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  1. Ok just as an example, these get released in order OJP basic 0.1 OJP enchanced 0.1 - basic 0.2 (same time) basic 0.3 enchanced 0.2 enchanced-beta 0.1 basic 0.4 basic-beta 0.2 enchanged 0.4 - basic 0.5 (same time) enchanced-beta 0.2 Now, apparently enchanced contains whatever basic contains and more. So would that mean enchanced 0.1 contains basic 0.2 + enchanced? And enchanched-beta 0.1 contain enchanced 0.2+basic0.3? If so, ive seen on the distributions page (it gets confusing), enchanched 0.? is smaller than the beta so do i also have to extract beta?
  2. erm.. have you ever looked at a bot file? Died { You'll pay for this! Why?! } Killed { That will teach you to defy me! Take that! } OrderAccepted { As you wish. } Umm.. maybe what I did was similar, or totally off, but wow.. you must have a really large sense of humour. congratz.
  3. well it could be editable sorta like lugor bots thingys
  4. i can do a list of bot names if you want. Also i can do replys too. hello { hi %s } omg bots { lol bots? what bots? lmao.. we're not bots.. really } mod open jedi { yeah this is open jedi project hehehe wtf no the mods cool } mod lugor { that mod stinks }
  5. Ok, if anyone has outcast, ive noticed that the atst_vehicle is tons better than the jk3 one. Compare it yourselves, drag the outcast assets to jedi academy, go to the single player level with the drivable atst. Hop in outcast atst. Pretty good and realistic isnt it? Its walking movement is quite good, its head turns around, it has a beautiful camera view, and it has nice weapons. unlike the academy atst where the whole body turns to move, its got 2 types of fire and moves really slow for an atst. Also the camera is horrible compared to outcast atst. Is there any hope that this better atst can be turned into a vehicle?
  6. how about a command to completely blind the player by coloring their screen black, and printing big red letters in the middle of the screen
  7. yangyan

    {SPJ} Clan

    dont think bad. Its not good for you.
  8. yangyan

    {SPJ} Clan

    Superior Jedi Clan - Different from other clans. Join now (or die a terrible death with darth vader in ur bedroom). http://www.spjclan.com
  9. Clan Name: Superior Jedi Clan {SPJ} Clan Website: http://www.spjclan.com Open To Challenges: Yup Recruiting: Ask to join, trail and then probation FFA and Siege division. Probably opening up America's Army division too.
  10. ok ill be running OJP again. Im pretty sure OJP is better than JA+ for siege. {SPJ} Siege Central
  11. i think the bots should be average. Like you see some dude called LukeAvenger doing all these pro moves and saying "Now you will feel the true power of the Dark Side" its like WTF?
  12. minbots: this amount of bots will be on no matter what. thats what we're trying to tell you
  13. razor, i dont know any c++ coding, but id like to help in any way. For example chat, i could make a test file containing: hi, hello, hey guys, ello { hello whats up hi hey } ****, ****, screw you, ??? is ****, ???, argh you ********, ******* { %s, shut up omg lol profanity dont swear plz, there r kids on here }
  14. nvm, its not running ojp bcuz my clan has need of the server now
  15. : The ..................wtf siege server! Running OJP Basic. 24 slots, sometimes reaches around 20 players on sats and suns if you encourage it (by going on the server and waiting for a few minutes) usually around 12 humans normally, and sometimes on mon-fri. Otherwise around 0-5 humans.
  16. I was looking thru some cvars on the Meatgrinder server, and I found a cvar called g_maxplayers, value 2. This only works on enchanched beta 8, and all it does is duplicate the amount of bots, but that can't be its main function. btw. OJP enchanced beta 8 doesn't work on my server. I get an error about entities and stuff, but bots can connect and i can still rcon. and uhh, the meatgrinder server is running OJP Basic Beta 8. WTF??
  17. Let me start off with multiple examples. 1. Your server supports 24 players. You have bot_minplayers 8. 8 players connect, and all 8 bots get kicked. You set something (non-existent) called bot_minbots to 2. Now 8 players connect, and 6 bots get kicked. Two remain behind. This would be useful if you always want 2 bots in your server, no matter what happens, but you also want bots to join when human players start to decrease. 2. Your server has bot_minplayers 8. 3 people suddenly connect. 3 bots get booted and displays X was kicked; Y was kicked, Z was kicked. The players realise these are bots. My point? A seamless 'disconnection'. The bots simply disconnect SLOWLY. Alora disconnected, instead of Alora was kicked. 3. After the three players from Suggestion 2 disconnect, the bots rejoin. This is what it looks like: As you can see, this means bot. No real player ever instantly enters the game after connecting. This is what could improve the bots; a seamless 'connection' 4. The bots names are stupid. No offence. Sorry. But DaRunner, ConfusedHawk, MasterSkywalker, etc? Ok, im just complaining, but I can help with this problem. I can make a whole list of fake names. Instead of generating random weird names, it can pick out from the list instead. 5. Bot chat. Lugormod tells it all. You say hi to the bot, it'll say hi back. Summing up: bot_minplayers, seamless disconnection, seamless connection, better bot names, and bot chat
  18. the server's name is .............wtf. not wtf, as in What the ****: A siege server???, wtf as in server name: ".....wtf". You get it don't you?
  19. First day up and it reached 20 players! Come and join! Running OJP Basic.
  20. the general fires off a snappy comeback. LMAO!!! ROFLMAO LOL. Head explodes with laughter i love this translation. darth vader is actually shouting, "nooooooooooooo..." lol again LOL WTF?
  21. anyone know if this will fix and improve the issues, maps, features that ppl are waiting for/hoping to be fixed? and any idea when its gonna come out/if its going to come out?
  22. which means theres a big feeling that the game is unfinished... so much errors, glitches and features left out. btw the game still rocks.
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