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  1. England was on Osamabinladins plane and got killed. Q: Why does this thread exist?
  2. New SP Map kejim labs, anyone want to test it?
  3. A: Cause they can't fart Q: Why is bill gates famous?
  4. A: A ewok with no hair Q: Whats the version of a bantha with no legs, no head and has **** everywhere and osamabinladin riding on poo on the bantha with a bantha fodder behind it?
  5. Yangyan finally reached Danz0r and sneaked up beind him. He then got out his saber while AutoCept rolled up front and started slashing. Danz0r kicked AutoCept again (Must have some kind of kicking power). **RedWing could you remove the Renamed now? It is getting annoying, and how come nothing gets sticked around here?
  6. yangyan


    Uh when I meant 3D (Talking about first post) I meant True 3D or in other words 4D.
  7. yangyan


    That means thier going to need more moderaters!
  8. Uh I think we should get on with Thread War. Yangyan follows Whitedragon to Danz0r and AutoCept.
  9. Uh yeah could you change it to "The Jedi Thread War" and add a "Renamed from Thread War" in the front like a poll? Does this mean it will have a new Thread ID? If so then forget about changing it. You know Redwing instead of the Light and Dark title you could use Neutral if you want. And for the ^_^ why don't you add a Smilie for that?
  10. Yangyan saw Whitedragon's ship fly by and chucked a tracking device on to it. *I Brought that at tattionie* ***Uhhh how come you can't edit your own thread***
  11. Well my browser got frozen and so I clicked on the send button more than nine times and then my browser just went **BEEEP HONK HONK GR CRACK, Internet Explorer has performed an illegal operation and will be closed. If this problem persists, contact your program vendor** That's probably why.
  12. yangyan


    Hey your the super moderater!
  13. Yangyan brought some thermal detonaters and some trip mines...
  14. Howdo you know it's called that?
  15. Yangyan remembering that the plaet was set to blow up, dropped his hammer and grabed AutoCept and headed for the ship. Danz0r ran to his ship and swirled around so fast with it it was only a blur of color. Yangyan used {([Force LIGHTNING!])} and sent sparks of electricity to Danz0r while AutoCept was shooting photons at him. Danz0r easily defected fire and absorbed Lightning and Flew after Yangyan. The planet shook at went ** silence.....** **KABOOOOOOOOOOM** ^ / \ (_ _) Yangyan flew to tattonie while Dan0r was picking on autocept. No one knew what happened to whitedragon...
  16. Yangyan lept behid danz0r and lifted his hammer!
  17. yangyan


    JK4 will probably be in some mutha ****** years but for those people who are going to play JK forever here is the thread for you.
  18. yangyan


    Could be more compatible.
  19. This should be in the beta testing.
  20. yangyan


    Mmmmmmm i can't wait till JK3's out. I bet there will be all this 3d stuff. got any ideas?
  21. yangyan


    Can someone tell how many posts you have to get to each rank? Ex. Start bantha herder At around 50: Pit droid.
  22. AutoCept got out his pen and turned it into a dualblade. "There are two of us. You are outnumbered.". Danz0r fired at autocept. autocept threw his sabre and hit danz0r's snowspeeder. Furious, danz0r was sooooooo furious he kick autocept into the air. Yangyan rolled up behind and slashed away while AutoCept was flying. yangyan push danz0r right near the Radioactive pool. Yangyan was just about to push when danz0r swung unexpectedly and knocked yangyan off. "Dam you! I brought that snowspeeder for all my credits!!". He hits yangyan on the arm. danz0r moved in for the final blow. Meanwhile whitedragon was about to bet 1000 credits until she saw that autoccept had landed on danz0r and was having a punchup. "So the bet continues eh?" whitedragon says.
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