game of the Year, in my opinion. But I haven't played it yet (obviously) and I don't know whether it's really going to be as good as it looks. Either way, I know I'll get it and play it for my X-box. PC's are great, but the way things are going in terms of requirements, it's getting to be rather irritating trying to keep up.
  13. Happy Birthday, young one! I never knew how many really quite young kids browsed these forums until I started seeing all the birthdays... enjoy your day, and have a nice class of blue milk!
  14. Happy Birthday, Mike. I hope you have a great day (or had, I think I'm a bit late here...) God bless.
  15. Calm down, Jed. He said they're a pharmacy. Not a munitions depot. The point of being a manager is not to make your employees feel they're in the eternal pit of damnation (as that's a good way to get yourself landed there) but rather to make them work their butts off - and like it! Seriously, congratulations, Groovy. I hope everything goes exceedingly well for you in that position.
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